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A few notes on Sports Astrology, Nov. 2009

I have mentioned I have been working more intensively on my sports astrology skills. It is not the first time I have made charts for individual games, but it is the first time I tried making charts for ALL the football games on a given weekend. It has been a challenge and a real learning experience (in a good way).
One of the interesting things that I noticed is that when Mars entered Leo about mid-October, it affected the play of the teams with Leo birth dates. In general, they started playing much more competitively. In some cases, a team settled on its starting quarterback and began winning more games than they lost. Some of the Leo teams started to perk up earlier than others, and that generally correlates with how early or late their Sun is actually placed in the sign Leo. Don’t assume that these teams will win everything from here on out. For one thing, the chart of the game will have many other clues about the outcome of the game. For another thing, Mars will go retrograde in mid-december and could take back any gains in the league standings.
The teams with Leo suns —


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Wintry skies produce “rainbow smiles” or upside-down rainbows

SPACEWEATHER.COM has a beautiful picture of an upside-down rainbow. To quote: “The technical name for this phenomenon is circumzenithal arc or “CZA” for short–and it’s no rainbow. CZAs are formed by sunlight shining through plate-shaped ice crystals in high clouds.”
These ice rainbows are more common in fall/early winter when the sun is low — so keep an eye peeled for them. The photo was taken recently in Alabama. Consider it a smile in the sky just to brighten your day.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 6-12, 2009

On Monday, Mercury is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and later that night Mercury squares Saturn. This bodes well for reaching penetrating insights and doing research, especially if it is of a scientific (Saturn) nature.
Also on Monday, Jupiter is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. Visits to local practitioner of holistic or homeopathic medicine should be productive. Also if you are studying any related field, you should be able to make some progress either in your private study, formal classroom instruction, or in finding a mentor (Jupiter).
On Thursday at 8:18 pm, the Sun in Sag is trine Mars in royal Leo. Sag natives may find enough courage to do what they had never tried before. Also Aries natives will benefit from these planets in the other fire signs. If they happen to trine their native planets, great, because I know that Aries will not be shy about acting on opportunities that arise.
I suggest to Leo natives that the Moon inconjunct Uranus can bring insights and windfalls and other “happy accidents.” However, most of us may feel our emotions (Moon) could burst forth (Uranus) in unpredictable or even damaging ways. You might take control of the situation and work off some of your latent energies in sports, athletics, a long jog, etc. You might prefer to exercise your artistic talents instead, as in painting, writing, singing or playing a musical instrument. I would not be surprised if you suddenly express your deep reserves of talent for the blues, or impressionistic art.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 2009

Mercury squares Uranus on Monday afternoon. This aspect does not favor buying mechanical or electronic items. You may become fascinated by some product, but wait and check things out, research it online, then if you still want to buy, then do it under a trine or sextile between these planets. Trust me on this. Don’t buy on Mercury square Saturn on Dec. 7; the item will probably die. But do try to get an item before Mercury goes retrograde Dec. 26.
Look out folks, Uranus makes it direct station 3:27 pm Tuesday at 22 degrees, 42 minutes of Pisces. This might jolt your mental and psychical faculties, or knock you out of a rut. Some of you may even have ESP events. You suddenly start to sing, “I Gotta Be Me” and look for new people and places to see. Uranus receives a square to the Moon on Wednesday, so you might feel rather odd at first. But Uranus trines the Moon Friday night so by then you may be more accepting of your unique qualities. As well you should. The Mercury-Uranus contact could also mean meeting foreigners as house guests or performers. Encourage your children to meet people who are different from themselves.
Venus enters optimistic Sag 5:04 pm Tuesday. Venus in Sag values personal freedom inside (or from) relationships. Venus here would benefit from allowing each other freedom in some areas if you have a strong trust in each other. This is easier if you two have arrived at mutual goals and how you will progress toward realizing those goals.
Mercury enters Capricorn midday Saturday. This is not the best home for Mercury but at least it is out of a sign of its detriment, Sagittarius. Mercury in Capricorn is methodical, and will soon sextile Saturn in Libra, which increases the practical, studious turn of this Mercury. Mercury here is a good teacher and professor, too. The downside is that Capricorn tries to make itself an authority on something by mastering a subject, when it might be more productive to foster sharing of data so all may advance and improve. You don’t have to have the last word on everything, Cappy.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 22-28, 2009

