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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 6-12, 2010

Some weeks seem to belong to Venus, but this week belongs to Mercury.
Mercury at 27 degrees Taurus trines Saturn in Virgo at 7:14 pm on Tuesday. People with contacts to this aspect will be able to reason, concentrate, organize, and control themselves. You respect experience and can benefit from seeking advice from someone older or respected in a given field. On the other hand, Mercury is so close to Algol; don’t talk yourself into jumping off a cliff with all the other lemmings.
Mercury in Taurus squares Neptune in Aquarius early Wednesday at 6:39 am. This is Mercury’s last aspect before entering Gemini. Mercury is lost here, with fuzzy Neptune making him unsure of his facts, and unable to read his map. On the other hand, your sensitivity and intuition may be keen. If you feel a bit spacey, try a spritz of rosemary or peppermint to clear your head. Artists should by all means concentrate on their muse; the rest of us may have to scribble into our journals all the amazing thoughts that drift thru our heads
Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini on Thursday at 1:41 am. Mercury here is much, much faster than in Taurus. Where before you may have had bosses hem and haw over what to do, while they consider the data, now they will snap out decisions in rapid-fire fashion. The downside of Mercury here is that there can be a whole lot of talking without any real communication, often getting bogged down in collecting trivia and rumor. But when a Gemini is able to focus, he/she can communicate with a great variety of people, and do so clearly and logically. They can also direct people to sources of information.
Jupiter enters Aries Sunday at 2:28 am. Have faith in your own path, and your leadership abilities will emerge. I once knew a first-degree Aries who rounded up neighbors for a block rummage every year; this was just one of her projects. Do you have anything in Aries that will be contacted by the Jupiter transit? If so, be prepared to get your ideas off the ground.
Mars enters Virgo Monday at 2:11 am. The downside of Mars in this sign is that Virgo always wants to be right all the time, and acknowledged as such. Virgo may also be too quick to criticize and judge; focus less on errors than on shaping students or staff to a desired quality level. The upside of Mars here is that Virgo is so good at assisting others to straighten out their lives, whether by showing them how to balance a checkbook, or resolving credit card addictions, or creating a schedule for personal progress. You’d have to check your intolerance of imperfection at the door, however.
A New Moon at 21 degrees, 24 minutes of Gemini arrives at 7:15 am Saturday. Start a newsletter, blog, or journal to capture every insight and factoid that crosses your mind. Resolve to improve personal communications with less talk and more of a personal connection.


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Is the Taurus Bull Really an Auroch?

An auroch was, according to, “The aurochs or urus (Bos primigenius) was a very large type of cattle that was prevalent in Europe until its extinction in 1627.” It stood about two meters high at the shoulder; this was the height of a rare skeleton found in a Danish bog in 1905. The last of the breed died in Poland in 1627. The closest descendants of the auroch include the gaur, the bantang, the zebu, and Spanish fighting cattle. The horns were very distinctive, sweeping forward and up. The description of the horns matches the traditional images of a Taurus bull, doesn’t it?

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 30-June 5, 2010

On Sunday, May 30, Saturn makes its Direct Station at 27 degrees 50 minutes of Virgo, at 2:09 pm. Virgo natives can begin to breathe again, knowing that Saturn’s time in their sign will soon be up. (Soon being defined as late July, 2010.) Matters that had hung in limbo may finally be on their way to a final resolution. Meantime, enjoy the holiday weekend.
Trading places with Saturn on the injured reserve list (aka retrograde status) is our old goodtime pal, Neptune. He goes retrograde at 2:48 pm on Memorial Day, Monday, May 31, at 28 degrees 42 minutes of Aquarius. If I were you, I would be hyper-conscious of safety, and have a map in hand if traveling. Neptune is not particularly hazardous, but he will get you lost, and he will help you lose track of what you are doing. So when you are standing at the charcoal grill, for gosh sakes do not lean your hand on the thing, do not splash liquids onto the grill, do not let your 5-yr-old try to flip the burgers. And since Neptune has an affinity for liquids, watch your alcoholic intake and be careful if swimming. This goes without saying if you are near a pool anyway, but it bears repeating!
Mars in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius at 1:52 pm on Friday, June 4. They are at 28 degrees of their signs. Late degrees of any sign can be very powerful, so if you have contacts or aspects to any natal planets, take heed. Mars-Neptune oppositions typically sap one’s energy, bring on the scam artists, and weaken your resolve and self-confidence. Treat any infections promptly or it can easily become a chronic condition. One’s resistance may be low; anyone with a predisposition to diabetes needs to monitor their blood sugar. Double-check instructions for prescription drugs to avoid overdosing. You may feel very insecure and discouraged under this transit, but please try this exercise: make a list of all your accomplishments in life, starting from learning how to walk.
Looking ahead to Sunday, June 6: Jupiter enters Aries at 2:28 am. Sound the trumpets and bang the drums, the Rams are getting ready to roll. You thought Arians were a rowdy, noisy bunch before, well shazam! They are gonna be darn near impossible now! Arians are an irrepressible bunch, much like the Unsinkable Molly Brown. Go ahead and wear red; it suits you better than any other sign.

