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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 1-7

Mercury is quite a troublemaker this week. First, Mercury conjuncts Mars on Sunday night. This is great for making impassioned speeches in debates, but also produces the most unfortunate cutting remarks and flaming rows. Practice biting your tongue. Mercury is conjunct Neptune early Thursday; this can lead to very fuzzy and wishful thinking so make sure you pay attention to traffic on the commute in to work. (Neptune can lead to accidents, wrong turns, getting lost, etc.) It is also capable of producing insights into larger spiritual or philosophical matters, but please stay grounded in your everyday transactions.
Venus can be problematic too because it goes retrograde on Friday at 15 degrees Aries. Make sure you have a cash supply and have made up with your mate. Commodities ruled by Venus include sugar, cattle, copper, banks, the dollar, art and jewelry, and I think butter. The degrees of the stations are not mutation degrees nor critical degrees, (but it is a world degree so it does not look as if these points will cause drastic price swings. Maybe something will occur regarding government support prices, trade, or something like that. Venus’ core meaning is VALUE; what do you value? That is the question.


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LISTING of FIXED STARS, courtesy of Rob Tillett

This is gonna be brief. Just wanted to give a shout-out to Rob Tillett for putting up the listing of fixed stars, available at  —

He lists the stars, their placement in the signs now, and a brief description of what traditional meanings were assigned to them. Thanks, Rob.

February 25, 2009 at 6:11 pm

Green “Comet of Cooperation” Lulin in Sign of Libra; How PERFECT is That?

How intriguing a year this is. A green comet is discovered and is brightening into an international superstar. It is in the sign Libra, and appropriately enough it is dubbed the “comet of cooperation” because it was discovered in a cooperative effort between China and Taiwan. Stars are frequently colored, but I am not familiar with any other colored comets. What is the significance of this green comet passing thru Libra?
Green: Money. Ecology. Spring. Life. All of them apply when trying to assess the meaning of this comet and its course thru the sky.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 22-28

The New Moon happens to fall on Mardi Gras this year. The Sun and Moon conjoin at 6 degrees Pisces at 8:35 pm Eastern Time, with Neptune close by. Actually the series of contacts is: Moon conjunct Neptune Monday night; New Moon Tuesday evening; Moon conjunct Uranus and opposite Saturn on Wednesday. Neptune is idealistic, while the Uranus-Saturn opposition is the change/stability continuum – a continuum that We the People voted on when it was exact last November. The public is not pleased by recent evidence that it is politics as usual in Washington; that is not what they voted for. People may rise up and shout not only Yes We Can, but You Are Changing Too If We Have to Drag You Kicking and Screaming. Politicians beware; expect an avalanche of phone calls to the White House and Congressional switchboards.
(Apologies for getting this week out a bit late.)

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 15-21, 2009

The Sun enters Pisces on Wednesday. Mark the day with fish on the menu, hmm?
do think that Tuesday’s Mars conjunct Jupiter (and North Node) on Tuesday offers a huge opportunity to those who can stomach the risk. You may look down and the slope resembles a ski jump; maybe you shouldn’t look down. But those who know what they’re doing can sprout wings.

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Getting graphic helps financial astrologers see the larger economic patterns

While I do not specialize in financial astrology, I do like to look at the overall big picture indicators of an up or down market. I finally pulled out the graphic charts I had made for 2007 and 2008, and was excited to see that some major celestial events correlated to a downturn in the economy. I was more surprised to see that the recession may have started as far back as September 2007.
We could talk all day about technical analysis and the fine points of all these sector indicators. But the main point of this article is that the turns in the market were being signaled by the patterns in the sky made by the transiting trading planets – Sun, Venus, Mercury, (plus Mars). These patterns are what financial astrologer Barbara Koval called “the Serpent in the Sky” — the graph of the above planets as they travel through the signs.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 8-14: Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Day falls in sexy Scorpio on Saturday. However, readers might want to schedule their special dates for Friday evening to take advantage of a harmonious trine from the Moon in relationship-oriented Libra to Sun-Neptune in Aquarius. The activation of air signs will also increase conversation, the exchange of ideas – and you know what they say about the brain being the sexiest part of the body.

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