Quite interesting developments in Sports Astrology

November 7, 2009 at 3:06 pm

by Milky Way Maid

I have been trying to cast charts for all the NFL games this season and it has been a real learning experience trying to assimilate all the general rules of sports astrology to football. One can cast a chart for just one game, now and then, and think that you have it figured out. BUT when you look at ALL the games, many of which start at exactly the same time in a given time zone, it gets tricky. You have to know not only which team is the host team in the chart, but also which team is favored. IF the teams were equal, it would be much easier to read the chart. You just look at the indicators for the basic parts of the team’s fortunes (which house represents the home and away team, which houses are the quarterbacks, which houses are the game plans, etc.).

But if the teams vary widely in their overall league rankings, then even a good chart cannot help a team win. It can have a superior quarterback performance and great yardage stats, and still lose. BUT now I have found a couple indicators that help tell me more definitely if the home team will win, or if an upset is in the works. This is quite exciting. At least now there are certain games each week that I know for sure what the result will be. Last time, this was in the chart of the Arizona upset of the Giants in Week 7. Alas, this week two of those games involved heavy favorites, anyway. (the Giants and the Saints) However, one upset is in the works, at Mile High Stadium. Capice?


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