Astrology for a Loving Valentine’s Day in 2010

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This year, Valentine’s Day features a very romantic Moon-Venus conjunction in dreamy Pisces, with Jupiter very close by. The Moon-Venus conjunction is exact at 2:56 pm central time, according to my software. Jupiter tempts all of you to spend a great deal more than you can really afford, so be cautious in planning this event. Really, cheese and a bottle of wine on a living-room picnic blanket is just as romantic as a very expensive splurge at a four-star restaurant. Find some romantic film on DVD and you are all set.

The Moon-Venus conjunction is inconjunct Mars in Leo on one side, and Saturn in Libra on the other side. This forms a Yod. Those who are unattached may walk out somewhere and meet someone who is just fated to meet them. Don’t fight it, love can happen in one glance, at first sight, and last till the day you die. It does happen like that sometimes. Mars is sexy, and Saturn is well, restrained. The inconjuncts mean that one has to control feelings of jealousy and anger, refrain from critical comments, deal with emotional insecurity and tight budgets, deal with the seesaw of love-hate emotions, and most of all balance their ambitions with their human need to connect with a genuine human being. Be very tender and gentle with each other this day if you are to navigate all the shoals in this emotional sea.

The Sun is conjunct wishful Neptune at 26 degrees Aquarius that day. This is one reason I suggest the movie night. Neptune is wishing and hoping that all the bad news would just go away, and I guess for one night you can just push the headlines out of sight. But PLEASE do not load up the credit card with charges just for this one occasion because you cannot count on the economy improving in the immediate future.

Most directly affected by the Yod are the signs Pisces, Leo and Libra. Those with Scorpio ascendants will have the point of the Yod in their romantic fifth house. Those with Virgo ascendants will have the point of the Yod in their seventh house of partners. But anyone with any of those signs on their ascendant, midheaven, or fifth or seventh houses will likely feel the fated effect of this Yod. And I am not saying that it will necessarily be a fun or be an obviously romantic first meeting, a’ la Hollywood films. You will have to overcome a lot of emotional obstacles in order to connect on the soul level, but it will be worth it.

Aries: Aries, like all the cardinal signs, are very stressed right now. I am sure they wish they could afford to splurge more on this occasion. That’s all right, it is better to figure out what to do this evening on the spur of the moment. Maybe there is a sliver of a New Moon showing, and you can drive out somewhere in the country to get a better view of the crescent with Venus and Jupiter nearby. That’s very romantic. Mars is in Aries’ fifth house so he is either interested in something athletic or something very sexy.

Taurus: Taurus has practical earth sign Virgo in its fifth house. A homemade dinner is probably your best bet, since Taurus is generally a very good cook. Second choice is a dinner at some restaurant with a brick oven, a natural foods menu, or pristine white tablecloths. The place should also have soft music, possibly played by a classical trio or quartet. Words are just as important as good food here. Taurus rules music, so reciting the lyrics of meaningful songs can be a very romantic turn-on for him or her. Alternatively, a concert or dancing may substitute or supplement the night out.

Gemini: Geez, Gemmy, having Saturn in your fifth house sure sounds like a drag. Well, how can we turn that into a plus? Wandering through antique shops would fit the bill, and can be quite romantic, too. Especially if you luck onto a nice settee for two, or a tin print of a loving couple. Saturn can also be satisfied by sticking to the classics, such as by attending a symphony concert or a ballet dress rehearsal. Roaming through the local art museum can be fun, too.

Cancer: Cancerians are very stressed right now, as are all the cardinal signs. Please go out of your way to treat them to something they really enjoy. You may spend the evening at home, where they are most comfortable, or at a fave local restaurant (a seafood place?) that is very homey, with white tablecloths and generous portions. Cuddling on a couch afterwards in front of a romantic movie with candles is just about a foregone conclusion. Cuddling is important, holding hands is important. Feeling cherished is important. Being able to reminisce over the time that you first met, helps.

