WHOA! Detroit Wins??? Sports Astrology of The Detroit Lions Win

September 28, 2009 at 1:09 pm

by Milky Way Maid

The world of NFL football was rocked by a Detroit Lions win last Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009. The Lions, who did not win a game all last season, disposed of the Washington Redskins in Detroit. What does sports astrology have to say about that game?

I am proud to say that I fingered the improbable winner of that matchup. Why would I pick the hapless Lions, you ask? Have you been smoking the funny cigarettes, you ask? Why would anyone in their right minds pick the Lions to win any game this year, you ask?

Very simple. Let me lay it out for you as simply and as briefly as possible.

Here we go. First, the game chart for the kickoff has Sagittarius rising and Pluto in the first house. The Sun is in the tenth house, suggesting that the final score will be the focus of much attention. Saturn, Mercury and Venus are in the ninth house, which are not favorable for the opposing team’s quarterback. Saturn denies or frustrates, and Mercury retrograde can lead to mental errors of all kinds.

Jupiter is in the second house, signifying the Lions have ample resources or possessions. Uranus at the bottom of the chart (the IC), says to me that defense will have the final word on the game’s outcome.

Looking at contacts to the natal chart of the Lions organization, Mars is conjunct the Lions’ Pluto-Venus conjunction; however it is also conjunct the Skins’ natal Pluto.

The game ascendant is inconjunct the Lions’ natal Mars; this can signify a turnaround in the team’s (or athlete’s) fortunes.

Mercury is on Washington’s South Node; this would be a positive if Mercury were in forward motion. Mars is conjunct Washington’s Pluto, as I mentioned. This is canceled out pretty much by a very similar conjunction in the Lions’ natal chart.

But the most problematic element here is that Saturn is conjunct the Skins’ Moon. The Moon represents how a team or athlete feels about its chances of winning. I suspect that the Skins were pretty shaken by the narrow win over low-ranked St. Louis Rams in the prior game, and perhaps are a bit shaky on the self-esteem scale. In other words, the Skins could have won if they had given themselves permission to win. That about sums it up.

Does that fact that the Lions have a win under their belts mean that they will win more games this year, or even challenge for the division title? I do not think that a Mars-Ascendant aspect signifies that dramatic a turnaround. It only applies to that one game. However, it is possible that this aspect might crop up anytime during the season for any team, including the Bears. One would have to look at the long-term transits or progressions to the Detroit natal chart to make any judgment about their prospects. I have not begun to do such a study, and offhand I have not seen any such transits coming through in the near future. But this was sure exciting, wasn’t it?

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