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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov 1-7, 2009

Venus trines Neptune on Monday evening, and Neptune goes direct on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 1:10 pm at 23 degrees 42 minutes Aquarius. One source says that Neptune retrograde brings exposure of shams and scams, or the desire to “unveil mysteries.” The retrograde gives an awareness of the subconscious but not necessarily the ability to tune into it. I seem to notice that the retrograde in a birth chart shows people who are not so comfortable with the ordinary white lies of everyday life, or are people who are easily deceived and misled. Neptune direct though, is quite comfortable with lying to others to gain an advantage. So anyway, this may be a dry period for revelations of scandals hitting the headlines. Where is Neptune in your birth chart? And where is Aquarius in your birth chart? Take your cues from that.

BTW on Thursday, the Moon translates light from an aspect with a malefic planet (a trine to Neptune in the afternoon) into an aspect with a benefic planet (a trine to dear Venus late in the evening). Now, my opinion is that you can try to ‘channel’ the best of Neptune here by focusing on an ideal, on artwork and beauty, or even on beautiful dance. Then Venus can work on manifesting that thought-form into your reality.
Venus in Libra is inconjunct Uranus in Pisces Monday morning. This can be a tough aspect because one wants to have romance and freedom at the same time. Love may win out but not till after a separation or tiff. This tension can help produce some interesting and even avant-garde artwork.
Venus enters Scorpio at 7:23 pm Saturday, when she puts on the little black dress and her best pearls, a spritz of exotic perfume, and an allure that none can match. Venus here can cast a spell with just her eyes. Venus stays here for the month of November.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 25-31, 2009

A T-square shapes up on Sunday when the Moon in Aquarius opposes Mars in Leo, and squares Sun in Scorpio. With all these planets in fixed signs, people will dig in their heels and resist compromise. Not a time for sticking to principal. Let’s hope that you can just agree to disagree and leave it at that, going on to matters of the present moment like who will go to the Super Bowl or stuff like that. However, this T-square could portend something good like making a commitment to a relationship. The trine to Venus on Monday night (followed by the conjunction to Jupiter) sure suggests that a happy outcome will be worked out.
Wednesday is much more harmonious, with Moon trine Sun (2:37 pm), and Venus trine Jupiter (10 pm). Schedule meetings, interviews and introductions for this day. Venus-Jupiter can be a hazard to those with a sweet tooth because it can tempt you to overdo, to the point of getting sick. But very nice for social occasions like showers or pink-slip parties. You can pick up lots of gifts or helpful tips at such times.
Mercury enters Scorpio at 6:09 am Wednesday. Mercury here can be very awkward, because Scorpio fears revealing his emotions will make him vulnerable. As a result he becomes defensive, secretive or even vindictive. He enjoys a reputation for being mysterious. However, his strength is a keen insight into motivations; these insights can transform others’ lives. Mercury here is a great psychoanalyst, counselor, detective, writer or actor.
Saturn enters Libra at 1:09 pm Thursday, the sign of its exaltation and incidentally the sign at the birth of America. (Saturn was at 14 degrees 47 minutes of Libra on July 4, 1776.) Saturn in Libra brings lessons in harmony, diplomacy, cooperation and marriage. Keep in mind one’s ideals in the area of personal relationships because this pulls the energies upward toward that higher ground.

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How to Putz with Type Size Online

Need help making the type size online larger or more readable? Here is a quick ‘how to’ for new Firefox users.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 18-24, 2009

