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Where to Find Sunspot Records

Where to find a source of data on Sunspot activity from 1849-2002.


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“Astrologers share a sense of foreboding about election”

Agree that a time of upheaval is coming; Saturn, Uranus opposed on Nov. 4
Other astrological events during the summer make the election unpredictable. Democrats will gather in Denver for their national convention in August – the same month as a solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse.
The events raise the possibility of President Bush somehow interfering with the election, said Robert Hand of Reston, Va.
In fact, most of the astrologers on the panel weren’t sure if the winner of the election would be the same person taking the oath of office on Inauguration Day. Some of them expressed concern about Obama’s personal safety.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 1-7

A New Moon on Tuesday at 13 degrees Gemini is especially powerful as it conjuncts Venus, the Sun, and Mercury and also sextiles Mars in Leo. This is a LOT of Geminian energy, creating a lot of chatter, messaging, and news reports, but with Mercury retrograde I think that much of our efforts will have to be repeated, done over, or corrected after Mercury goes direct. Possibly facts will come to light that show where errors in calculations were made, such as with space modules that were programmed incorrectly and crash into their targets. The sextile to Mars is funny because the NASA module just landed on that planet, but Geminians might meet their significant other at a party or get married, or just have a great time playing sports. Mercury is also squaring Uranus — giving problems with electronic or mechanical objects — and trining Neptune and the North Node — giving you a chance to revisit metaphysical subjects or personal growth life-paths. The number 13 is a soul number, meaning that events initiated on this day may not prosper materially, but you will find spiritual growth in facing challenges or studying metaphysical books.
PS – Saturday should be a GREAT day to hold a rummage sale! Mercury, Sun, Venus all conjunct each other in the early am, meaning that buyers and sellers agree on a price.

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Astronomy Notes – End of May

Is Jupiter in the Midst of Violent Global Climate Change?
Mapping Mars: Olympus Mons – The Largest Volcano in the Solar System

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Your Milky Way Horoscope – May 25-31

The Moon is in Aquarius thru the holiday weekend — bringing an airy quality. No smothering allowed at family get-togethers, but it would be classy if you at least made an appearance. I am really going out on a limb here, but I predict the weather will even cooperate with dry (well, mostly dry) conditions. The weather can be changeable tho, so take sun screen and a jacket. The only threat is that of fire from the Mars in Leo Sunday afternoon, so be super conscientious about charcoal embers, and set grills/roasters well away from your home.
The other thing is that Mercury goes retrograde at 11:48 am Eastern time on Memorial Day –Make sure you have enough gas in the tank, check your plans because there will be misunderstandings over whether I was supposed to come to your place or you were going to come to mine, get the MapQuest directions before setting out, and inquire about roadwork or street closings. Try not to drop the cell phone in the pool or barbecue pit, and always have a Plan B in case equipment fails. In other words, it’ll just be another normal day…

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Astronomy Notes – End of May

Moon Takes 100 Hits from Meteoroids
MIT Working on 3-D “Super RoadMap” to the Solar System

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Your Milky Way Horoscope for May 18-24

The major sky event this week is the Full Moon late Monday night at 29 degrees Scorpio (opposite the Sun in Taurus). A Scorpio Moon adds much emotional depth even if one cannot express it in words. Allow yourself to feel it. The week also has a wealth of aspects to the Mercury-Ceres conjunction in Gemini. It squares Uranus in Pisces, trines Neptune-North Node-Chiron in Aquarius, and is inconjunct Jupiter in Capricorn. To me this puts a focus on re-establishing a relationship with Mother Earth as the provider of our food supply (Ceres); we have to play by her rules or she will destroy what is not in balance. Many of us are planting vegetable gardens for the first time in years, and those who work at growing organically (Neptune, North Node) will prosper — while farmers who follow the lead of corporate interests (Capricorn) who tamper with genetics and think they can cheat the laws of nature, will experience Mother Nature’s scorched earth policy.

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