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Jupiter Robbed of Belt in Broad Daylight; Planetary Police Have No Suspects

In what may have been a prank, the planet Jupiter’s Southern Equatorial Belt (SEB) was ‘disappeared’ suddenly this week. The announcement of the missing belt was made by the British Astronomical Association’s Jupiter Section on May 20.
There were no known witnesses, and no suspects are in custody. Jupiter himself, who is known as quite a jovial fellow, expressed no alarm at the loss of his belt, even though it is certain to cause untold embarrassment if his pants fall down.
“Oh, this sort of thing has happened many times before. The belt shows up again sooner or later, and no one is the worse for wear,” he said. “The last time was three years ago, and Saturn later returned it saying he needed it while his rings were invisible and he felt quite naked.”
Saturn denied taking the belt in this latest episode.
The Jupiter Section verified that the belt has had a checkered past, disappearing in 1973, 1989, 1993, and 2007. Astronomers remain mystified at the repeated disappearances.
However, it is my belief that these repeated thefts hint at a habitual kleptomaniac, and this perp may be in need of intensive therapy if apprehended.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 23-29, 2010

Jupiter in Pisces opposes Saturn at 27 degrees Virgo at 1:36 am Sunday, May 23. This is the last opposition because Jupiter rushes ahead into Aries June 6, and Saturn returns to Libra in July. The opposition is a significant marker in the longer cycle between Saturn and Jupiter, with impacts on the economic and sociological progression of the human race.
On the personal level, this opposition signifies a need to accept oneself as one is, and stop punishing oneself for not meeting a high standard. People with contacts to their own chart may decide to quit on a goal, out of boredom or whatever, but this is usually a mistake. If one is bored, just give yourself a varied routine so that you can go from one function or task to another before you burn out on it. Turn your burdens into challenges, and your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto at 4 degrees Capricorn at 11:15 Sunday, too. New relationships begun under this aspect can be marked by extreme jealousy, manipulation or even extramarital affairs. On the other hand, if the two parties are very compatible and secure with themselves, the passion may be deep and transcendent. Subconscious motives are likely, but not necessarily negative. The two people may satisfy deep needs within each other.

Uranus enters Aries at 9:44 pm Thursday, May 27. This will contribute to the cardinal T-square shaping up between explosive Uranus, transformational Pluto in Capricorn, and oppressive Saturn when it re-enters Libra later this summer. Volumes are being written online inre forecasting the impact of this T-square. I can only say that some of us are going to let it ALL hang out, and there may be shots heard ’round the world. Yet a great deal of good could come from this aspect, too, in amazing inventions and discoveries, especially in health care and social media. The sign Cancer receives the brunt of all this energy, and one must note that the U.S. was of course born under the sign of the crab.
Since Libra is the sign of marriage, and Saturn and Uranus square can signify divorce — I wonder if this T-square will presage a flood of divorce cases??? Uranus can also signify the radical broadening of marriage law to allow gays to marry. Can it be that the phenomenon of gay marriage could go national??
Looking ahead, Saturn will be stationary direct at 2:09 pm on Sunday, May 30. It went retrograde January 13, so matters that have been stalled during this period may finally move forward again.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 16-22, 2010

Wow, I cannot believe I missed posting the weekly horoscope for this week — but I will get this up ASAP for all of you. (and then next week’s forecast too) Have been amazingly busy and bushed since Mercury went retrograde, and thought it would level off when it went direct.

Venus in Gemini squares Jupiter in Pisces on Monday morn at 6:57 am. Be careful not to lose your head (metaphorically speaking)! The Sun is conjunct Algol in Taurus Monday, semisextile Venus in Gemini and sextile Jupiter in Pisces. Taureans may be most affected negatively, with the other fixed signs in danger of making bad decisions. It may be too easy to think, I don’t need money because I’m in love (or vice versa). Or you may think that nothing is too good for your beloved and blow your budget on an extravagant gift for him/her. Hey, the best gift is saying those three little words.

Venus in Gemini squares Saturn in Virgo at 4:18 am Tuesday; the quick succession of aspects from Venus to Jupiter and then Saturn symbolizes the emotional swings many of us experience from feelings of emotional buoyancy to emotional starvation. One day, you are convinced ‘he’ is crazy about you and is the real deal, and the next day he acts like he is not that into you at all! What’s up with that? Possibly ‘he’ is just getting cold feet at the prospect of losing his freedom, or just fearful that this relationship will turn out to be a dreaded replay of the prior disaster. He needs your reassurance not your petulance.

The Sun in Taurus sextiles Uranus, the comedian, in Pisces at 5:48 pm Thursday. This is an excellent night to go out to a comedy club or movie for some good laughs, or just hang out with your wittier friends. You might even try open mike night after practicing your best jokes on a supportive audience.

Here’s a heavy — Jupiter in Pisces opposes Saturn in Virgo late Saturday Pacific Time or at 1:36 am Sunday, May 23. The problem here is that Jupiter in Pisces never thinks that things are as bad as the experts (Saturn in Virgo) say, and so never plans ahead for the rainy day. This is a major turn in the economic cycle, also, so pay attention to the headlines in the Sunday paper. And keep an eye on the stock market Monday, as well.

The Sun enters Gemini Thursday at 11:34 pm. Happy birthday to all the Twins of the Zodiac!! The Sun’s last aspect was a sextile to funnyman Uranus so you will probably enter your new year laughing all the way.

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Venus Can Also Mean ‘Lost Money’

Venus, aka the lesser benefic, is often portrayed as the bestower of gifts, door prizes, compliments, flowers, sometimes cash, and other smallish ‘feel-good’ surprises. However, some transits of Venus can denote lost money. I am going to delineate one specific transit that can mean lost money, and that is when it contacts the critical degrees.

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