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Personal Experience with Semisquares? Please Help Donna

Dear Readers:

My colleague and fellow Wordpress astro-blogger Donna Cunningham at Sky Writer is compiling info on the semi-square aspect. If you have noticed certain phenomena or traits in yourself that you attribute to the semisquare, please contact her.

She wrote an article on her website titled, “Understanding Semisquares: Your Input Needed”. You may access it at


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Claims Nostradamus Foretold BP Disaster in 1555 in Quatrain 29

An unusual article tying in a quatrain written by Nostradamus to the BP oil disaster now spoiling the Caribbean gulf.

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Heads Up on July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse

The world will experience a Total Solar Eclipse on July 11, 2010 which will last about an hour and a half. It will be exact at 19:34 UTC. The penumbral phase begins at 17:09, the total phase begins at 18:15, the exact total eclipse at 19:34, the total phase ends at 20:51, and the penumbral phase ends at 21:57 UTC.
The path of the eclipse will be 259 km in width, or 160.93 miles.
As with the June 25 lunar eclipse, the path will be visible over the southern Pacific Ocean, touching the flyspeck islands of Tuamotu and Easter Island, and proceeding to the southern tips of Argentina and Chile.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 4-10, 2010

Happy Birthday to the USA this week! The day will be marked by lots of fireworks, a Moon-Sun square on Sunday morning and a Venus-Ceres trine early Monday. The square may indicate the public (Moon) is at odds with their leader (Sun); President Obama’s poll ratings have taken a dip this spring. The trine may indicate rosy forecasts for the grain (Ceres) yields this fall.
Uranus turns retrograde at 12:50 pm on Monday, at zero degrees, 35 minutes of Aries. The trends foreshadowed by his brief visit to Aries should have given us a chance to prepare for the long-term sojourn that begins in 2011. Uranus re-enters Pisces in mid-August and remains in that sign thru the end of the year. Uranus will be retrograde till Dec. 5; hmm, wonder what kind of big surprise St. Nicholas will have for us? Something electrifying, for sure.
Mercury enters Leo at 12:29 pm Friday. Mercury trines Uranus in Leo Friday night. Mercury in Leo is rather unbalanced when the Lion tries to rule by fiat. However, developed or mature Leos are well aware of the effect their words have on others, and consciously shape their presentation for maximum effectiveness depending on their audience. Leos with this placement can leave a lasting impression on groups of people. Like Superman, use this force only for good. (wink)
Venus enters the sign Virgo at 7:32 am Saturday and promptly sextiles the Moon which has just entered Cancer. Venus in Virgo has an unfortunate fixation on trying to always be right in social situations. Hon, the only person who can rightly be judged by you is Yourself. Hold YOURSELF to your own high standards of service, and you will enjoy satisfaction and personal integrity.

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Leading Economic Indicators Bear Out January’s Mercury-Venus Conjunction

Leading Economic Index (LEI) Peaked in March: The LEI is published monthly. Historically its year-over-year percentage change has been one of the best recession forecasting tools available. Whenever it fell below the zero line for three months in a row, a recession followed. And it has never missed calling a recession since the 1960s.
The chart below shows you the history of this indicator. It looks like the LEI saw the high for the current business cycle in March 2010 when the year-over-year change shot up to 11.6 percent. In April it declined to 10.4 percent. And then last Thursday the May figure was released — a drop to 9.2 percent.

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Heads Up on June 26 Lunar Eclipse

The June partial lunar eclipse on JUNE 26, 2010 will last almost THREE HOURS with the exact at 11:38 UT aka 4:38 a, PDT. “At maximum, about 53% of the Moon’s surface will be covered by the dark-red core of Earth’s shadow. Sky watchers in the in Americas, Australia, east Asia and India are favored.” (quote from SpaceWeather dot com)

People in Mountain Time and Pacific Time will see the beginning of the eclipse but not the end because the Moon will have set below the horizon by then. However, people in Hawaii will be able to view the whole eclipse, beginning with the penumbral phase at 10:57 pm Hawaiian Time, the actual eclipse’ start at 12:17 am, till the eclipse ends at 3:01 am, and the penumbral phase ends at 4:19 am. The actual eclipse therefore lasts about three hours.

I have mentioned the website ShadowandSubstance dot com before, but let me do so again, now. The animations at that webpage for this eclipse show that the best viewing will be in the South Pacific, from Papeete, Tahiti to Santiago, Chile.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 27-July 3, 2010

Mercury opposes Pluto at 3:15 am Sunday, at 3 degrees Cancer-Capricorn. It is far too easy to become angry, and explode, when others do your share your strongly-held beliefs. It may be not only wise but necessary to avoid controversial topics at meetings and parties. By the same token it is a very poor day to launch any campaign of ideas, whether that means advertising, proselytizing, canvassing, or propagandizing. It may favor amusing yourself with mental puzzles, delving into your own motivations, getting to the heart of a problem, or doing research, since your concentration is good. The news may be dominated by the passing of a major public figure, since Pluto rules passages from one level of existence to another.
The Sun is conjunct a direct Mercury Monday at 8:07 am, at 5 degrees Cancer. This conjunction offers a key indicator of stock market turns up or down. Sales can be brisk on this conjunction, by the way, with buyers and sellers agreeing on a price – usually a good one for the seller.
Mercury at 12 degrees Cancer sextiles Mars at 12 degrees Virgo at 8:19 am Thursday. Words carry an extra emotional punch today, a much better day for making sales calls or doing political canvassing than Sunday, that’s for sure. By the same token, you can use this time to re-program yourself with a new affirmation, destroy negative self-talk, even intone a chant, blessing or ritual in order to shift your fortunes. Incidentally, Mercury is also conjunct Juno, and Mars is conjunct Vesta! This adds a double serving of asteroid or goddess energy to these planets. Vesta asks where is the sense of the sacred (Vesta) in what you do (Mars), and Juno would like to see equal partnerships. You might try casting a love spell, not a controlling spell but one where both parties can express (Mercury) themselves freely and safely with each other. A third layer of energy is in the Mercury conjunction to the South Node at 11 degrees Cancer. You may meet or deal with a person from a past life, over issues that are important to your spiritual development.

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