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Your Milky Way Horoscope April 5-11

Mercury enters Taurus on Thursday morning. Mercury here is not the quickest, but when they learn something they know it backwards and forwards. Taurus has a great memory, almost as legendary as Cancer. Mercury here is good for finance and writing music/songs.
The Sun sextiles Jupiter on Friday night. Could be lucky personally for Aries, Sag, Leo, Aquarius and Libra. Audition, mail in resumes, get your name out there for jobs and contests.
Also, Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn on Friday night. It is a good aspect for research and investigation, tho you are not likely to be doing that on date night! Probably your conversation will go deep into unknown territory.
Venus retrogrades back into Pisces on Saturday morn; uh-oh, stuff you thought you had squared away in January has to be done over. Natch. What else started in January? Yes, the Obama administration will probably have a couple more do-overs, not just the inaugural swearing-in.


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Watch out for transits to your natal Chiron

If you recall, last December I mentioned that a transit to my natal Chiron may have been responsible for a rough fall on some ice. It really got me down and kept me from getting out more this winter. But it made me look back at other transits to Chiron. Wow, what an eye-opener that has been! I would have been a lot more cautious about making a decision when affected by those transits, because they generally did not work out at all.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 29-April 4

The Sun will be conjunct Mercury in Aries Monday at 11:29 PM Eastern; schedule a brainstorming session or just record your thoughts in a journal a half-hour before to a half-hour after the exact aspect.
Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn on Friday, leading to obsessive thoughts about a love object. Such as “if I can’t have him/her, I’d rather die”. Or the Romeo and Juliet syndrome. Wonder if there will be any further developments in the Rihanna saga.
Saturday is probably going to be a frustrating day for a lot of you; Mars opposes Saturn about 9 pm Eastern, at 16 degrees of Pisces-Virgo. All the mutable signs will be affected (that means Sag and Gemini, too). Forget about starting any new project, and get lots of help moving heavy objects. Probably sports events (Mars) will have surprising results, too, and lots of people following the March Madness series will find their fave teams have been eliminated. Saturn is honors and awards (as well as tough things like losses and hearing the word no), so the honors will go to those who have worked hard and long to progress to the level they are at today.

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Coolest Pic of FOUR Moons Across Saturn’s Face

Coolest picture online of Saturn’s moons — with link.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 22-28

The New Moon is in 6 degrees of Aries on March 26 at 12:06 pm Eastern time. You can take advantage of a cazimi aspect a half-hour before or after the exact conjunction in your time zone. This is supposed to be a wonderful opportunity to start off a new project/business, etc. that you want to succeed. It can even be a job hunt; so fire off mass emails to personnel offices. (Use blind carbon copy!)

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How Many Leos Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Aries: He’ll jump up to change it right away, but if you don’t have the right size/type bulb, he’ll forget all about it. If you wait a half hour for anything, he’ll forget about it and go on to the next chore.
Taurus: Wait, I’m not ready to change the bulb. I have to move the stack of ironing out of the way and them I’ll go down to the basement and dig out a bulb. Serves me right for buying whatever’s on sale; they never last. OK, now I’ve got it, now where is that Aries?
Gemini: Too busy answering emails and phone messages to actually do it. Is surveying everyone he knows about which brands are best.

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Predicting 2009 March Madness Results with Astrology; 1st Round

Herewith are my predictions for the first round of matchups in the college basketball championships known as March Madness. Sports Astrology is a very specialized skill and craft, and wading into these waters is a real temptation for the astrology gods to laugh in your face. But anyway, here goes.
I will be using the scheduled tipoff time as the time for the chart. The favored team is the sign on the ascendant, and the opponent is the sign opposite, in the seventh house. Turn the chart if you need to do so, to visualize the chart of the opponent. There is a real difficulty with games that take a couple hours to play, like basketball and football, because the chart can change dramatically when the signs change over. Like I said, here goes.

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