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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 3-9

Taureans had their New Moon in April 24, so now Scorpio gets a Full Moon on Saturday, May 9 at 18 degrees, at 12:01 am Eastern Time. Check your own chart to see where it falls, in what house and whether it contacts any natal planets.
The Sun trines Saturn on Tuesday in the early morning. Use this day (or the night before) to adopt any discipline or enroll in a course of study. This can include going on a diet, starting an exercise regimen, any planning function or working on details. Take your clues from which house Saturn occupies in your own natal chart.
Another fun Mercury retrograde period begins 1 am Eastern time on Thursday. Mercury won’t go direct till the end of May. This is a good time for doing things that begin with RE, revisit, revise (with care to confirm details), reflect (possibly with the aid of a journal or blog), recycle, repair, retrieve. It is also a fine time to go on vacation as long as you avoid the more hectic days around the Mercury stations. At least you know you will always come home at the end of the trip. BTW Mercury retrograde favors writing (as opposed to public speaking or verbal communications), so you may find yourself journaling or starting a book project.


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What Do the Stars Say About the 2009 Kentucky Derby??

Recently I posted an article predicting the first-round results for the March Madness college basketball tournament. I did pretty well considering I don’t even follow basketball! It looks like I hit about 60 percent, which is about what all the other sports handicappers can accomplish.
But now the first Saturday in May beckons, with the most exciting two minutes of sports. The most exciting two minutes of ANY sport!!
Aspects referred to in the notes are between the horse’s natal chart and the transits for the race, or vice versa. Interpretations are based on a finish-line race time of about 6:10 pm Eastern Time in Louisville, Kentucky. I have read that Churchill Downs is adding a race earlier in the day, so I do not know if that will affect the time that the Derby is actually run. If so, that can definitely affect my interpretations and choices.
So without too much further ado, here are my readings of the prospects for the 20 entrants of the Run for the Roses. They are more or less in alphabetical order. Actually, I have 21, because as of this writing, we do not know if Quality Road’s second quarter crack (an injury to the hoof) will cause his owners to scratch him from the race.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope April 26-May 2

Mercury is going to go into its “storm” period on the thirtieth (prior to going into another fun retrograde from May 6 to 30), and you may find it very useful to make a list of tasks that must be done so that nothing is overlooked.
Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday. If you have ever had a problem with your temper, the time is now to make a huge effort to channel it into some constructive, creative change. You are perhaps too willing to implement a scorched earth policy, a la Sherman’s march to the sea. These feelings will pass, so don’t do something you’d regret terribly later! Also avoid dangerous neighborhoods.
Mercury also enters Gemini, its home turf (but goes retrograde May 6, as mentioned above). Double-check everything because you do not want to have errors found while Merc is retrograde; errors can be a lot more costly then.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope April 19-25

Happy Birthday to all those of the Taurus persuasion. Famous Taureans include dancers Fred Astaire, ballerina Margot Fonteyn, singer Barbra Streisand, child star Shirley Temple, and countless other singers, dancers, composers, and musicians.
Venus and Mars have a date in Pisces on Tuesday night before dashing into Aries. Presumably they will drink too much wine and not remember what happened.
Venus enters Aries on Friday at 3:18 am Eastern for a six week visit. Fire signs can all benefit from trying a new look, visiting the salon for a new hairstyle, adding something red to the wardrobe, and in general putting your face in front of anyone you are interested in. You were voted most likely to put in a full day of errands and projects before sitting down with the cake and ice cream.
Mars precedes Venus into Aries, entering on Wednesday at 9:44 am Eastern for a five week visit. So the fire signs will get a double dose of celestial energy, and don’t be surprised if all the Arians, Leos and Sags you know are bouncing around like basketballs and chattering about some new ‘someone’ they met. Mars also can be difficult to express in a healthy way, so impatience, small accidents, blurting out inconvenient truths, and arguments can be frequent during this time.

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Have You Ever Wasted Your Professional Advice on a Friend?

Several years someone that I thought was a close friend asked when she should buy a car. It was early spring and I did not think the transits were so great, and so at first I told her to wait till July. There were going to be much better aspects to Uranus in July.
Oh no, I’ve got to buy it in May, she says. That’s when I get my bonus check (or whatever it was). I just want to know which day I should sign the papers. And she gave me two or three days of a certain week to choose from.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope April 12-18

Thursday the 16th is a red-letter day with a grand trine of Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Taurus, and Saturn in Virgo. Good day for scientific seminars or giving oral dissertations; anything involving communication, science, discipline, organization, economics and the public. Watch the news that day for any science announcements from government agencies or related fields. Earth sign trines favor building something concrete. The Mercury-Saturn trine is exact on Friday so see if there is any followup that evening. And anyone with natal planets at 13-15 degrees of the earth signs will probably be affected.

Mars is conjunct Uranus in Pisces on Wednesday morn, the 15th. Drive defensively on your morning commute, and be careful of all potential accidents, including putting your foot in your mouth.

Chiron approaches a conjunction to Neptune in altruistic Aquarius; non-profits and food banks are being stretched past their limits, and as you know because the Madoff scheme burst, some have been forced to close. Please donate whatever small amount you can to your local food bank, shelter, and other support structures because I fear a crunch is coming and more will shut down.

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Astrology of Love by the Sun Signs, The Basics; Part 3 – Sag, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


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