Sunday is when some of us may have our Thanksgiving moment; Venus is conjunct Ceres in Scorpio about midnight. Look around you at your home, neighborhood, family, the feast awaiting prepping in the refrig, etc. Even if it is less than it once was, be grateful for having anything in a world where many are days from starving to death.
A poignant Venus square Neptune reminds us of those who are not there. This may affect Scorpio and Aquarius more than other signs. To remedy that, you might consider documenting the multi-generation gathering with some group photographs or video, and share that with those who are unable to attend. It would mean a lot to everyone concerned.
PS: The Moon will be in watery Pisces on the holiday so that should help keep the bird moist, and produce lots of gravy. Those fire-sign Thanksgivings seem to produce dried-out turkeys.
Venus at 19 degrees Scorpio is square Jupiter in Aquarius on Monday afternoon (5:02 pm). The two benefics do not often quarrel but when they do it is very annoying for us humans who depend on their good graces. Actually we are being forced to align our desire for material things and our urge to do good for the greater humanity. If you can do that, you not only have it made but you might be a saint.
Venus at 22 degrees Scorpio trines Uranus in Pisces on Wednesday evening. You may attract some very unusual or even eccentric friends at this time. You enjoy being with people who are somehow different, and are not possessive in these friendships. Artists may experiment with unique styles or unusual media.
Mercury at 16 degrees Sag trines Mars in Leo on Thursday morning. You may be better able to focus on achieving your desires, using your mental skills like logic, reasoning, or number-crunching. Also sports fans could see some great plays and great teamwork. Mars especially in Leo will dig in and play hard, while the aspect to Mercury enhances the accuracy of handoffs, passes, and play-calling.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Even if you have less than you once did, I hope that you can all be thankful for what you do have. Reach out to others to help them, even in small ways, I should say especially in small ways. Having a single person over for Sunday dinners, for example, will help them in so many ways, and you will enrich your life.

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Watching the Planetary Hour-Wheels Go By

Recently I started noticing the planetary hours as they go by each day, well, most days.
MERCURY: I notice that generally, I can write a little quicker during a Mercury hour. It is best to START your writing project during this hour. I have not however, tried to track whether emails sent during a Mercury hour are more likely to get answered sooner.
MOON: During a moon hour, I am more likely to get hungry for a lunch or dinner, or to need a break from the computer. Step away from your work and just watch the clouds or aquarium or take a walk. Or go get a hug.
SATURN: This is very odd but I notice that I suddenly have the urge to straighten up papers or clean something. Weird, hey? You can stick with a project till it is done. You are willing to put some elbow grease into a job (generally a physical task). Time to get physical and accomplish something, then give yourself some points for doing so.
MARS: Feel like moving around, taking a walk, stretching those arms and legs. Seems to be best for doing your exercise routine, or for sports activities.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 15-21, 2009

Natives of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) may feel the tensions of a T-square even tho it is not exact. A stellium of Sun, Mercury, Moon, Venus in Scorpio squares Mars in Leo and Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius. The Moon square Mars, and Sun square Neptune are exact on Sunday night. The first can have you burning up energy in wasted effort, and the second can bring self-delusion or intoxication. You might be able to channel the energy of this transit with a deliberate effort in support of positive Jupiter-Neptune memes like religious dedication, meditation, community involvement, music, and healing. Even your personal film festival would fit. Neptune is also water, so you may find it beneficial to take various water treatments including sauna, whirlpool, or even a bubble bath. Visiting a water park might do it for you, too, or watching fish in your aquarium.
Mercury enters Sag on Sunday night, and Sun enters Sag on Saturday night. It’s an all-Sag week when the Moon also dallies in the same sign Tues-Thurs. Adaptability becomes a key word, so try to figure out how you can incorporate changing markets to your own situation.
Mercury is sextile Saturn in Libra midnight Monday. This is a good time to not only organize a department or a closet, but to learn to master a subject. You might enroll in a class, or get informal instruction from a friend.
Venus in Scorpio squares Mars in Leo early Thursday. Fixed signs may feel like the adage, “you can’t live with ’em, and you can’t live without ’em” is SO true! A love-hate relationship gives you cause for second thoughts. But realize that we all have our foibles and flaws, and try to tally your own such traits.

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