Leo: Leo loves to make a splash and a big occasion like Valentine’s Day is no exception. He may buy you the biggest bottle of perfume rather than the most expensive, but it is the thought that counts. And certainly he will take you to the best restaurant in town, and splurge on the lobster or some other extravagance. Don’t complain about the cost; don’t look at the prices or you might faint. DO NOT spoil his fun by complaining about the expense! Do wear your nicest outfit and some discreet diamonds, and just have fun enjoying the evening. You are worth every penny to him, so live up to his high regard for you.

Virgo: Now Virgo, on the other hand, does not believe in ostentation. A healthy dinner at home is probably their first choice. He or she may even wish to spend part of the evening in a service capacity at a nursing home or shelter. Fine, humor him/her. Then go out for dancing or a swim or reading romantic poetry to each other. Yum. “Drink to me only with thine eyes, and I will pledge with mine,” and so forth. Words are their first aphrodisiac, so fill up. Virgoes have Pluto in their fifth house, which lends itself to discussions of how the human race will continue to evolve on the ascending spiral (see Hawthorne for that theme).

Libra: Libra may be the most depressed and stressed sign in the zodiac right now, so be gentle with him or her. A few flowers will help, even if they are not roses. A single perfect orchid can be the perfect gift right now. Quantity in anything is less preferred than perfection in the one single orchid or dinner or bottle of wine. If you can swing going somewhere that has perfect sunsets, then go. By all means, go. Tell him or her that he/she is like the gold that is being tempered by fire, and becoming ever more perfect and pure. Libra has Mercury and the Sun-Neptune conjunction in their fifth house, lending itself to conversation and also to watching romantic movies.

Scorpio: Scorpio has the Moon-Venus-Jupiter stellium in its fifth house. Wow, what an embarrassment of riches. You may go to a casino night and win big, or just enjoy your family together. It is very, very lucky so make a stop to pick out a lottery ticket or something. Venus rules music and gems as well as love, so if you are ready to pop the question and present an engagement ring, there is no better time to do so. Go all out, Scorpio, because you never, ever do things by halves.

Sagittarius: Early Sag natives will have the Moon-Venus-Jupiter stellium in their solar fourth house of home, so home in front of the fireplace is definitely the place for them on this occasion. They love stoking the fire, or cooking over a grill. Even toasting a few marshmallows will fill the need for a flame somewhere. Have lots of candles lit at the dinner table. If you are in a warm clime, sitting out on a patio with a glowing Mexican clay stove for warmth can be very romantic, too.

Capricorn: Capricorn is under a great deal of stress right now and may believe that they are better off alone. Silly boy! It can be hard to get under Cappy’s shell but they can be pure mush inside. Soften them up with gentle touches, recognize their moods and feelings, and they may be eating out of your hands, well not quickly, but eventually. Stick up for love, because they are too prone to get hard and cynical about it in this crazy mixed-up, pragmatic world. Do not admit to ever being on unemployment, and account for periods when you did not work with projects like writing a book or volunteering for the Peace Corps. Respect family, especially family history, so be up on your own family tree; entertain him with stories about great-great-grandpa who came to this country in steerage and started a business.

Aquarius: Aquarians have gotten this image that they are so completely cerebral, but this is not true. OK, they may not get all moon-eyed over romantic stuff, but that does not mean they are not sentimental. Give him or her the goopiest card you can find, NOT the joke card or the funny card. Trust me on this. Buy him or her some candy, and as you hand it over, say “Sweets for the sweet.” Corny, yes, but they will be pleased.

Pisces: Pisces does not care how much you spend on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or birthdays, but she sure does want you to care enough to make that day special. Even if you can only afford to have a picnic, or go to that old hot dog stand you frequented when you first dated, it will mean so much to her that you remembered the day. Buy a card, and maybe a single flower if you cannot afford a bouquet of roses, and tell her you wish you could give her a hundred more. Watch out for the fact that Jupiter in Pisces will make her prone to overspend; good for movie night, tho, so find a nice romantic flick.


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