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Your Milky Way Horoscope for Jan. 3-9, 2010

I misspoke when I referred to the Moon being in Leo when the New Year began. I obviously erred. Please forgive me.
The Sun is conjunct Mercury in Capricorn at 2:06 pm Monday. They are at about 14 degrees Capricorn. Mercury is retrograde, and Venus is a little behind at 12 degrees. They all trine the Moon in picky Virgo. The Sun-Mercury conjunction normally creates a flurry of communications, so I expect emails, phone calls and Twitters to just fly. With Mercury retrograde, pay attention or you may miss something important!
Mercury retrograde is conjunct Venus in Capricorn at 5:39 am Tuesday. This is a very important conjunction to the market cycle, useful for fingering turns in the stock market. Investors would do well to note what happens this week, as it will likely foretell the start of either a strong bull or bear trend. Capricorn takes a very hard-headed approach to business matters, whether personal or corporate; he may decide to cut his losses or take profits. Good luck! Also both the Sun and Venus makes inconjunct aspects to retrograde Mars, the planet of debt, fees, and other things that add to the final price of a piece of merchandise or service. We might see changes in interest rates.
Venus in Capricorn is inconjunct Mars in Leo on Friday morning. This aspect reiterates the chance of a change in interest rates. We may also see a rearranging of the rankings in major sports such as the NFL, as we look to the playoffs.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope for Dec. 27-Jan. 2, 2009; Venus runs the show

By Milky Way Maid

This will be a somewhat abbreviated column this week due to the holidays, but I promise to provide a sneak peak into the New Year of 2010 before year’s end (I hope).
Well! Did you enjoy an extra zing to your love life on Saturday, Dec. 19? That was when our dear girl Venus was square Uranus, the lord of surprises. I had thought that the square portended that relationships could come to a sudden end, and that is true if there were hard aspects in your natal chart. However, the unattached and lonely were just as likely to experience a sudden (Uranus) attraction (Venus) to a certain Other. I hope that all of the unattached readers felt a certain zing when with an interesting Other, and were able to at least get phone numbers.
Speaking of Venus, she is conjunct very-serious Pluto early Monday in Capricorn. Romantic matters could get quite serious very fast. Use caution, though, to stay out of unsavory parts of town at dangerous hours of the night, because Pluto can sure pull unpleasant surprises.
Geez, Venus is busy this month. Next she squares Saturn at 1:55 am Tuesday at 4 degrees of Capricorn and Libra. Now some of you may throw up your hands and think, oh no, now Saturn is going to kill this love affair she just started on Dec. 20! But Saturn is commitment as well as responsibility, too, so it is possible that a couple may decide to get married or otherwise cement their relationship (like with a ring).
Mercury was inconjunct Mars on Dec. 21, and with Mercury’s retrograde it repeats that aspect at 11:53 pm Thursday, Dec. 31 (only this time with both Mercury and Mars in reverse motion, OK?). The aspect will repeat when Mercury is direct again, about Jan. 26. (Mars will not go direct until March 9.) Mercury is going through a process of re-evaluating how it determines what the truth is. Mercury always likes hard data; he loves lots of numbers to crunch. Mars suggests to me that sports is somehow involved, ergo all the sports analysts and prognosticators are going to be challenged to accurately predict the outcome of bowl games, etc at this time. Some teams that were supposed to roll over meekly in a blowout, may surprise with a very spirited performance. They may not win, mind you, but they could acquit themselves very well. Likewise, persons who do not give the impression of being great physical specimens may surprise you with strength and stamina.
Hugs to all.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 20-26, 2009

The Moon will be in fiery and cheerful Aries this Christmas. Expect more candles than usual, perhaps with everyone assigned a small one to hold while standing around the tree, or perhaps a line of luminarias will light the approach to your home. Expect lots of RED. Possibly your turkey or ham will be cooked on a grill or over a flame. Aries is the eternal kid, so try to think of some small traditions from your own childhood that have fallen by the way, and merit resurrecting from the past. Making cookies with the kids has never gone out of style, either, and be sure to let them decorate however they want.
Mars makes a stationary retrograde on Sunday, Dec. 20, at 8:27 am at 19 degrees 42 minutes of Leo. Fiery Leo is a great placement for fiery Mars, and Mars in Leo is very courageous; PLUS Mars is opposed by the Moon for an extra emotional boost. I have no doubt that ball games played this month have generally been of a high caliber, with teams giving it their all to fight to make the playoffs. Frankly the games this month may be better than the actual playoffs in January or the Super Bowl.
Mercury in Capricorn is inconjunct Mars in Leo on Monday. Following on the heels of the Mars station, this is very interesting to say the least. Many of us will have to adjust our convictions and beliefs, especially those who are most attached to them! Listen to others with an open mind and at least a wait-and-see attitude. Capricorns and Leos are most involved in this aspect.
Venus sextiles Jupiter and Neptune on Sunday night; Venus wants to give the very best quality gifts and with Jupiter-Neptune involved, may blow the holiday budget to smithereens. Keep to your shopping list! Hide your credit cards from yourself if you have to. Venus enters Capricorn at 1:17 pm Friday, Christmas Day. This gives a practical yet high-quality tilt to gifts exchanged this day. Venus here also tends to be rather materialistic, and to use others for their own ends. However, a more developed Venus here is a master of knowing what is appropriate for every social situation; and with the square to Saturn, may become quite the go-to person for rules (Saturn) of etiquette (Venus).
Mercury stations retrograde on Saturday at 9:38 am, at about 21 degrees Capricorn. Check whether that makes any aspects to natal planets in your chart, and double-check any papers dealing with related issues. This can of course snarl routine communications. Use delivery confirmation on emails and packages. It’s interesting that this occurs on the busiest day for after-holiday sales and also for exchanges. So make sure that if you are exchanging a shirt, for example, that it actually fits you or matches the item you plan to wear it with.

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Blue Moons and Black Moons

Blue Moon: The second Full Moon in a given month.
Black Moon: The second New Moon in a given month. ALSO: a month without either a New Moon or a Full Moon (this can happen only in February.)
Blue Moons are linked to unexpected good fortune according to folklore. The hill people of the Appalachian mountains credit Blue Moons with all kinds of good luck in love, happiness, business, and serendipitous events.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 13-19, 2009

The Sun in Sag squares Uranus mid-morning on Monday; this can lead to arguments or accidents due to impatience. However, your urge to break out of a rut is ‘good thing’ because you can luck onto some new opportunities. Shake up your life in less stressful ways by taking a different route on your commute, or stopping in at a shop or gallery you have been curious about.
Venus in Sag trines Mars in Leo on Thursday morning. Assertiveness combined with diplomacy is rewarded. Try a little Leo charm, and if you don’t have any, fake it. Also relationships between men and women are harmonious; even breakups are amicable. Just discuss whatever issues you have in an adult manner instead of playing games. And Venus later squares Uranus on Saturday night. Ouch, this may push some couples into splitsville if they are not careful. But it can also mean impulse spending, or if you have a lucky transit, a nice windfall.
Mars will make a retrograde station next Sunday, Dec. 20 at 8:27 am. It will be at 19 degrees 42 minutes of Leo.

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