Your Milky Way Horoscope July 11-17, 2010

July 4, 2010 at 4:33 pm

  By Milky Way Maid

The New Moon Solar Eclipse was 3:40 pm EDT, Sunday, July 11 at 19 degrees, 24 minutes of Cancer the Crab. It features a Mercury-Jupiter trine in the early morning, followed by a Moon-Mars sextile a few minutes before the eclipse is exact. Also Mercury in Leo is inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and the Moon in Cancer is inconjunct Ceres in Sag. Mercury-Jupiter favors sales for one thing, and since it is in fire signs, I would expect that fashions in warm colors will find favor. Gosh, if you have ANY natal planets in fire signs, try wearing red clothes or carrying a red purse, and see if it lifts your mood.

Venus entered Virgo on July 10, and proceeds to oppose Chiron and is inconjunct Uranus in Aries on the same day. She also is inconjunct Jupiter early Tuesday, and trines Pluto in Capricorn at midday. Venus possibly offers relief for those who venture into unconventional (Uranus) health treatments (Chiron). So feel free to try massage, craniosacral therapy, meditation, color or aromatherapy, or any of the myriad other New Agey therapies. Attitude (Aries) adjustment (inconjunct) can also make a huge difference in what you attract into your life. I can recommend you give a listen to the very interesting lectures by Seymour Segnit. If you do, you will very likely get a shift in your life. (He has a website, is affiliated with Life University, and there are YouTube clips of him.)

The only other inner or outer planet aspect is that Mars is square Ceres in Sag on Friday evening. Following on the heels of the Eclipse when Moon inconjunct Ceres, I propose that midsummer heat or storms will be intense enough to damage crops. Will have to keep an ear to the farm reports. If you have not already done so, you may consider planting a garden. Quick crops like salad greens (Swiss chard, leaf lettuce), zucchini, plum tomatoes, herbs, etc will help insulate the food budget from price spikes.

Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop. Also note: some aspects are exact on a weekend but may find opportunity for expression on the Friday or Monday nearest the exact aspect. Times given are in Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time depending on the season.

ARIESMarch 20-April 19 – You might find just the thing if shopping Sunday, with the help of a Mercury-Jupiter trine. It also boosts sales if you are the seller, especially of art or craft items. Good for chatting up that nice lady next door, or performing on stage. Monday’s Moon in Leo trines not only whatever natal planets but Uranus and Jupiter; very favorable for making an audition, or for finding an appreciative audience at the karaoke or sporting event. A Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo about 5 pm Wed. favors getting advice on natural sweeteners at the health food store.

TAURUSApril 20-May 20 – Sunday’s Eclipse in Cancer, your solar third house, can have an energizing effect on communications in general due to the sextile to Mars. Do try to watch your words over the next six months so that you do not start needless. arguments. The Venus-Pluto trine midday Tuesday will make a grand trine with your natal planets; try to figure out your ten-year plan for financial independence. A Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo about 5 pm Wed. favors a visit to a gallery or salon after work, anywhere that Venus rules. Thursday night’s Sun-Moon sextile favors a date at a favorite local attraction.

GEMINIMay 21-June 20 – The Moon in Leo (your second house of money) trines Uranus and Jupiter on Monday in your solar sixth house; a possible second income may open up for you. It may be related to consulting/counseling, technical or repair work, or to creating websites, or advertising and publishing. On Tuesday, Venus in Virgo in your fourth house trines Pluto; you may decide a drastic renovation is needed at home (possibly to accommodate your new consulting office?) and the loan for it comes thru. A Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo about 5 pm Wed. favors stopping by Mom’s place after work.  

CANCERJune 21-July 22 – The Moon is in Cancer as the week begins, and stays till Monday morn. The Cancer Sun sextiles Mars in the wee hours (and the Moon also sextiles Mars in the afternoon), so you will probably wake with lots of energy and vigor. A Moon-Saturn sextile helps you accomplish detail work on Monday morn, such as bookkeeping or other records. A Moon-Mercury conjunction in early evening favors having a special guest at dinner. On Wednesday, a Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo, your solar third house, favors a night out with women friends.  

