Sunspot Bulletin: We’re Gettting Some Bonus Fireworks for July 4th

July 4, 2009 at 10:13 pm Leave a comment

Hold on to your hats as the new sunspot cycle finally get underway. Check out the photo and animation of Sunspot 1024, coming to you live and direct from the Sun. Go to A too-short story is there on the formation of a promising new sunspot with a photo by an amateur British astronomer. Click on “movie” to see a cool animation of the progress of the sunspot on the southern portion of the sun’s face.

What does it mean? We do not know exactly when this sunspot or its flares will arrive in our ‘neighborhood’, but we have to note that Tuesday is a full moon Lunar Eclipse. It should be a fairly interesting day, don’t you think?

I’ve been browsing around the material on and this solar flare, they feel, was predicted by some recent crop circles in Britain. And the sunspot, solar and lunar eclipses are all part of a grand countdown to the 2012 Winter Solstice.

Try looking at the series of celestial events: Summer Solstice on June 21, Lunar Eclipse on July 7 at sunrise with Uranus near the Midheaven, Solar Eclipse on July 21 with Uranus rising and Pluto at the Midheaven, another Lunar Eclipse on August 5 with Uranus on the Ascendant exactly (opposite saturn) and Pluto again at the Midheaven, and then Saturn’s ring disappears on Sept. 4 as it tilts on a plane with Earth. They are labeling the last event “Saturn Ring Plane Crossing”. (Charts are set for Washington, DC at or near the exact relevant aspect.)

What do you make of this? Will the new sunspot cycle burn out or dry up crops? I confess that these charts are not talking to me – altho I can note that some asteroids change signs in August. Pallas moves into Virgo while Ceres moves into Libra. Ceres moving into a dry sign like Libra does not seem to bode well for the crop harvest this year. However, Ceres in Libra does put the accent on fairness and on sharing equally whatever one has.

I suppose the disappearance of the rings of Saturn can obviously symbolize the evaporation of boundaries and restrictions. That would sure be nice to those of us who resent having to move in lockstep with the rest of humanity, fighting traffic in rush hours and elbowing aside competitors for scarce jobs, etc. I have also read that some interpret the changes signaled by these eclipses as opening up channels of communication between animals and humans. (So, see if you are better able to understand your pet.)

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