We have a New Moon at 25 degrees Libra on Sunday at 1:33 am. The Moon promptly goes void-of-course, however this is a usable opportunity period a half hour before and after the exact opposition. Libra New Moons put the emphasis on learning to be fair in all areas of your life. You may have an opportunity to draw out information from others to help you make informed, intelligent decisions. Libra (ideally) gives as much as it takes. Too much giving OR too much taking in a relationship is unbalanced and draining. With kindness and understanding you can act to correct that imbalance and restore your emotional equilibrium.
Mercury in Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius on Tuesday afternoon at 5:49 ET. This favors the study of law, religion, philosophy and other heavy-duty material. It favors any business transaction, including real estate. It favors seeing a counselor or mentor for sound advice.
The Sun enters Scorpio early Friday. Happy birthday to all the deep, mysterious, fascinating Scorpios! The Sun’s first aspect is a sextile to co-ruler Pluto, which seems pretty auspicious for your personal year. Your efforts at everything from research to self-transformation to empowerment should all see encouraging results. And you might even latch onto a new mystery writer you love, too.
Mercury is inconjunct Uranus and trine Neptune on Saturday. The inconjunct to Uranus is sometimes a symptom of the inability to concentrate; people jump from one idea to another or one task to another without finishing. Utilizing Neptune by learning to meditate can help you focus for longer stretches. Neptune is also music, and sometimes the right music can soothe your nerves enough that you can work with better focus.

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Using the Planetary Hours for Fun and Profit

So what are planetary hours, you may ask? Planetary hours are a system based on a Chaldean principle that the first hour of a day belongs to the god/planet that the day is named for, and that following hours are designated in a fixed sequence. The sequence is Sun-Venus, Merc, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun… and so forth in endless rotation.

Sunday is named for the Sun, of course, so the first hour after sunrise is ruled by the Sun. First hour on Monday belongs to the Moon. Tuesday is named for Tyr, the Norse god that is equivalent to Mars or Ares, so the first hour is ruled by Mars. Wednesday is named for Wodin, the Norse god that is equivalent to Mercury. Thursday is named for Thor, who is like Jupiter/Zeus. Friday is named for Freya, the Norse version of Venus/Aphrodite. And Saturday is naturally enough, named for Saturn.

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NASA crashes satellites on Moon; Moon files lawsuit

The Moon, our quiet unassuming little Earth satellite, filed a lawsuit today for damages as a result of what the Moon’s lawyer termed “a shabby lack of consideration by NASA for my client’s health and safety.”
While NASA declared that “Everything worked out beautifully” in the controlled crash of two scientific probes into the Moon’s South Pole, the Moon was of the opposite opinion. “Couldn’t you hear me screaming in pain?” the Moon asked. “Even if I had any ice, it wouldn’t be enough to pack my crater against the swelling.”

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 11-17, 2009

A New Moon occurs at 24 degrees, 59 minutes of Libra on Sunday, Oct. 18 (17 in the Western states) with a trine to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. The Moon goes void-of-course, tho at the Sun-Moon conjunction till the Moon enters Scorpio min-morning Sunday. But if there is something that you can accomplish quickly, or need to get accomplished quickly, then a cardinal New Moon is a good time to do that.
We have an opportunity period while the Moon translates darkness — from the time it sextiles Saturn to the time it enters Leo in the wee hours Monday. That covers 9:37 pm Sunday the 11th till 12:36 am Monday (all Eastern time). Not sure what kind of personal business you can transact in person during such times, but at least the online portals never close.
Jupiter goes direct at 12:34 am Tuesday. Rah! See what houses in your natal chart have Jupiter-ruled Sag and Pisces on the cusp. You may finally see some movement in issues related to those houses, if you have been stymied through the summer. Jupiter went retrograde in mid-June.
Two planets change signs this week. Venus enters its home, Libra, at 6:46 pm on Wednesday. Mars enters Leo at 11:32 am on Friday. Venus in Libra is so loving and so caring in regards to others’ feelings. However, the bad part is that Venus here may withhold its real feelings and then feels confused, helpless, worthless — with a cup of self-doubt — in relationships. You need to learn the fun of swapping favors to get what YOU want out of a meeting or friendship. Assert your integrity, insist on fair play, and raise everyone else up to a higher level of play.
Now fortunately you Librans will see this Venus in a sextile aspect to assertive Mars, now entering brave Leo. Mars in Leo can be very courageous in asserting leadership, so draw on that Leonine courage. Leos can be very expansive anyway, and with Venus in Libra greasing the wheels a bit, and adding her irresistible charms, this Mars-Venus duo can dramatize, inspire others, and create positive partnerships. A Cardinal-energy Venus and a take-charge Leo Mars are pretty well unstoppable.

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