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Milky Way Astrology Looks at The Year 2009 in Short; Plus a Brief Snapshot of New Year’s for the Signs

Pluto is moving into Capricorn for good in 2009 (it actually re-entered Capricorn around Thanksgiving this year). That means the end of all the Sag high-flyer bloodletting and we can try to mop up the mess they left behind. But wait, what is Pluto going to do next? I’m afraid we have not seen the last of the corporate scandals. But instead of the investors/speculators being the source of the scandals, it will be the execs themselves, and especially the top tier of Chief Executives who make the rounds of major corporations, miking them to death and escaping with the proceeds. The dark underbelly of Big Business will become public knowledge. We will also probably see scandals about the other main Capricorn sphere of influence, Big Government. Where is government really getting all the money that is allocated in the annual budgets? Does that money really come from taxes? Does that money really exist?
But on to Mars. Mars enters Capricorn on Dec. 27, keeping company with Pluto like a pair of hit-men on the loose. One holds you while the other beats you up. Mars, according to astrologer Barbara Koval, is the money made from fees and taxes. “Mars rules other people’s money or value that is shared or used without having full control. Mars is a loan. Mars is debt…Mars always represents those transactions that are represented as ‘cuts’.”
By cuts she means any fee that is charged for doing the transaction, whether it is a sales tax or a service charge or a commission. These cuts really ‘cut’ into one’s profits and can make the difference between making or losing money on a deal. Mars enters the business sign Capricorn just as credit card companies are raising rates and fees and lowering limits for cardholders. Oh, you don’t want to accept their ratejacking, you say? Fine, just terminate the card and so long, buddy. BTW Mars enters Aquarius in February, so watch out for raised fees for your telecom and internet carrier or the end of unlimited texting.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 21-27, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice on Dec. 21! In the ancient Mayan tradition, the Sun and the North Star (Polaris) played a ball game on this date. Mayans hoped the Sun would lose the match, because a victory would mean that the Sun could continue drifting away and the days would dwindle to nothing. But since the Sun lost, it had to meekly do the bidding of Polaris and return to its former position high overhead.
The one fun aspect this week is the sextile from Mercury to Uranus — wordplay, comedy, short trips to unusual attractions, television, electronic toys, foreign performers/products are all things that may attract interest this week. And needless to say, we could all use some laughs amid all the bad news this past fall.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 14-20, 2008

Mars in Sagittarius squares Saturn in Virgo on Monday. We’re supposed to put a positive spin on everything nowadays, but this is a classic transit for a bone fracture. Can you skip the ski day and just take pictures or something? And salt that ice by the side door, would you?
The Sun is inconjunct the Moon on Sunday. On the one hand, it is a very creative aspect for couples to get together and do their holiday decorating. On the other hand, prepare for having to negotiate differences in taste. Maybe the gold trimmings can go on the tree in the front room, and the blue trimmings on the rec room tree??
BTW I want to give a mention to the Holiday Control Journal available from the FlyLady people at If you always feel overwhelmed by the Thanksgiving-to-New-Year’s ordeal, give the Control Journal a shot. It’s free, just go to the site and print it out. It breaks down all the tasks that have to be done to make your holidays run smooth. If you make this part of your annual routine, you will never again have to run out at the last minute to find a gift for Aunt Mable because you forgot.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 7-13

Venus enters Aquarius this week. Alas, old Ven cannot tarry with her sugar daddy Jove very long, and goes traipsing off. Maybe she is just gone shopping, and will be back in a bit. She couldn’t really see anything in that old drunk, Neptune, could she? Ah, but he spins such lovely tales of Shangri-La and Camelot and other lost kingdoms, and dedicates his newest poem to her. How can she resist?
Meantime, Pluto has slipped out of Sag and into Capricorn again. Cappy will not like this unwelcome visitor, no one does. But at least they are both determined to never settle for mediocrity, and so they drink a toast to each other.

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