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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 4-10, 2009

The Full Moon is at 11 degrees 10 minutes of Aries, at 2:10 am Sunday. The Aries-Libra axis highlights cardinal energy; both signs are self-starters. Full Moons in Aries always tend to push us into greater independence and self-reliance. You learn to do your own repairs or stop trying to get someone to go with you on a trip. The Moon’s first aspect after that is a sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius, accenting good times and mutual benefit through friends and organizations. Work on networking if you are job-hunting or looking for a deal.
Sunday morning may be an odd time to do fixit jobs, but transiting Mercury and Mars are sextile (with Mercury opposite Uranus the handyman and mechanic), improving your hand-eye coordination. The job may go surprisingly fast. It is also good for sports that require quickness, like tennis, racquetball, foosball. Mars is at 23 Cancer in your solar fourth house, so there may be some urgency to a home repair. Make sure you know what you are doing if working on plumbing, because you may have to redo the job that evening when Mars is inconjunct Neptune.
A grand trine in air signs forms on Thursday evening: Moon in Gemini, Sun in Libra, Jupiter in Aquarius. Ideas and discussion are lively and fairly harmonious.
Mercury re-enters Libra 11:46 pm Friday, picking up where it left off on Sept. 17. Librans should try not to focus on what others want to hear, but on what needs to be said in order to restore harmony, mutual respect, and justice.


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WHOA! Detroit Wins??? Sports Astrology of The Detroit Lions Win

The world of NFL football was rocked by a Detroit Lions win last Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009. the Lions, who did not win a game all last season, disposed of the Washington Redskins in Detroit. What does sports astrology have to say about that game?
I am proud to say that I fingered the improbable winner of that matchup. Why would I pick the hapless Lions, you ask? Have you been smoking the funny cigarettes, you ask? Why would anyone in their right minds pick the Lions to win any game this year, you ask?
Very simple. Let me lay it out for you as simply and as briefly as possible.

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Sports Astrology for Week 1 NFL 2009 Season

The first Sunday-Monday of NFL action was fairly straightforward. Most games ended the way that the pundits said they would. The one thing that was not expected was the fairly large number of injuries that took players out of the lineup for practically every team. The injury report became a key indicator for how following games might end.
But let’s look at the sports astrology for this first weekend’s games. The most common scenario for the afternoon games was as follows: many of them featured Pluto in the first house with Sag rising. The opposing team was represented by Gemini, whose ruler Mercury was retrograde. Assuming that the home team was also the favorite, that made them just about a lock to win with powerful Pluto in their first house. Pluto just smashes its opponent, as evidenced by the lopsided scores in so many games.

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Who Will You Dress Up As This Halloween 2009? (sign by sign)

by Milky Way Maid

Halloween 2009 is dominated by a Saturn square to Pluto in Capricorn, making dark things like night, death, the underworld, and related ideas prominent. Even more worrisome, though is the Mars in Leo square Sun-Mercury in Scorpio. Mars-Mercury aspects can easily lead to arguments, vociferously and loudly expressed arguments. Sun-Mars squares tend to make people dig in their heels and refuse to give up their position. If you are with friends, or even with strangers, try to act reasonable. Offer to buy them a beer if it turns out you are wrong.

The evening also features a Moon sextile to Jupiter exact about 10 pm, so most of us will be in very good, very expansive moods. Just take care not to over-indulge in the liquid libations (i.e., know your limits). Venus is applying to a trine to Neptune, exact on Nov. 2. Woo hoo, get the phone number of whoever strikes your fancy because you could easily fall in love, big time, within days.

Aries: The Moon is in Aries. Bet you dress up as an athlete, adventurer, explorer, or even as a spy. Aries loves spy stuff and prearranged secret meetings and trench coats. Your ruler Mars is in Leo, your solar fifth house. This also accents sports but also action stars, gamblers, and other showy people. Fifth house also favors going to an amusement park or casino.

Taurus: For fun and laughs, hang around with friends or at a friend’s house (Uranus in your solar eleventh house). Or you might follow your ruler Venus, which is in its other home, Libra, in your solar sixth house. That may mean dressing up as a nurse or candy-striper, or in the very Libran position as hostess.

Gemini: Twins probably will not feel like going to parties this year, not with mean old Saturn in their solar fifth house. But the energetic Moon in Aries in your eleventh will see you quite happy to hang out with friends or possibly with one special female friend.

Cancer: The Sun, Mercury and Ceres are all in your solar fifth house of parties and fun-fun-fun, so go ahead and accept that invitation. You will probably pick the one that has the best food (Ceres). You might dress up as a waitress or as Mother Nature.

Leo: Leos would probably rather watch a sporting event or play racquetball, since Mars is in your sign this Halloween. If you do go to a costume party, you are likely to dress in an athletic uniform. Maybe you better leave the hockey stick at home, though? Vesta is in your sign, too, and we know she would rather just putter around the house. That’s OK, too.

Virgo: Ah, you feel so relieved to have that millstone, Saturn, off your shoulders. Your ruler, Mercury is in your solar third house, Scorpio. Here the mental powers may express as a detective or journalist. Dust off your trench coat in either case.