LEOJuly 23-Aug. 22 – The Eclipse in Cancer on Sunday sets off your solar twelfth house of troubles; you would do well to manage debt (Mars) to avoid getting in a deeper financial hole. Any problems that come up may prompt you to generously cover the expense for friends or family, but you really must insist that they repay you to avoid people becoming hangers-on. Associations with politics or with professional people can be highly profitable Sunday, or you may pick up an intriguing book. The Moon is in Leo from 8:53 am Monday till Wednesday morn. It trines Uranus and Jupiter, when you would do well to follow up on those chance meetings from Sunday. Also on Wednesday, a Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo, your solar second house, favors a gift exchange with women. Or treat your mom.

VIRGOAug. 23-Sept. 22 – Venus in Virgo makes a couple aspects Tuesday, when making a gift of something can get you unstuck in your life. The Moon is in Virgo from 9:15 am Wednesday till Friday morn. You can make big strides in adjusting the way your feel about life under a Moon-Jupiter aspect Wed. afternoon. A Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo about 5 pm Wed. favors pampering yourself after work; try the local salon or spa. A Moon-Mars conjunction Thursday am favors visiting the gym before work. A Sun-Moon sextile that night favors a night out with friends that evening.

LIBRASept. 23-Oct. 22 – The Eclipse on Sunday in Cancer is in your solar tenth house of career; obviously your profession and your reputation may be affected. The sextile to Mars warns you to avoid petty disputes with coworkers. The Moon is in Libra from 10:24 am Friday till midday Sunday the 18th. The Moon opposes Uranus and then Jupiter that day, which favors raising your spirits with laughter, theater and philosophy. A Moon-Mercury sextile starts the day Saturday, sending you on errands or catching up with emails. You draw closer to friends with a good chat.

SCORPIOOct. 23-Nov. 21 – The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Sunday is trine your sun sign, giving you a boost in the world, helps you garner good reviews, and helps legal matters progress favorably. The sextile to Mars in your solar eleventh brings advancement thru friends (especially men) and thru memberships in professional or hobby associations. On Tuesday, don’t turn down lunch with a powerful woman associate. She might lean on you for a favor, but it is likely one that you are all too glad to do. A Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo about 5 pm Wed. favors getting together with women friends after work.  

SAGITTARIUSNov. 22-Dec. 21 – Monday’s Moon trine to Uranus and Jupiter will make a grand trine to your natal planets, so have big plans ahead. A Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo about 5 pm Wed. favors an afternoon sales presentation that ends with a nice order. Best days may be when Moon is in Libra, Fri-Sat. On Friday, an impromptu event with friends can be extremely enjoyable, even profitable. Chatting with a lawyer friend may uncover some good tips on Saturday.

CAPRICORNDec. 22-Jan. 19 – The Solar Eclipse in your solar seventh house sign of Cancer puts the accent on relationships; a marriage may end, or another one begin although long-term success is not guaranteed. The sextile to Mars adds a physical attraction. A Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo about 5 pm Wed. favors a visit to a bookstore after work, also favorable verdicts in legal matters. Thursday favors a legal resolution with an open enemy. Opportunity, even windfalls, can occur like clockwork Mon, Wed, Fri.

AQUARIUSJan. 20-Feb. 17 – The Solar Eclipse in Cancer affects your sixth house of health and work. Take care of checkups and any screening tests so that minor ailments stay minor. Take advantage of free or nominally priced tests at health fairs. Some of you may take additional work, possibly in collections, possibly in government positions. Be cautious Monday as someone might try to pull the wool over your eyes by manipulating your emotions. Best days may be with the Moon in compatible Libra Fri-Sat. You may sit in amazement as a friend rakes in the luck on Friday afternoon.

PISCESFeb. 18-March 19 – The Solar Eclipse in Cancer, your solar fifth house, puts the accent on children, fun, entertainment, and creativity. The sextile to Mars in your seventh house implies that your spouse may be more favorably affected than you are. If he is put in the spotlight, let him enjoy a bit of celebrity. A Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo about 5 pm Wed. favors being or getting a sympathetic listener in an after-work tete-a-tete. Try not to take it personally when the Moon-Mars conjunction in your seventh house Thursday morn makes hubby rather intense about burnt toast or other small stuff. He might make up to you with a lovely dinner out.


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