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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 3-9, 2010

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury enters Libra on Sunday morning at 11:04 am. Mercury in Libra has the property of being able to change its voice without distortion or hurting one’s vocal chords. Actors and singers can mimic different accents, or create different voices for different characters with great success. Mercury in Libra wants a mental connection with others. Mercury here is also rather good at finding the right words to say or write in any social situation. You may write about art or artistic subjects, and be an arbiter of popular taste.
Venus and Mars are conjunct in passionate Scorpio at 5:58 pm Sunday, at 13 degrees. Stand back everybody, they could go up in spontaneous combustion. Scorpio seems to have an undeserved rep for sleeping around; in actuality, there is no one more committed to a relationship than ol’ Scorp. There is often a spiritual aspect to their deepest associations. Mars is stronger than Venus in Scorpio, so I would expect that sports and martial arts, as well as sex, risque clothing and speech, assertiveness, and salesmanship will be accented. Your romantic partner may enjoy a date in which you pretend to be spies, meeting in a secret hideaway, etc.
On the economic side, Mars and Venus represent a transaction where goods may be sold in a distress situation, like a going out of business sale. This is Mars coming in for the kill. Mars scoops up goods in a distress sale that may be profitably resold down the line. I recommend reading more about the astrology of economics in the ‘Time & Money: The Astrology of Wealth’ book by Barbara Koval.
Mercury’s first aspect will be a square to Pluto in the wee hours of Tuesday. Mercury-Pluto aspects often favor some kind of detective work, or perhaps reading/writing a mystery novel. You may have to work a bit harder to get to the bottom of things under the square, but you are more driven to dig it out. In personal communications, use caution lest your bluntness alienate those you need information from. But you are capable of penetrating insights under this aspect, too. And those insights can include psychological or motivational reasons why people do or have done what they do. If you have any urge to write a novel, join that local writers’ group and get started.
A New Moon at 2:45 pm Thursday occurs at 14 degrees 24 minutes of Libra. The last aspects that the Moon makes before this New Moon are conjunctions to Mercury and Saturn early in the morning. The first aspect after the NM is a trine to Neptune in Aquarius on Friday morning. You may find that the half hour before and after the NM are very auspicious for starting something important. Artistic projects may flourish under the Neptune trine, especially music, dance, poetry, and painting. The NM is semi-sextile Mars and Venus in Scorpio, so love stories may be the main subject. BTW we had a Full Moon in Libra on March 29 at 9 degrees; those with natal planets here will get hit again. What lesson is taking you so long to learn?
Venus alas, goes retrograde again at 3:05 am Friday, Oct. 8 at 13 degrees Scorpio. She will go direct again on Nov. 18 at 27 degrees Libra. Those with planets in late degrees of Libra may get hitched/engaged in a famous marriage (in Nov.), after a difficult period. You may want to check out my article on planets at late degrees here:
Venus’ motion is also part of the economic cycle; when she is retrograde she usually is not shopping. She closes up her purse and waits for value. This does not mean that you should close your purses, just be very choosy about the merchandise and the price. Have enough cash on hand in case your own planets get rough aspects from this transit.
Venus’ romantic liaisons while retrograde can be quite interesting, but some find that the relationships do not endure past the time that Venus goes direct. (The exception is if you are reuniting or starting over again with each other.) It’s nice while it lasts, tho.
There are many articles on Venus retrograde or on the Venus cycle online; just Google. I am enjoying this one at He seems to think that the New Moon conjunct Spica may outweigh any negatives of the phase.
DEAR READERS: As a holistic astrologer, I hope to facilitate your spiritual growth as well as safeguard your material well-being. Have you heard or read about tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)? Please avail yourself of free online resources from Cathryn Taylor, who literally wrote the book about your Inner Child. Tapping can help you get in touch with not only your inner child but also your Higher Power. Check out and also her many video clips on YouTube, where she guides you through 30 days of tapping sessions. Stop self sabotage by the scared inner child, and commit to your goals with Cathryn’s help.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 26 to Oct. 2, 2010

