Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 4-10, 2009

September 30, 2009 at 11:35 am

By Milky Way Maid

 The Full Moon is at 11 degrees 10 minutes of Aries, at 2:10 am Sunday. The Aries-Libra axis highlights cardinal energy; both signs are self-starters. Full Moons in Aries always tend to push us into greater independence and self-reliance. You learn to do your own repairs or stop trying to get someone to go with you on a trip. The Moon’s first aspect after that is a sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius, accenting good times and mutual benefit through friends and organizations. Work on networking if you are job-hunting or looking for a deal.

Sunday morning may be an odd time to do fixit jobs, but transiting Mercury and Mars are sextile (with Mercury opposite Uranus the handyman and mechanic), improving your hand-eye coordination. The job may go surprisingly fast. It is also good for sports that require quickness, like tennis, racquetball, foosball. Mars is at 23 Cancer in your solar fourth house, so there may be some urgency to a home repair. Make sure you know what you are doing if working on plumbing, because you may have to redo the job that evening when Mars is inconjunct Neptune.

A grand trine in air signs forms on Thursday evening: Moon in Gemini, Sun in Libra, Jupiter in Aquarius. Ideas and discussion are lively and fairly harmonious.

Mercury re-enters Libra 11:46 pm Friday, picking up where it left off on Sept. 17. Librans should try not to focus on what others want to hear, but on what needs to be said in order to restore harmony, mutual respect, and justice.

Mercury went direct on Sept. 29, but it finally leaves its storm period on Oct. 5. It speeds up quickly and you will probably see quicker responses to your inquiries.

Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop. Also note: some aspects are exact on a weekend but may find opportunity for expression on the Friday or Monday nearest the exact aspect. Times given are in Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time depending on the season.

 ARIESMarch 20-April 19 – The Moon is in Aries from Oct. 3 till midday Monday. The Full Moon is in your sign early Sunday. The Moon sextiles Jupiter in Aquarius Sunday afternoon, so hang out with friends or go to the club meeting for fellowship and good times. On Monday you may wake up with a feeling that you have to hurry up with stuff, but an inconjunct to Saturn forces you to wait. Monday has a void-of-course Moon from the wee hours till it enters Taurus about midday, so you may as well stick to routines.

 TAURUSApril 20-May 20 – The Moon is in Taurus from 12:33 pm Monday till Wednesday evening. The first aspect is a trine to Pluto in Capricorn about 2 pm; issues of self-determination and empowerment are on your mind. The Moon squares Jupiter Tuesday evening; be careful not to injure a parent’s or boss’ pride. The Moon trines Mercury-Saturn in Virgo midday Wednesday; this is excellent for serious writing such as scientific papers or analysis.

 GEMINIMay 21-June 20 – The Moon is in Gemini from 5:46 pm Wednesday till Friday evening. An aspect to Pluto on Wednesday evening offers an opportunity to take control of insurance or estate matters; perhaps you start paying for your own coverage or enroll in a group plan. A grand trine in air signs sweeps you along on Thursday evening: Moon in Gemini, Sun in Libra, Jupiter in Aquarius. You thoroughly enjoy a round-table discussion, perhaps at the local campus. Friday can be very trying though, when a T-square forms between Moon in Gemini and Venus-Saturn-Mercury in Virgo on one hand, and Uranus in Pisces on the other. Home and career may be in conflict, and I’m sorry, much as you may want to clone yourself to be in two places at once, you will have to work this out the old-fashioned way.

 CANCERJune 21-July 22 – The Moon is in Cancer from 9:48 pm Friday thru the weekend. The Moon’s first aspect in your sign is an opposition to Pluto, so you may feel like your partner is too controlling or resent having to ask permission for small things. You have every right to be treated like an equal adult, and to have your own friends and interests, so speak up for yourself, politely but firmly. You may also be immersed in research this week.

 LEOJuly 23-Aug. 22 – The Full Moon in Aries is Sunday, in your solar ninth house of college, law, publishing and religion. You are likely to feel more independent in thought, philosophy, and politics. Your leadership talents come to the fore, even without trying. Your partner, friends, and the local school may come together to facilitate a seminar or forum, when the grand air trine forms on Thursday. You are quite at home doing the emcee chores, and help everything run smoothly.

 VIRGOAug. 23-Sept. 22 – Mercury is conjunct Saturn in your sign overnight Oct. 7-8. This is great for serious writing or analysis, such as research papers or grant proposals. Venus in your sign opposes Uranus in Pisces on Friday; you may feel smothered by someone you love very much, and need to learn to give each other enough room to breathe. Don’t misinterpret it as the end of the relationship. This is part of a T-square between Moon in Gemini and Venus-Saturn-Mercury in Virgo on one hand, and Uranus in Pisces on the other. Try to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

 LIBRASept. 23-Oct. 22 – The Sun, Moon and Jupiter form a grand trine in air signs on Thursday; so do attend events like round-tables or forums where mental energy is focused. Mercury enters your sign late Friday (11:46 pm). The phone should start ringing off the hook again, Libra, as others seek your presence and opinions. Remember that people seek you out for your balanced views, not just to hear what you think they want to hear. Pallas Athena also enters Libra this week; this helps you draft compromises and other agreements.

SCORPIOOct. 23-Nov. 21 – The Moon is in your opposite sign Monday-Wednesday, and your partner may demand more of your attention. You two may host a mini-forum in your home, since your Aquarius fourth house is energized by the grand trine in air signs on Thursday evening. You’re a good host, and you keep meetings under control, sticking to the agenda and time limits. The weekend will be very relaxing with Moon in Cancer, since you generally enjoy just puttering around the house. Scorpio can be very home-loving, and they make the home a quiet retreat.

 SAGITTARIUSNov. 22-Dec. 21 – The Moon in Aries the first part of the week energizes your solar fifth house of fun, recreation, and creative expression. You may get caught with the fallout as the T-square between planets in the other mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces Gemini) forms on Friday. You rarely let yourself be bothered by life’s ups and downs, and can see the humor in the worst situations. And you can always tell yourself, oh what a great story this will be to tell your friends. Mercury re-enters your solar eleventh house (Libra) of friends by the weekend, where he promises to catch up with all the gossip.

 CAPRICORNDec. 22-Jan. 19 – The focus is on home and family the beginning of the week when the Moon is in Aries, your solar fourth house. You may be doing home repairs, or trying to keep your partner happy. You get together with other earth signs Wednesday for serious writing or editing. Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in your sign on Saturday afternoon; you may meet a real ‘doubting Thomas’ type who frustrates your efforts to make them see reason. Somehow this bothers you personally, but it isn’t your job to break up their mental blocks. You might however, offer some example from your personal experience and let them think it over.

 AQUARIUSJan. 20-Feb. 17 – The Moon squares your Jupiter on Tuesday, and could set off issues of pride or over- or under-confidence. Use any of the wonderful affirmations in New Age land to retrain your brain. A grand trine in air signs forms on Thursday evening: Moon in Gemini, Sun in Libra, Jupiter in Aquarius. Ideas and discussion are lively and fairly harmonious. You may host a forum or online town meeting, discussing books or politics. On Friday be prepared to pitch in and help a Sag friend who is snowed under with work or an emergency.

 PISCESFeb. 18-March 19 – Your focus is on money issues at the beginning of the week, when the moon is in Aries. At the same time you are energized and ready for fun; perhaps you can watch the game at a friend’s house rather than burning money on beers at a sports bar. Friday can be very trying though, when a T-square forms between Moon in Gemini and Venus-Saturn-Mercury in Virgo on one hand, and Uranus in Pisces on the other.


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