Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 23-29, 2008

November 21, 2008 at 7:54 pm

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury enters Sagittarius Sunday, Pluto enters Capricorn again on Wednesday, Uranus goes direct in Pisces on Thursday, and Venus is applying to a conjunction to her sugar daddy Jupiter the Monday following the holiday. Whew, this is too much going on all at once. Mercury in Sag is very optimistic and this placement will boost the level of messages (and also possibly some telecom stock?). Uranus direct on a holiday might raise the spirituality quotient; it may also prompt more families to play host to an exchange student or reach out to others who are different from themselves.

Jupiter and Saturn just made their long-term trine aspect exact on the 21st; Venus made her conjunction to Pluto back on the eleventh; now she runs from a sextile to Uranus (romance) to a trine to Saturn (commitment?) before dashing off to her favorite sugar daddy (and everyone’s favorite sugar daddy, actually), Jove himself. Not sure if Venus is getting what she wants (the diamond ring and big wedding) or is just settling — your mileage may vary, as they say.

Other big astro events this week are the Sun-Mercury conjunction on Tues. at 11:52 am Eastern, and the New Moon at 5 degrees Sag on Thurs. at 11:54 am Eastern — all in Sag. So big-spending, carefree Sag could set the pace for holiday spending this week in a big way. Darn the Dow Jones and full speed ahead, might be their battle cry. The chart for the New Moon is top-heavy in Sag placements, with only Saturn in a wide square from Virgo pulling on the reins (yes there is a T-square shaping up with Uranus on the other leg). Of course you want to have a big fest, and shop for a nice Christmas, but shop for impact. Buy something that looks like a bigger splurge than it is.

Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop.














March 20-April 19 – You are the most likely sign to travel this holiday week. All those Sag planets are huddled together in your solar ninth house, all dressed up and getting cranky if you do not show up. Still, the economy being what it is, check around for the best deal you can or use frequent flyer miles. You never know whose job will evaporate next. Restraint at the dinner table is a prudent plan (Saturn in your solar sixth house). While Aries is generally a rugged, energetic sign, you may still find that you need to conserve your energies and be cautious to avoid picking up illnesses from crowds.



April 20-May 20 – With Saturn in your solar fifth house of parties and entertainment, I do not see you hosting any parties, and you could have a hard time getting in the holiday mood when worrying about footing the bill. Offer to bring your killer apple pie for dessert, and I am sure you will be more than welcome at any get-together. You can trim the cost of hosting a dinner by having guests contribute dishes, and getting the movie from the library. And you are such a wonderful baker as well as cook, you can make many desserts and treats for far less than store-bought.



May 21-June 20 – Your significant other, the Sag, is in a frenzy over holiday preparations. While you are a great team anyway, I think you might need to do more along the lines of calming him or her down or talking him out of the big splurge to make a statement. Go over some budget targets for gift-buying; evaluate what you already have on hand by way of decorations. You probably have enough in the garage and attic to stock a small store! Get creative about rearranging and so forth to freshen up the presentation. Get the pets into the act and dress them up for the holiday picture…



June 21-July 22 – I think you will be far more comfortable with saving money on the card list (Saturn in your solar third house) so you can keep up last year’s level of gift shopping. Sending out e-cards is OK; Emailing everyone a mini-newsletter with pictures is fine. You hate to see anyone give up traveling to the get-together but accommodate everyone’s finances and schedules, and just be glad to get them on the phone.



July 23-Aug. 22 – On the one hand your personal finances might be a bit constrained by Saturn in your solar second house. On the other hand, it is possible that Leo Luck has or will gift you with a bit of a windfall (Uranus in the solar eighth house). Possibly you could receive some overtime or other bonuses at work, too. If so, share the good fortune and congrats to you. Sag is your solar fifth house of parties and fun, and Sag is a very over stimulated sign this week, shall we say. Assign some little jobs to the kids so they can help out, and you might do a kind of New Moon meditation or have everyone say/write what they want the new month or year to bring them.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22 – Venus and Jupiter in your solar fifth house of parties makes you the most likely candidate for a big splashy holiday get-together. I suspect you have been conscientiously stashing away ingredients and cash for the big splurge. You are a wonderful and considerate host for guests and overnight visitors, and you are acutely aware of details that make a difference. Virgos are as close to perfection as us mere humans can get! Your spouse takes care of the entertainment details. The only caveat: be extra careful of food safety; nothing can be taken for granted, so do not leave food sitting out too long. And NEVER use the same cutting board for raw meat as for other foods.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22 – The week begins with the Moon still in Libra, and she lingers there until late Monday morn. Librans may feel more constricted by money concerns than most, or at least are worried more about finances. Searching the internet for creative yet budget-conscious recipes can help solve some problems. Check out what different recipes will actually cost before buying all the ingredients and getting a shock. Monday morn also favors research of any kind; could be a good time to price different retailers ahead of the holiday ads. Sag in your solar third house could also put an accent on local events, local fundraisers, neighbors, and your local Main Street retailers as a source of your entertainment and support.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21 – The Moon is in intense and spiritual Scorpio from late Monday morn till late Wednesday. You probably feel fairly comfortable with your current financial situation, and will hunt for online retailers (Tues-Wed) that offer free shipping or other bonuses that put you ahead of the shopping game. Be sure to check out retailers you are not familiar with so you are not stung by scams or imitations.



Nov. 22-Dec. 21 – The Moon is in Sag from late Wed. till late Sat. morning. On Turkey Day, not only is there a New Moon in Sag, but the Moon also conjuncts Mercury and Mars. Boom boom boom, there may be too much going on, the kitchen too hot and crowded, and tempers could get short so try not to say things you will regret (especially late Friday). A T-square shapes up between those Sag planets and the long-term opposition between Saturn and Uranus. You want to break free! Agghh, but you don’t want to think about what it will cost you to do things the way you want. Use what you have!



Dec. 22-Jan. 19 – Venus is rushing toward Jupiter in your sign — see notes at top of weekly column. The hot date between the greater and lesser benefics is always a boon, so try to schedule important meetings and conferences for the Monday after the holiday, and the family stuff for the holiday weekend. Actually, Saturday is a good day to go on your diet, as you can discipline yourself about treats more easily. It will be easy to fall off the sugar wagon Monday, but just get right back on. Other family members could benefit from you showing them how traditional crafts and recipes were done; it helps strengthen a sense of family belonging while downplaying the commercial side of the holiday.



Jan. 20-Feb. 17 – Neptune in your sign this holiday season puts you quite in the giving, altruistic spirit of the season. Maybe you limit your altruism to family members, and maybe not, but I think you could start a new tradition of charity in your own circle. Fall back on the people closest to you to pool resources for gifts, entertainment, baking or cooking materials or a place at their table, etc. You might even get a ride with someone to your hometown so you can save on airfare/busfare/whatever.



Feb. 18-March 19 – Your spouse may be a bit too concerned about having everything perfect. Of course that is just tempting the gods to trip him or her up! Try to make light of any minor snafus and improvise as needed. Of course your dinner table is groaning under the weight of so many lovely and tempting dishes. You may not be able to leave work behind, you could even get called in, and work and the economy will likely be the subject of conversation — just try to put a positive spin on things. After all, the upside of deflation is that the dollar is worth more! Your best bets for this holiday are friends and clubs for entertainment, suggestions, and the true spirit of the season.


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