The Moon at 10 degrees Taurus opposes Venus in Scorpio at 1:25 pm Sunday. People with natal planets contacted may give in too easily, to your own detriment. Also you may be flattered by the attention of another, but not think about whether you actually like this person back. Yet your own hunger for attention and affection may cause you to get involved. People who are supposedly mature can stay in touch with their real needs and standards, instead of just accepting whatever is dumped in their laps. Moon in Taurus is exalted, BTW, so let’s hope that Taurean practicality remains in charge. Stay in touch with your real values.
The Sun in Libra is conjunct Saturn at 8:42 pm Thursday, Sept. 30, at 7 degrees Libra. Saturn is exalted in Libra, but the Sun is considered weak there. Try to take a disciplined, even scientific (Saturn), approach to managing tasks today. You can accomplish much, partly out of a need to earn your self-esteem, but you can pad the ‘done’ list by giving yourself credit for getting out of bed. It’s allowed.
Mercury is busy this week. He is inconjunct Neptune and Ceres in Aquarius on Oct. 1, opposes Jupiter on Friday evening, opposes Uranus Saturday morning. The Moon sextiles Mercury about an hour later. The inconjunct to Neptune helps you see how ideas are interrelated; distinctions may be false and you may be led astray by semantics. The opposition to Jupiter is far better for students, for philosophizing, for getting the word out.
Mercury will enter Libra next Sunday about midday. Mercury in Libra wants a mental connection with others. Mercury here is also rather good at finding the right words to say or write in any social situation. You may write about art or artistic subjects, and be an arbiter of popular taste. Stay tuned to next week’s column for notes on that ingress. Its first aspect will be a square to Pluto in the wee hours of Tuesday.
NOTE ALSO that Venus will go retrograde next week, a retrograde that only occurs roughly once every two years. It will station at 13 degrees Scorpio, will retrograde till Nov. 18 at 27 Libra when it will station direct. People with natal planets on any of the degrees contacted by Venus’ motion during those weeks are advised to 1) take notes on what is going on in their lives, and 2) make sure to have ample cash on hand in case of cash-flow problems.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 19-25, 2010

