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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 7-13, 2010

Venus enters Aries on Sunday March 7 at 7:33 am. Arians might plan a visit to their local salon for a makeover or even enroll in beauty school. In relationships (ruled by Libra), Venus in Aries is a problem because it is both competitive and has trouble with asserting proper leadership. A positive Venus here is very active in proposing things to do and in organizing recruits. Venus here is very good at not only inspiring followers but in helping others to develop their self-reliance and individuality.
Venus at 2 degrees Aries opposes Saturn in Libra on Tuesday at 3:21 am. Aries really hates running into obstacles, and will try anything to get that obstacle to disappear. A frustrated Aries can stomp, yell, gripe and generally make everyone else as miserable as they are. In relationships, Venus-Saturn has to balance values with duty. Also there is the theme of lack (Saturn) of love/caring (Venus) in one’s life. One needs to be strong enough, spiritually, to keep loving someone who at the moment is not loving you back. And one needs to love oneself first, before someone finds you completely worthy of loving. This transit can bring a blue day or just one where you want to vegetate at home.
Venus then squares Pluto at 5 degrees Capricorn midday Thursday. This square can signify obsession to the point where ‘if I can’t have you, then no one ELSE can have you either’. Protect yourself if you are involved with an obsessive person. Healthy relationships can grow and evolve under this transit into one that fosters deep spiritual growth. That these planets (Venus, Saturn, Pluto) are all in cardinal signs means that people affected will generally want to make changes NOW rather than next month or next year or never.
Mars goes in direct motion at last, at 12:09 pm Wed. March 10 at zero degrees, 18 minutes of kingly Leo. Sports will be especially affected, so that fewer upsets occur, and performers who were on a promising upswing before Mars went retrograde can resume their progress. Note alterations in top ten team lists and so forth.


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Avatar a shoo-in on Oscar night, but some surprises in store

I promised an Oscars column for the 2010 awards ceremony to be held in Los Angeles aka Tinseltown on March 7. Herewith are my predictions for the major categories. They are based on nominees’ birthdates that I could locate. I was able to find dates of birth for all the acting and directing nominees, but few of the writers unless they were also directors. That means that I can only take a stab at the screenplay categories, so bear with me. I also located 4 of the 5 nominees’ birthdates in the Best Animated Feature Film category. I also consulted online sources re who was favored in each category.

It is testimony to the fact that just being nominated is quite an honor. And as I counted up the contacts to each nominee’s chart, it was rare to find few such contacts. Most had some good contacts, and there were few obvious signs of disappointment or loss. They all get to be in the spotlight, on the red carpet and on television (and broadcast to millions more around the world), and they all go to splendid post-awards parties. As far as I can see, few of them will cry any actual tears at not winning.
How did I approach this task? First, I looked at a chart for the probable start time for the awards ceremony, based on the time of last year’s program. Place is obviously Los Angeles, or more specifically the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood and Highland Center. Then I checked the ephemeris for which aspects were exact that day. There are only a few but they are quite energetic and promise a good time for viewers.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 28 – March 6, 2010

Yes, I plan to post an Oscars predictions article sometime soon. I plan to stick to the acting and directing categories, because the films themselves are collaborative efforts.
Sunday is the Full Moon at 9 degrees 59 minutes of Virgo, at 11:38 am. You might enjoy a full moon meditation period before lunch, dwelling on what practical things you can do to renovate and recharge your life. This is a high-powered Full Moon because the Sun joins Jupiter in Pisces early that morning. Virgoes and Pisceans may feel called to donate their services to humanity in some way.
Mercury enters Pisces on Monday at 8:28 am. This may not seem like a good home for mental Mercury, but Pisceans often know some things intuitively without having to read or study about it. Mercury here also helps with communicating without benefit of the written or spoke word, or in other words, thought transfer. Another factor of Mercury here is that when they get discouraged by how imperfect this life is, Pisceans can withdraw into their private world. But that deprives the world of their power to rise above fear and limitation, to learn how to actualize that dream of a better world.
Venus is conjunct Uranus on Wednesday evening about 11 pm, at 25 degrees of Pisces. Check your natal placements for aspects to this transit, because love may come hinting and laughing to you all day. Nudge, nudge. New people you meet may be unusual or unique, and whether the relationship lasts, all depends on how you both use Uranian energies. Make time for the special people already in your life.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 21-27, 2010

The Sun is sextile Pluto in Capricorn at 11:31 am Tuesday, at almost 5 degrees of Pisces-Capricorn. Pluto lends the power to transform the self (Sun), especially for natives of the sign Pisces. Perhaps Capricorn will lend the strength to organize your life and achieve an ambition.

Thursday evening kicks off with an emotional Moon-Mars conjunction in Leo, great for competition in sports or games. It can also give vent to anger but if you work off excess physical energy safely, there is less likelihood of that.

