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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 12-18, 2010

YAY! Mercury goes direct again on Sunday night at 7:09 pm. Mercury will be at 5 degrees 26 minutes of Virgo. Virgoans can stop acting like everyone has gone crazy on them. Please. All earth signs will likely be comfortable with fresh Mercury energy, while the mutable signs may not like what they hear.
Venus sextiles Pluto earlier the same day, at 6:43 am. At 2 degrees 43 minutes of the signs; note that Pluto goes direct early Tuesday. Hmmm. Looks to me like some romantic obsessions will take a step forward early this week. Perhaps a certain gentleman will ask you out, or perhaps you are at the stage where you decide to live together.
Mars in Libra inconjunct Uranus in Pisces. The inconjunct denotes some kind of adjustment. Mars and Uranus typically refer to cars because of the power, metal, and mechanics involved in their structure and operation. Perhaps you have to switch vehicles with another family member for the day. Hopefully any mechanical problems are easily repaired. Hopefully.
Mars enters its home sign of Scorpio at 6:38 pm on Tuesday. (Its nice to have a second home.) Mars revs up the engines for Scorpios, who get a burst of fresh energy for all their projects and chores. Mars does not make an aspect until it sextiles the Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday afternoon. This is good. Mars, a masculine energy, harmonizes with the feminine, emotional Moon. Men and women should find it a bit easier to communicate and get along. Pluto is near the Moon, adding intensity and seriousness. One’s relationship could evolve to the next level.
Whoa, Jupiter is conjunct Uranus again at 9:03 pm Saturday. Inspiring events can be in the news late Friday, or an important film may debut. Keep an eye on the news. Another Susan Boyle may burst on the mass consciousness, or a groundbreaking book/film can start to turn around tired thinking patterns and paradigms.


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The Condor and Eagle Fly Together, Fulfilling Ancient Prophecy

The prophecy states that there will come “a time when the Condor and Eagle fly together, then it will be a sign that the children of Mother Earth are re-awakening.”

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Aug. 29 – Sept. 4, 2010

The Sun is conjunct a retrograde Mercury at 8:35 am Friday, at 11 degrees Virgo. Retracing your steps, figuratively speaking, may be the order of the day. Make note of stock market direction today; does it retrace its steps from last month, or crabstep sideways? With Virgo here, I am thinking that discovery of minor errors in paperwork will hold up deals and so forth. Also I suggest trying to get any forms through the licensing department well before this day, so that they are not held up in the worst of bureaucratic nightmares.
Venus trines Neptune overnight Fri-Sat. Very lovely, probably not too realistic but who cares? Take a date out to the movies or somewhere very romantic and whisper all the sweet nothings you can muster. Goes well with wine.

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Chinese Astronomy Recorded Comets and More

I was astonished when I attended a museum showing of Chinese astronomical artifacts, which toured a couple years ago to the Midwest.
One exhibit displayed a chart of the many different types of comets – 27 in all, according to an ancient chart. Their close observations noted not only the size and shape of the tail, but any discernible differences in the core of the comet. You can view this chart online at
Comets were called ‘broom stars’ (tui xing), named after their tails, which they duly noted always pointed away from the sun. They had no idea what the cause of that orientation was, but they made copious notes of that and other details. The Chinese are believed to have made the first observation of the legendary Halley’s comet in 240 BC. On its return in 530 BC, they noted that “In September, it was one degree to the northwest of Xiatai ( a star in Ursa Major).”
According to the folks at, the Chinese noted in addition to comets, the lunar and solar eclipses (the ones visible in their region), novas, and more. They invented astronomical clocks, and a type of armillary showing the relative positions of the planets. [The Greeks and the Arabs also had armillaries.] Yet astrology as we know it today or even in medieval times was not part of Chinese astronomy.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Aug. 22-28, 2010

The Sun enters Virgo at 1:27 am Monday, the sign of the iconic maiden holding a sheaf of wheat. The woman in the symbol for Virgo has changed over the millennia from a girl of perhaps fifteen to an old maid of forty or so. Perhaps this is related to the precession? I read somewhere that the sign on the Spring Equinox used to be Virgo, when people planted their wheat. Now Virgo occurs in the fall, closer to the harvest. Is this change the reason for the alternation in the age of the archetype? I will have to put out a paper on this later, when I get my sources together.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Aug. 15-21, 2010

OK, retro-phobes, Mercury goes retrograde Friday, August 20 at 3:59 pm, at 19 degrees and 2 minutes of Virgo. The retrograde will probably bother persnickety Virgo more than most other signs of a Mercury transit, just because they expect things to always work perfectly. So they get in a vinegary mood when a program or a tool does not work the way it is supposed to, and look at you with a wrinkled nose like you don’t know what you are doing at all, AT ALL.
However, Mercury retrograde is great for travel, because as one astrologer told me, you can be sure that you will always wind up back home. So make the annual trip to the cabin or the boat or the whatever, and just chill out there. But for gorsh sakes, don’t sign any contracts.
Venus is conjunct Mars the same day at 13 degrees Libra. I am not sure what to make of that timing, except that hey, so what if the washer is on the blink, the repair guy is sure cute. Romance will be in the air, even if nothing malfunctions, so chat up anybody and everybody. Libra is the sign of marriage in general, and Librans may even go so far as to host swap parties where people bring the person they have set free with them, so that everyone can meet available ‘soul units’. Libra is an air sign, so a certain impartiality, even coolness, can be part of their personality. They will prefer a partner who dresses well, is polite, and never tells dirty jokes, at least not in public. Since Libra is associated with flowers, you might try attending flower shows at the state fair, or the garden department at Home Depot.
For some real help with getting your relationship off to a flying start, try checking out the experts online like Rori Raye of “Have the Relationship You Want”, Christian Carter of “Catch Him and Keep Him”, or Sarah of “You Can Get the Guy”.
Jupiter opposes Saturn at 2 degrees Libra at 4:45 pm Monday. This is part of a much longer cycle and is key to both personal and economic cyclical trends. Just make note of what transpires that week, for it may help clear up some questions about general trends and turning points in your own life.
Obviously Libra is a happening sign this week, but Libra is a cardinal sign and likes to get things done (usually thru consensus, true, but still she likes to get things on track). So these squares this week will help Libra to get things moving. Lib gets frustrated when nothing is happening, when there is no progress to a goal, so these squares will at least get things moving in a hurry.

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How Nodes Might Describe Personality Traits

Just came across an interesting tidbit by another blogger and wanted to share that with you.

Cynthia Harrison feels that her nodes in the third/ninth house axis, in Aries/Libra express her positive and negative personality traits very well.

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