Claims Nostradamus Foretold BP Disaster in 1555 in Quatrain 29

June 30, 2010 at 6:07 pm Leave a comment

by Milky Way Maid

In an online article titled, “Gulf Oil Spill Mega-Disaster Now Unfolding — Did Nostradamus Foresee This Event Over 450 Years Ago?” the writer claims that one quatrain translates as a perfect prediction of the horror in the Caribbean gulf. The author is Joseph Robert Jochmans, someone I have not been familiar with before this event, but according to his bio he has been researching ancient sites and puts his findings into a series he calls Time-Capsule Reports.

“In the year 1555, Nostradamus, wrote the following verse, given in the original Old French: The verse, part of his prophetic writings, was designated as Century I, Quatrain 29:

“Quand le poisson terrestre et aquatique,
Part forte vague au gravier sera mis,
Sa forme étrange suave et horrifique,
Par mer aux murs bien tôt les ennemis.

“A strict translation can be given in these modern English words:

“When fish and other land and sea life,
By force will be put upon the beach by a strong wave,
Its form will appear strange, oily and horrible,
Coming by seawater very steadily it shall climb the walls as an enemy.

“What Nostradamus offered here is a grim picture of possible events which have the potential of being fulfilled sooner than we would like.”

I would like to add that the full significance of the disaster has yet to be fully appreciated by most of the public. While they may be angry at BP, they do not realize that this poisoning of the food chain will impact much of North America and Europe. The Gulf Stream will carry a great deal of oil and dispersant toxins toward Europe, not just to Florida and the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Hurricanes will cause oily rain on the coasts, poisoning the coastal areas for years to come. Shipping will be affected, with an unknown level of interruption of seagoing traffic. Does it seem reasonable to forecast that some ports will be affected with some being put out of business permanently?According to another article on the Rense site, this disaster was no accident, but was intended to destroy the American economy.

The full article can be accessed at:


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