Avoid shopping or emailing early Saturday; the Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius is sure to mess things up. It might be fun tho to experiment with ESP or thought transfer.

A Sun-Jupiter conjunction kicks off Sunday Feb. 28, at 5:44 am. Make an effort to mentally create the positive world you know is waiting to be born, if you will only focus the thoughtforms on a Jovian spirit or ideal. What do you want most to see? World peace, justice, equality, abundance, etc? A Jupiter in Pisces yearns to make all of these things come to life, to YOUR life.

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Retrogrades and Going Backwards — Venus and Mars, plus a little Mercury

Lately I have been getting hints to pay attention to retrogrades. This past weekend I watched a DVD of a 2007 film titled “The Dark Backward”; it was nothing about astrology, of course, just a weird comedy about a guy who grows a third arm on his back and tries to boost his career as a stand-up comic with it. Then there was a chapter in a book, “The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King” (about the biggest poker stakes games in Vegas ever played) called The Last Lesson of Professor Backward. Then I finally pick up my copy of Dell Horoscope, the April issue, and find an article on planet retrogrades.

Aha, I say to myself, this must be what all those hints are about. I knew of course that Mars is currently retrograding. Mars had its retrograde station on Sunday, Dec. 20, at 8:27 am ET, at 19 degrees 42 minutes of proud Leo. This was right after an exciting Venus square Uranus on Saturday, so I imagine there were a lot of nascent romances that failed to get off the ground after an interesting start that Saturday. BUT fear not, things could revive again once Mars is direct and reaches that 19 degree point.
ALSO, romances that DID start while Mars was retrograde can fizzle once Mars goes direct. (This all depends on aspects in effect at first meeting.)
Anyway, Mars goes back to the beginning of Leo and turns direct Wed., March 10 at 12:09 pm ET, at about zero degrees 18 minutes of Leo. It will not reach the retrograde degree until mid-May! BTW the critical degrees of fixed signs are 8 and 22 degrees; Mars contacted that point the first couple days of February (in retrograde motion) and will grind over that point again April 18-21. It will hit 22 Leo on May 22-24. So if you have natal planets at those degrees, keep an eye peeled for what transpires. Leo rules show business, actors, casinos, gamblers, and celebs in general.

This fall Venus will go retrograde for six weeks, from Oct. 8-Nov. 18, going direct the same day that Jupiter goes direct in Pisces. Venus goes retro at 13 degrees Scorpio, a sign she is not really comfortable in, and goes direct in her home sign Libra at 27 degrees. Venus wants to put her relationships on an equal footing, in a loving, positive, and socially-recognized level. It has nothing to do with what others think of her, it has to do with being a grownup and taking responsibility for the health and well-being of the relationship. As a friend recently wrote in a blog, the primary consideration in the relationship has to be the relationship itself, not the well-being of either party. You do whatever is needed to feed and nurture the relationship, and you do it willingly.
The late degree of Libra also strongly suggests that many relationships will turn into marriages or at least committed live-in arrangements. Weddings to desirable ‘catches’ can occur under these late degrees.

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More evidence of Ancient Astronomers!

Please check out the latest issue of TIME magazine for a fascinating glimpse into the minds of the ancient Chumash astronomers. It’s a thrill to read this re-discovery of the tree carving yet at the same time it is sobering to think just how close we were to losing it forever.

Article Title:
A Tree Carving in California: Ancient Astronomers?

Article link:,8599,1960661,00.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+time%2Fnation+%28TIME%3A+Top+Nation+Stories%29

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 14-20, 2010

Venus in Pisces is quite active this week. On Monday about 2 am she is sextile Pluto in Capricorn at 4 degrees. About mid-morning, her partner Mars at 3 degrees Leo (retrograde) is sextile Saturn in Libra. I am thinking this might be a day when many of us think seriously about doing a makeover (Pluto), both in the more superficial matters like getting a new hairdo or having a skin treatment (Venus), and also in the area of changing our health and exercise (Mars) regimen (Saturn) in order to regain fitness and muscle (Mars). People with natal planets at 3 and 4 degrees will see effects more than the rest of us, especially if it falls on your ascendant. For instance, in my own case, Venus will be trine and Mars will be square my ascendant, so I will let you know what transpires.
On Tuesday, Venus at 6 degrees Pisces is conjunct the larger benefic Jupiter at 9:14 pm. One thing I can tell you from experience with Venus-Jupiter contacts (conjunction or trine) is that it is EXTREMELY easy to over-indulge (Jupiter) in sweets, since Venus rules sugar — to the point of getting sick. So Jupiter is not always a good thing. BUT I can also say that if you observe Valentine’s Day a bit late, that this can be a great time to spring a really big gift on someone. Travel or experiencing beauty and culture may also be on your agenda today. A few of you may even propose or marry on this day, and most likely the wedding and marriage will go splendidly.

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