Libra: Saturn has just entered Libra, so my costume suggestion is to go with your spouse bound by the ol’ ball-and-chain. That sums up Saturn in Libra, if you can forgive my saying so. Yes, I know, love is a many splendored thing and all that, but Halloween is good for poking good-natured fun at the stereotypes. Venus is also in Libra, so the alternative is to go as a bride (your favorite) or as a famous couple.

Scorpio: Ceres in your sign suggests dressing up as the Grim Reaper; when you arrive, get everyone to relax by saying you just came for the cake (or the beer, as the case may be). Mercury and the Sun are here, too, so you might dress up as messengers — the Western Union guy, the Pony Express rider, or Mercury himself. Mercury is also the reporter, so you could just grab a note pad and stick a Press pass in your pocket.

Sagittarius: Sag might find their fun at a shopping center or mall; I say that because the North Node is in your solar second house. Second house suggests a costume as a banker, but they are far too stodgy for Sag to maintain as a character all evening!

Capricorn: Pluto in your sign signifies a natural fit with characters that are dead, undead, or immortal. Examples are mummies, zombies, and Dracula. The Moon is in your solar fourth house, suggesting you will feel like staying home and letting your friends come visit you. Cappy makes a wonderful host and can throw a party on short notice, if need be. But remember, if you are playing Dracula for the night, he never drinks — wine.

Aquarius: Jupiter and Neptune are still close enough to be considered conjunct this Halloween. Combining the meanings of these two planets makes me think “legendary characters”. These characters may be real or mythical. People like Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Annie Oakley, Superman and other super-heroes, etc. You may wish to costume yourself as any of these or as legendary movie (Neptune) stars like Clark Gable, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich, and so many more.

Pisces: Uranus is in Pisces; Uranus denotes the foreigner, as well as odd folks who resist categorizing. You may costume yourself in a national costume, or talk in a pretend accent, imitate a Swedish lilt or Cockney bluster. Alternatively, you might like a costume as a machine: robot, iPod, computer, car, etc.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2009

We have a Full Moon in Aries this coming weekend, 2:10 am Sunday if you are in the Eastern Time zone. It looks like a pretty easy omen’ for the coming month, lots of sextiles and a Mars trine. Mars in Cancer trines Uranus; this is good for buying any mechanical or electronic, including cars and computers. There is only one opposition besides the Sun-Moon, and that is Mercury in Virgo to Uranus in Pisces. That can actually be very positive, prodding one into invention and innovation.
Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 9:14 am, almost in time to start your work day. I can hear all of you giving a huge sigh of relief; I think the retrograde is good for a lot of things, but shopping is jut not one of them. Retrace your steps carefully, and make sure you have dotted all the i’s. It’s a good week for catching mistakes before they go out into the cold cruel world, as long as you don’t take anything for granted. Get a second opinion, have a friend look over your revised resume, etc.
Mercury is sextiling Mars twice this week, once on Thursday and again on Sunday. The two planets are in lockstep at 21 and 23 degrees in Virgo and Cancer this week till Mercury gets back up to speed. It’s a good aspect for sports performance, as Mars is sports and athletics, and Mercury is hand-eye coordination. You might see a lot of good catches on NFL Sunday. It’s good for asserting (Mars) one’s rights in person or by mail/email. Pallas is also nearby at 29 Virgo; service people deliver with a smile.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 20-26, 2009

Happy birthday to lovely Libra! The Sun enters Libra on Tuesday at 5:19 pm. Librans pride themselves on being fair. They try to listen to the other side before making a decision. But ponder for a moment what fairness and equality mean. They are not necessarily the same thing! Two people who make very different incomes but are expected to contribute the same amount of money to the rent, are NOT in a fair situation. Think about how two people do a waltz together; one has to step back when the other steps forward, and vice versa. That is harmony.
The Sun is conjunct a retrograde Mercury on Sunday morning. This is good for sales (and finds) of marked-down merchandise or anything at rummage or flea markets; just check it over carefully and make sure of the size.
Then Mercury conjoins Saturn (and Pallas) at 25 degrees of Virgo on Tuesday at 5 am. Mercury opposes Uranus Wednesday at 24 degrees of Virgo and Pisces. Mercury-Saturn lends great concentration and organizational ability. Mercury-Uranus on the other hand can have problems focusing; it can be very restless. It also likes new ideas but is not open to others’ ideas. So maybe you might need to burn up some physical/nervous energy before settling in to a task. You might have to make a list to help you keep your nose to the grindstone.

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Telling the Weather by the Signs and Planets

Neptune may be unusual weather, or “weird” to quote AstroAmerica. But more often it is rainy or foggy. Pluto, according to Sepharial, can be forceful or destructive. So I usually class the more severe weather with Pluto — things like tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. Pluto is anything that can wipe a house or a town off the map. Uranus as a ruler of an air sign is wind. Sepharial describes Uranus as being variable and spasmodic, so I classify wind gusts, downbursts and most storms with Uranus. AstroAmerica describes Jupiter as warm, while Sepharial describes it as “temperate, moderately hot, moist.” It often just increases whatever other signatures are present. Like if the Moon or Neptune are there, then you get at least an inch of rain.
Mars, according to Sepharial, is “inflammatory, hot, dry and barren.” Venus is “gentle, pacific, temperate, warm, moist, and fruitful.” Mercury is “excitable, changeful, cold, moist, and moderately fruitful.” The Moon is “magnetic, cold, moist, and fruitful.”

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