Sports Astrology for Week 1 NFL 2009 Season

September 28, 2009 at 12:53 pm

by Milky Way Maid

The first Sunday-Monday of NFL action was fairly straightforward. Most games ended the way that the pundits said they would. The one thing that was not expected was the fairly large number of injuries that took players out of the lineup for practically every team. The injury report became a key indicator for how following games might end.

But let’s look at the sports astrology for this first weekend’s games. The most common scenario for the afternoon games was as follows: many of them featured Pluto in the first house with Sag rising. The opposing team was represented by Gemini, whose ruler Mercury was retrograde.

Assuming that the home team was also the favorite, that made them just about a lock to win with powerful Pluto in their first house. Pluto just smashes its opponent, as evidenced by the lopsided scores in so many games. Some games only get a line or two this week because the game chart was so similar for many games.

Miami Dolphins at Atlanta: Atlanta won, 19-7. Atlanta was favored and was also the home team. Sagittarius was rising with Pluto in the first house.

Denver Broncos at Cincinnati: Cincinnati rated some higher than Denver, and also the home team. Cincinnati had Pluto in its first house (Sagittarius), while Denver ruled by retrograde Mercury. But the home team does not win and the Bengals fall to the Broncos, 12-7.

Minnesota Vikings at Cleveland: Vikings 34-20 over Browns. The Browns start the season rated very low on the totem pole, while the Vikes rated at about number nine. So this game was a bit more difficult to read. Where there is a big difference between how the two teams are ranked, I am going to take the higher ranked team as the ascendant sign. So this again, gives the eventual winner that powerful Pluto in the first house and the Vikes go on to beat the Browns. Also the Vikings natal chart has its Sun-Mercury-Moon all in Aquarius, where they receive the positive energies of a transiting Jupiter this year.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis: Indy Colts win 14-12 over the Jaguars. Home team Colts are ranked much higher than Jax. Colts also are represented by sign Scorpio on the Ascendant, and Scorpio will try very hard to control the game. Jax is represented by Taurus, ruled by Venus the lesser benefic — which is nice but Venus is not primarily a sports planet. Saturn is high in the tenth house which acted to lower the number of points scored by Colts, but they managed to win anyway.

Detroit Lions at New Orleans: Saints win 45 to 27. Poor Detroit was ranked last of all the NFL teams, but it will have a few cards up its sleeves this year. However, they lose the season opener mainly because the Saints are represented by Sag and Pluto rising, and the Lions by Gemini, which is weak with its ruler Mercury retrograde.

Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay: This is difficult to read, again because the home team is definitely ranked far lower than the visitors. Which team is represented by which sign? Here is where I go to the teams’ natal charts for clues. The Bucs natal Moon is in Gemini, and that sign’s ruler is retrograde, which therefore gives a minus to Tampa Bay. Dallas’ natal Sun-Moon-Mercury are in Aquarius, and like the Vikings, is benefiting from transiting Jupiter in Aquarius. So advantage: Dallas.

Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina: Philly crushes the Panthers 38-10. The home team ranked lower than the visitors. The Panthers natal chart has Sun-Mars-Mercury in Scorpio, but they are not getting helpful transits this week. The Eagles have their natal Sun in Cancer, which benefits from transiting Moon-Mars. So advantage: Eagles.

Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore: There is such a huge difference between the teams rankings, so the Ravens get the benefit of the Sag ascendant with Pluto in first house. Easy.

New York Jets at Houston Texans: Jet beat Texans 24-7. Houston would have been favored strongly because it is ranked higher, and is home team. However, Saturn in the tenth house lowered the number of points scored, and they could not hold the Jets’ offense. This chart was similar to the Jax-Indy game, and both were rather tricky to handicap. Keys to deciphering this game are in natal chart, but I don’t want to load you down with too much all in one article. See me about lessons by email.

Washington Redskins at New York (Giants): Giants rated so far higher and also are the home team. Aquarius is rising for this game chart. Redskins have Leo rising, and Venus in Leo is opposed by transiting Neptune; interpretation: Skins confused by Giants plays. Also as game wore on the advantage became even clearer for Giants. Skins became prone to tempers flaring or letting other team/players walk over them.

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona: The 49ers win 20-16. This was an upset as 49ers were ranked lower and were the visiting team. However, Arizona was represented in game chart with Pluto in its twelfth house. Also having Saturn affecting its quarterback sector was no help, either. Two big knocks against the Cardinals and the result was an upset. The 49ers benefited also from the emotional boost of Mars-Moon in its first house.

St Louis Rams at Seattle: The Seahawks win 28-0. The Rams are ranked only one notch above the Lions. Seattle was home team and also favored, so it received the benefit of a Capricorn rising chart with Pluto in the first house. Rams had Mars-Moon in their first house, but this is no match for Pluto. The Seahawks shear the fleece off the Rams.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay: The Packers win 21-15. This is an old rivalry and both teams always fight hard for a win. Green Bay is represented by Aries rising in the game chart, with a square to Mars-Moon at the bottom of the chart. Bears are Libra on descendant, ruled by Venus. Ruler Venus is opposed by transiting Neptune (see above regarding Skins-Giants game). The Packers had to work hard for the win, signified by the square, but the Bears received no help from this chart and so they fall.

Buffalo Bills at New England: The Patriots pull out a squeaker over the Bills, 25-24. An Aries ascendant favors the home team; this is somewhat similar to Bears-Packers game chart. Also I might add that here, the Bills had Saturn-Sun-Mercury in its twelfth house and that was very problematic. Perhaps refs loaded them down with penalties or negated points. Mercury retrograde can bring missed calls, confused signals, etc.

San Diego Chargers at Oakland: The highly-ranked Chargers skunked the Raiders, 24-20. There is such a great difference in the rankings that the Chargers have to be given the ascendant, which was Aries rising. Very similar chart to above but significant differences. Uranus in the twelfth house of the Chargers meant that the defense had lapses. Again, Raiders ruled by Venus which is opposed by confusing Neptune. It too, had problematic Sun-Saturn-Mercury in its twelfth house and could not overcome all the negatives. Still the Chargers had to work hard for this win.

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