Hey, for a fun look at rating the strength of your natal Mars, check out Donna Cunningham’s cool article at
The Sun at 26 degrees Virgo is inconjunct Neptune in Aquarius on Sunday, Sept. 19 at 9:43 am. Time to reassess your illusions, some of which may have more than a grain of truth at the core! Virgo can be overly focused on eliminating items from consideration just because of some surface flaw, but Neptune represents the unwanted, discarded, damaged, even slandered among people and objects. You may have to learn one way or another that a Neptunian item/person may be among your most valuable possessions/friends.
The Sun at 28 degrees Virgo opposes Jupiter and then Uranus in Pisces on Tuesday. We may not be comfortable with those of differing religions (Jupiter) or of foreign origin (Uranus). But this is a burning issue in the U.S. right now as Christian religious leaders act to counter a growing Islamophobia. Try to make a point of learning something about things outside your comfort zone, or try talking to someone from another country or of another religion. One of my fond memories of college life was that we had people in our lunch group from many countries and cultures.
The Sun enters gracious Libra at 11:09 pm Wednesday; Sept. 22 also marks the autumnal equinox. Saturn is in Libra at present, but rather than being a downer, it is well to remember that Saturn is EXALTED in Libra. What does that mean, anyway? Well, if you do not know, you will likely find out by the time this transit is over, as we all will. But Saturn in the sign of the scales represent true justice, the idealized justice that laws can only approximate.
You might find it helpful to read this excerpt from another blog entry by Gryphon Astrology:
Saturn and Ma’at at the Autumn Equinox (from Gryphon Astrology)
It is said that the planets are exalted in the signs they governed at the beginning of the world. As a result, we can learn something about the profound, hidden nature of each planet by understanding its role in the sign of its exaltation. The sign of Libra, which is the sign ruling the fall equinox, is the exaltation of the planet Saturn. Saturn is the pass-not of the planetary spheres; it represents time, death, and the inevitable decay of physical things. As such, it is the most appropriate planet for the West direction, where the dead go.
As a symbol of the inevitable laws governing our existence, Saturn has some similarity to the Egyptian goddess Ma’at. She was the goddess (or really, more like an abstract concept personified) of order and justice, who had come into being along with creation, which gives us a hint as to her true Saturnian nature. Since the moment a being is born, its very material existence guarantees its eventual demise, and Ma’at is there from the start. She was the goddess associated with the feather against which a dead person’s heart was weighed after death. The fact that her counterweight is a feather, which anything made of gross matter must outweigh, implies that material creation can never “win” against the Saturnian restrictions of death and time. Like a feather, death and time are infinitely light, intangible and yet completely impassable from the material perspective.
Given Ma’at and Saturn’s association with the scales, we see here a natural connection to the Scales of Libra, the sign that the Sun enters at the fall equinox. This is the sign where the Sun is in fall, as opposed to its exaltation in Aries. The fall equinox thus marks the halfway point on the descending axis between the complete light of the summer solstice and the complete darkness of the winter solstice.
The fall equinox is the perfect time to meditate on the distinctions between that which is ephemeral, and that which endures. From an Eastern perspective, because we live in a material world, we are surrounded by the great illusion of Maya. All things discernible by the senses must eventually pass into the West. Focusing on those things which endure trains our sights toward its opposite, in the East and the spring equinox, the place of eternal hope, as contrasted to the West, the place of eternal endings. [from
So it might be well to comb through every drawer and bin in your home, and toss out or give away whatever you have no further use for. It is hard to give up THINGS, but try to look upon it as sharing them with a new owner. List items on freecycle, craigslist, or PaperbackSwap. I have been doing that these past several weeks, while preparing for a move the end of August. I gave away a couple silk trees (but kept a live plant), some Tyco beanies, tons of books — and then, wouldn’t you know it, I lost still more stuff in a smoky apartment fire. That hurt, but I realize that it is probably for the best, long term. (And there you have another Mercury retrograde story.)
The Moon in Pisces is conjunct Jupiter and Uranus overnight Wed-Thurs. Actually, it is conjunct Jupiter at 1:06 am Thur., and conjunct Uranus at 1:52 am Thurs. Those with major contacts to this transit can have great energy and radiance, and sweep others along with their vision. However, don’t go shopping; everything will probably look so wonderful and you will want six of everything. You can get yourself in a deep hole with the credit card, especially if shopping online (Uranus).
The Full Moon this month is at ZERO degrees Aries, at 4:47 am Thursday. This degree is known as the Aries Point. “When planets fall on the Aries Point, a position that connects the personal to the collective, we are reminded that what happens to the individual impacts the world and what happens in the world impacts the individual.” In other words, think globally, act locally. A first-degree Aries person or company is going to be a real mover and shaker, getting people on board for projects and team efforts. They will knock on doors and ask a hundred people if they need just ten to get something going.
My readers may also be interested in a new article about Rhonda Byrne and the roots of The Secret in the New Yorker:

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 5-11, 2010

[WELL! The joke’s on me! I posted the wrong forecast for Sept. 5-11. It was really for the following week, Sept. 12-18. I have corrected the headline on that one, and added a note. Now for the real forecast for Sept. 5-11, presented in its entirety below.]

We have a New Moon at 15 degrees, 41 minutes Virgo, at 6:30 am on Wed., Sept. 8. This is preceded by a Moon-Mercury conjunction, where emotional habits and memories rule. It is followed by the Venus ingress into Scorpio, and then by her inconjunct to Jupiter in Aries. I take this to mean that some of us can learn to apply philosophical (Jupiter) values (Venus) into our everyday lives. We may have to do a little mental stretching to get our heads around a concept, but that is what growth is.

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