Careers By Sign: Aries thru Virgo

August 14, 2009 at 11:28 pm

by Milky Way Maid

It is very tricky, I know, to try to make a list of careers or businesses that are favorable by signs. Maybe Jupiter is going thru a certain sign; this can may either that business is booming, or that there is an oversupply which is depressing prices. One needs to be very savvy about watching which industries are in what phase of their business cycle.

Also watch out for whether Jupiter or Saturn is transiting a sign. Jupiter can bring a boom, like I said, or fame for those with natal planets there. Jupiter can bring over-expansion with a shakeout when Saturn goes through. Saturn can mean an under-supply, rather than slow sales. Saturn can be very good if you are selling something ruled by the sign it is transiting, because the under-supply helps keep prices up.

Of course you’re allowed to use this list for other purposes, like determining rulerships or where to invest. Having said that, let’s move into Aries.

Aries: Aries rules things like the defense industry, especially aerospace. While Virgo is the service sector and the sixth house is the traditional home of the army, Aries is the military and defense in general. Since Aries rules the head, it also rules professions like hairdressing and dentistry. Eyeglasses and anything else worn on the head or face (like hats) are also ruled by Aries. Aries has a role in metallurgy, usually steel or iron — metals mining, metal fabricating, engines and other machinery. As the Ram, he also rules the lamb meat supply and by extension, woolens. As a fire sign, Aries also rules furnaces and fireplaces.

Taurus: Taurus rules banks, of course, but also Venus-ruled fields like jewelry, candy and other sweets, cattle, copper and beauty supplies. Finance related areas are cash registers, bonds, cash, the treasury, and all sorts of investment and financial services. Taurus (along with Cancer) also tends to collect things, so most collectibles and arts and crafts items are also ruled by Taurus. Taurus rules accountants, and those who practice Venus-ruled arts like music, singing, or art, plus cabinet-makers and carpenters.

Gemini: Travel and transit fields are ruled by peripatetic Gemini; that includes everything from autos and trucks, buses and other transit, cabs, gas stations, highways to drive your cars on, sometimes the railroad, and tires. All forms of communications and the supplies to effect them are under Gemini: office supplies, phones, radio, telecoms, local cable TV, mail, newspapers and magazines, your iPhone, the local printers and bookstores. Other forms of transport are under Gemini besides cars; I mentioned buses and railways, but also the package delivery service, elevators, bikes, cabs, etc. Gemini rules hands, including manicures and nail services.

Cancer: Cancer is the sign of the house and home, so everything home-related is under Cancer. Building materials, home improvement, realty development, R.E.I.T.’s, kitchens, apartment buildings. The raising of food comes under Cancer’s purview: from farm to wholesalers to bakeries and restaurants, to your own kitchen. Chefs and caterers are Cancer types. Cancer is a water sign, so things that hold water are under Cancer. That includes sinks, swimming pools, washing machines and other home appliances, even things that float on the water like boats. Cancer is often an avid gardener, although Taurus is no slouch in that department, either. Cancer’s ruler the Moon rules fluids like milk, too, and by extension dairy products.

Leo: Leo is traditionally associated with show business and play, so he rules amusement parks and circuses, games and toys, golf, hotels that host gambler Leos like those in Las Vegas, parks and playgrounds, and stadiums. Leo rules parks and playgrounds and the children who come there to play. Leo may or may not be very musical but he does see the value of adding music to the entertainment mix. All forms of recreation and recreation vehicles are under Leo. As a fire sign, he rules stoves and other things that have fire or heat. Leo rules gold in particular and precious metals in general, so that means jewelry especially rings, gold and silver mining, and goldsmithing. Leo is also the sign of the broker, especially the stockbroker.

Virgo: Many of the things under Gemini are also found under Virgo, since they are both Mercury-ruled signs. Saturn in Virgo these past couple years has been devastating for the newspaper business. Virgo accents the service-oriented side of the communications and transport industries, such as package delivery. While Gemini rules elementary school, Virgo is the schoolteacher and the educational materials. Virgo is language instruction, the popular Rosetta Stone language instruction software is a great example. Virgo is craftspeople and technicians. Virgo of course also rules the health care field in general, from doctors down to therapists. They expect their employees to never make mistakes, tho, so be careful of choosing to work for a Virgo boss.


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