Your Milky Way Horoscope March 8-14

March 6, 2009 at 2:57 am

By Milky Way Maid

Mars is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius early Sunday morning. I don’t expect anyone to jump out of bed that day ready to do chores; this is a lazy, energy-sapping aspect. All you will want to do is reset your clocks for Daylight Saving Time. Then the Sun opposes Saturn about midday Sunday. Pisces/Virgo people will be prone to hiding in their own cocoons, but they need to communicate their needs. This is an aspect where people have differing needs, schedules, and deadlines. Just put your head up and let your mate know what’s happening.

Mercury enters Pisces. It’s a time for digesting what you hear and read, rather than chattering on about the latest news and gossip. But the downside is that Mercury here wallows in self-pity and nightmarish what-ifs, imagining all the things that could go wrong. She’s got to get a grip on herself and deliberately affirm her faith. (I don’t mean necessarily church-faith, just faith that she can handle whatever comes.)

Venus went retrograde last Friday at 12:17 pm Eastern Time. She will be retrograde till April 17, when she will open up her purse and wallet again, ready to buy. Retrograde in Aries, Venus is impatient, wastes her energies on short-lived romances to shore up his/her self-esteem, and can be overly competitive when a relationship should be cooperative. When Venus goes direct here, Aries shows his superior leadership ability and forges a path in the darkness; Aries shows how self-reliance works. (Venus will dip into the end of Pisces when she turns around; Piscean ability to use compassion and unconditional love to repair morale will be key.) Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop.

ARIES – March 20-April 19 – Transiting Venus in your sign went retrograde last Friday March 6, at fifteen degrees Aries. Aries hates it when anything goes backward, they want to charge forward no matter what. This will frustrate you on a personal level. Try not to take things out on people near and dear to you. Patience, patience. See note above on Venus in Aries. Later in the week you can chat with an advisor (perhaps from among your sibs or neighbors) about what strategies you might employ.

TAURUS – April 20-May 20 – The Venus retrograde is in your twelfth; try not to sabotage your finances because you’re panicky over what comes next. Instead try having fun finding the biggest bargains. Hold onto your cash, just track prices and swoop in when it meets your conservative right-price. Because Venus is your ruler, her retrograde can affect your situation and emotions personally. Asteroid Juno squares Vesta in your sign; if your have an op to schmooze privately with the boss’ wife this week then do so.

GEMINI – May 21-June 20 – Are you looking at an older house this week? Maybe you like doing fixer-uppers, but I would pass on it. If you have been waiting for monies in regard to insurance or estate matters, that may be settled by mid-March. Mars enters your tenth house of career; it brings energy but can bring friction and argument, too. Competition helps drain off the excess Mars energy. Venus retrograde affects your friends, making them less available to go out with you. Find free stuff to do together.

CANCER – June 21-July 22 – Venus’ retrograde is more challenging for Cancerians due to the square aspect. You are really stressed if anything happens to your cash supply, etc. and tend to eat/drink yourself into a stupor. And you’re frustrated because there is really nothing you can do except – keep watching for dirt cheap prices on the market (stocks or any other goods). You will be scooping them up with both claws before you know it. Just not this week. Mars enters Pisces, in the house of higher education; while it is good your child is going on to school, it means loans and fees. Ask a ton of questions at the school so you know what to expect.

LEO – July 23-Aug. 22 – The Moon is in Leo from Sunday till mid-morning Monday. You are a generous person normally, but if someone demands you give something, you rebel. That’s natural. Sunday, someone may try to demand you give something, and that won’t work. But communicate everyone’s needs and schedules, so you can adjust pickup times for example. Monday the Moon opposes Mars and Neptune early; you feel picked on and irritable, moody, confused. Brush off those negative thoughts. Literally, it can help to use a lint brush all over your suit and coat.

VIRGO – Aug. 23-Sept. 22 – The Moon is in Virgo from mid-morning Monday till midday Wednesday. Monday aspects favor research and auditing, things where you dig down under the surface. Tuesday can bring some good news if you are willing to adjust to circumstances. The afternoon is more nose-to-the-grindstone stuff, altho a partner or spouse may feel neglected. Have a small tea snack together when you come in late, when you can chat about the day.

LIBRA – Sept. 23-Oct. 22 – The Moon is in Libra from midday Wednesday till Friday evening. Wednesday features a bit of a tussle between your needs and that of family, with someone trying to control the situation (probably not you). Thursday looks better for cooperative efforts and communication, plus enjoyment and creative projects; the Moon trines Jupiter in the fun-n-entertainment fifth house. Friday morning calls for creative adjustments, with those in the dance field feeling particularly good about their progress that day.

SCORPIO – Oct. 23-Nov. 21 – The Moon is in Scorpio from Friday evening thru the weekend. Friday night is all yours, with a sextile between the Moon and ruler Pluto; indulge in a mystery book or movie, or research papers or hunt for new recipes. Saturday is fun, you might enjoy a short trip or writing (Moon trine Mercury). It also helps your mental powers so tackle any analysis or mental games. Avoid overdoing anything that night, due to the Jupiter square.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov. 22-Dec. 21 – Poor Saggy, Venus has gone retrograde in his love house (the fifth). Sag is never too concerned when one liaison breaks up because there are plenty more wannabes lined up out the door. But I wish you would take things more seriously, Sag; one day you will not be so young and cute anymore and then who will listen to your travelogues? The Sun and Uranus are conjunct in your fourth house (home, family) on Thursday; it’s a day to break out of your rut otherwise it tends to produce accidents.

CAPRICORN – Dec. 22-Jan. 19 – As usual you have a million things going on in your second house of money/property. On Tuesday, Mercury brings important news and messages of all kinds. Wednesday’s Moon is more emotional and challenging. Thursday is most favorable for any career or business dealings, with Jupiter trining the Moon. Friday’s Moon is more favorable for an evening out with the lady who owns your heart.

AQUARIUS – Jan. 20-Feb. 17 – Mars is conjunct Neptune in your sign on Sunday; this aspect tends to sap your energies so don’t expect to run as far on your jog, etc. You might even feel like hiding under the covers. On Wednesday the women in your life will be called on to help adjust details (personal or things related to insurance, wills, loans, etc.). Thursday afternoon is favorable for everything. Friday you may be a little too indulgent of another’s request.

PISCES – Feb. 18-March 19 – The Sun joins Uranus in your sign; that aspect calls on you to break out of your rut, otherwise it does that for you, by force. It tends to produce accidents if you cling to your routine too tightly. And lucky you, Venus goes retrograde in your second house of money; wherever you are wasteful and impatient, you will pay a price so stick to that budget and shopping list. Mercury also enters your sign which can help you sell things if that is what you have to do to meet obligations.


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