America’s Aquarian Moon transits in 2009, with previous transits of Jupiter, Neptune to our Moon

July 8, 2009 at 12:56 pm

by Milky Way Maid

NOTE: If you use the Scorpio rising chart for the United States, the Moon is at 25 degrees Aquarius. If you use a Sag rising chart (Sibley et al) then the Moon is at 26 degrees Aquarius. I will not quibble over one degree since the two signs will cover most of those who have made a decision one way or the other on what the United States’ ascendant is.

 The Moon in Aquarius is the impulse toward redistribution of wealth and egalitarianism, as well as social justice. We may also see religious or spiritual revivals, which may or may not occur within the context of a formal church. We may also see challenging weather events.

 Anyway, the transits of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron all upon our natal Moon recall past transit cycles. While Jupiter and Neptune together can be deeply inspiring as they call us to the better side of our natures, the frustration with the way things actually are has pushed some to violence and odd behavior.

 JUPITER: Jupiter will be hanging around the vicinity of the U.S. Moon thru the end of the year. Jupiter entered our fourth house in March of this year, just about the time of the bailout bill (now there’s a Jupiter thang for you, rescues and huge checks). And so far, the bailout has at least kept things from getting much worse.

 NEPTUNE: Watery Neptune’s transit over the U.S. Moon probably accounts for the record rains in Fargo, North Dakota earlier this year. Four million sandbags were piled up to repel a Red River that crested at forty-one feet, breaking the record set way back in 1897. Neptune will hang around the U.S. Moon till about late 2010, so we will probably see more extreme weather events. Neptune entered our fourth house in 2006, when the mortgage crisis began to set in. Housing starts suddenly took a swift downturn as it was opposed by transiting Saturn.

Looking back thru our history at prior transits of Neptune to the U.S. Moon yields the following:

In the 1840’s our country experience several historic events. A wave of Irish immigrants entered the country as they fled the potato famine. Patriotism swelled into a feeling that our westward expansion should include Mexican territory, and we wound up forcing Mexico to cede California, New Mexico and Arizona. Issues of immigration and the political turmoil in Mexico may emerge anew under this transit.

Also during the 1840’s new religions were founded, including the Mormons (Latter-Day Saints) and the Seventh Day Adventists. Will American go back to church or start new churches? Or will we reinvent religion with a new understanding of quantum physics? Or declare God told him to do such-and-such? One shudders at the latter, because Charles Guiteau believed God told him to kill President Garfield, which he did in 1881. This is disturbing also because the autumn equinox chart features Mars opposing Pres. Obama’s Mars in his inauguration chart; this could indicate an assassination attempt or merely more issues regarding U.S. debt.

CHIRON: Chiron will also hang around our Moon for most of 2010. Past transits to the U.S. Moon by Chiron date back to 1959-1960, when civil rights workers staged sit-ins to protest Jim Crow laws and segregation. An earlier cycle in 1909-1910 saw labor union strikes break out into violence as the working classes tried to remedy the inequality of power in relation to the ownership classes.

Will American workers finally become so frustrated by NAFTA, the export of manufacturing and jobs, and the loss of union protections that they once again march and strike in protest? It will be long overdue, in my opinion.

Also during that cycle, the polar regions were the site of exploration and discovery. Capt. Peary reach the North Pole on April 7, 1909. In 1959, the USS Skate mapped the Arctic seafloor. The North Pole has recently become a potential site of contention as Russia asserts mineral rights in the area.

Will we do battle, literally or metaphorically, over rights to the mineral wealth under the frozen Arctic?


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