Using the Planetary Hours for Fun and Profit

October 12, 2009 at 1:28 pm Leave a comment

by Milky Way Maid

I had never been educated about using planetary hours before now. I know that may seem hard to believe, and may damage my cred as an astrologer a bit. But if you read Dell Astrology magazine or similar mags, I am sure you probably run into suggestions to use a Jupiter hour or a Sun hour for this or that purpose.

Yet whenever I looked into it, I was so put off by the difficulty of applying it that I gave up.  One starts the day not with a certain time, but with sunrise. Sunrise varies through the year and with your latitude. Nowadays there are more sources online and more software choices.

I started looking into planetary hours more seriously when I got involved in a local contest with weekly drawings for hourly cash prizes. All the entries have to be in by 11 am, and the first drawing is at 1 pm. Must be present to win. So many prizes have been rolling over to the following week.

With five drawings a day, one day a week, I thought my odds were fairly good that at some time, my name would come up. Well, after five weeks of this and zilch, I was getting concerned. It turns out that I have been entering the place during a SATURN hour.

Not much chance of good luck under Saturn’s rays, is there? Saturn is OK for starting diets, laying foundations, pruning trees and bushes. So anyway, let’s see if I can change my luck by tweaking my arrival time. Wish me luck, hey?

So what are planetary hours, you may ask? Planetary hours are a system based on a Chaldean principle that the first hour of a day belongs to the god/planet that the day is named for, and that following hours are designated in a fixed sequence. The sequence is Sun-Venus, Merc, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun… and so forth in endless rotation.

Sunday is named for the Sun, of course, so the first hour after sunrise is ruled by the Sun. First hour on Monday belongs to the Moon. Tuesday is named for Tyr, the Norse god that is equivalent to Mars or Ares, so the first hour is ruled by Mars. Wednesday is named for Wodin, the Norse god that is equivalent to Mercury. Thursday is named for Thor, who is like Jupiter/Zeus. Friday is named for Freya, the Norse version of Venus/Aphrodite. And Saturday is naturally enough, named for Saturn.

At the back of copies of the Llewellyn Daily Planetary Guide are charts of Sunrise hours, Sunset hours, planetary hours ruling planets, a brief explanation of how to use planetary hours, and also the quick table of rising signs. These are OK as a rough guide to when sunrise is, for example. Amazingly, I have had this Llewellyn appointment calendar for a couple years and never noticed this wealth of info at the back of the book. I do use the preceding pages with the mini ephemeris of the planets’ positions, though. How come I never ventured past those pages??? Hmm, obviously I must have first opened this thing on a Saturn hour or something.

Now I am not real big on trying to calculate stuff for myself. I figure that things take me long enough as it is. So I found info on the sunrise and sunset times online at TimeAndDate dot com. This is a real nice site to keep handy for yourself, anyway. You can keep track of when Daylight Saving begins and ends, or what time it is in another city or country if you have do long-distance calling and want to call during business hours. You can also find links to a Moon Phase calculator, among other things.

Then there is actual software to help you manage this planetary hours tool. Face it, it can be rather discouraging for people who are newbies to this thing, to keep it up if it means hand calculating every day, or updating every week as the sunrise time gets later and later towards the Winter Solstice.

Renaissance Astrology offers  TPHP (“The Planetary Hours Program”) an “easy to use computer program for Windows 95, 98, Me and XP, that provides detailed and accurate planetary hour information for automatically for thousands of predefined locations in the

U.S.  Latitude and longitude can also be entered by hand for non-U.S. locations. ”
get your local sunrise and sunset times from the newspaper or the US Naval Observatory.

Another very useful program is Timaeus from Curtis Manwaring at Zodiasoft Technologies. Timaeus is a system tray application that monitors the passage of the planetary hours providing a quick look into the changes of mood during the day. It is like having an “astrological weather forecast” for your local area on a continual basis. This shareware program can be downloaded from Zodiasoft Technologies on a free 30 day trial basis.

The Planetary Magic Mini-Course is a fully self contained web course course that requires no knowledge of magic or astrology. The Mini-Course provides a complete introduction to the seven traditional planets and the planetary days and hours. Students also receive a free copy of TPHP, the Planetary Hours Program, an easy to use program for Windows that instantly calculates the planetary hours.

You might want to try ChronosXP — a free planetary hours program for Windows. It runs from the system tray where it displays a glyph corresponding to the current planetary hour…” and so forth, at

That is all for now. I will have to set up something for myself that helps me manage my schedule. This topic to be continued, so sit tight.

And have a celestial day!


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