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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 7-13, 2010

By Milky Way Maid

Neptune goes direct on Sun., Nov. 7 at 1:04 am at 25 degrees, 55 minutes of Aquarius. BTW Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 am, so I wonder if there will be some more glitches than normal this year, when people and computers neglect to turn their clocks back.
Venus enters her second home, Libra, at 10:06 pm Sun., Nov. 7. The evening debut allows her to put on one her most striking gowns, complete with starry jewels for her ears and fingers. By all means, welcome Venus to her sign with a lighted candle, pink anything, and someone to cuddle up with tonight. Venus here is so darn nice that others suspect they are being phony or superficial. THEY’RE NOT!! They really ARE that nice! Tho the frustrations of the day can boil over when they get home and then they might take things out on mate or whoever is unlucky enough to get in their way. They definitely need a safe place to vent their ‘stuff’, possibly with boxing gloves and punching bag, or maybe just kicking a pillow, or tossing a ball at the garage wall. Whatever works for ya, Libby, just don’t let stuff fester. To fester is bad, very bad.
Now, a Libra woman’s worst habit is giving in just to keep the peace. Going along with whatever others want to order on a pizza, or giving up a part of yourself because you think it takes time away from your relationship is exactly the WRONG thing to do, especially in relationships. The guy wants to know what you are passionate about, and giving in all the time, or abandoning hobbies that you love, make you less of a person worth loving. So thin twice about this stuff, and find more creative ways of compromising. Take turns ordering the pizza toppings, or try to get your friend interested in your hobby (at least long enough to listen to you rave on about how marvelous it is for you), and then see what happens.
Venus gets a helpful boost from the Moon (emotional support) Tuesday morning (sextile), and overnight Sat-Sun (trine), but NOT on Thursday afternoon when a square to the Moon makes you feel unloved and unwanted, you ‘pore thang.’
Mercury enters Sagittarius at 6:43 pm Monday; your intellect seeks answers tho not necessarily in classrooms. You might want to travel or discuss things with people all over the world; with the internet, now the whole globe is at your fingertips. Mercury here is quick to point out biases or prejudices in others, but rather blind to his own biases. Be that as it may, he still loves to debate and is good at injecting some enthusiasm for intellectual jousting. Play devils advocate with him if you like, but do not expect him to concede any point to you.

[Yes, I skipped a regular week because I covered the holiday in a special column on Halloween costumes. That covered all the major aspects for the general period, though I apologize if you have been left disappointed by the absence of a column for Oct.31-Nov. 6. Again I am sorry, but I have just been floundering with so many other issues since the end of August, and I just need a tiny breather. Thank you for your understanding.]


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Cinderella as feminine archetype; Vesta searches for Wisdom

by Milky Way Maid

The newest Disney version of the Cinderella story, while an unfortunate and pale renewal of their classic animated musical, affords us an opportunity to re-examine the roots of this ancient fable. We will track down the etymology of her name, trace her many variations, and try to nail down some of the other characters in the tale.
Cinderella bears much in common with several others fairy-tale heroines such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, and in some ways even Rapunzel. Snow White and Cinderella meet princes who wish to marry them, but run away from their suitors. One wonders what kind of free-floating guilt they suffer from, that these princesses do not feel worthy of handsome young princes unafraid of commitment. But be that as it may, these heroines bury themselves in service to the poor (Snow White), in household chores (Cinderella), and of course to a drugged sleep (Sleeping Beauty). They all get
‘rescued’ from their misspent lives, but not until a suitable period of time has passed or at least not until they feel they have earned the reward of living “happily ever after.”
Most of the time the period of servitude is not specified, but Sleeping Beauty is said to sleep for twenty years or in some versions, a hundred years. She could have gone to a lot of balls in that time. She does, however, enjoy the virtue of remaining forever youthful, and that is worth something, at least.

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HALLOWEEN 2010 – Who will you dress up as?

By Milky Way Maid

Yet another in my continuing series of Halloween columns, in which I foolishly try to suggest costumes for the current holiday. A few famous names follow each sign below.

ARIES – March 20-April 19 – Buddy Ebsen, Ann Miller – There is nothing in the sign Aries this year, but that does not mean you could not adopt a costume as a fiery Aries-type. How about Annie Oakley, Molly Brown (survivor of the Titanic), or Sacajawea? Leo is your fifth house sign, house of fun and parties, so dressing up as any of the famous Hollywood gods and goddesses may appeal to you. Yet another option presents itself in dressing as your alter-ego opposite sign Libra, which is experiencing a Saturn transit. See Libra paragraph for ideas along that line.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 24-30, 2010

By Milky Way Maid

Sunday, Oct. 24 features Mars at 27 degrees of Scorpio, trine Uranus in Pisces at 10:56 am. Mars-Uranus aspects favor mechanical objects, so this could be a good day to buy anything from a car, to an appliance (especially if it has sharp cutting edges), or possibly some type of sporting or exercise equipment. Uranus is still very close to Jupiter, and Jove sextiles the Moon in Taurus that evening. I’m always a little leery of Jupiter if one is buying something, because it could be far more expensive than you bargained for; so by all means carefully consider whether you get your money’s worth on a given item. You may be better off renting a piece of equipment, buying used, or offering to rent or swap with a neighbor or relative.

Mercury and Venus rendezvous for a passionate meetup at 7 degrees of Scorpio at 9:17 am Monday. This aspect is a key part of the economic cycle so investors should pay particular attention to the economic news over the weekend and on Monday. Due to the fact that this occurs in Scorpio, and the fact that Venus is still retrograde, it is likely that sales of distressed or overstock merchandise is likely to move faster than regular merchandise. On a personal level, it may become easier to express your affection with loved ones. Scorpio is often silent, but this is one time that speaking up about one’s feelings may be an absolute necessity if one’s relationship is to survive these tough times.
The Sun and Venus warm up the passions at 5 degrees Scorpio at 9:10 pm on Thursday. You might even succeed at rekindling an old flame. Who’s your sugar daddy? Scorpio, contrary to its popular image as a Lothario, is really a very dedicated romantic partner. It is a fixed sign after all, and Scorpio’s spiritual depth often translates as a long-lived relationship that deepens over time. When Scorpio wants you, he wants all of you and he wants you forever.
Mars enters compatible fire-sign Sagittarius at 2:48 am Thursday, Oct. 28. Mars here is rather strong and very interested in major league sports, plus horseback riding, fencing, and skiing.

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Minnesota a Hotbed of Labyrinth Activity

Several years ago, I attended a day-long labyrinth workshop at a northern Illinois church. The church had built a huge labyrinth in its rear lot, outlined by stones. It was incredibly fascinating to watch us pass each over and over again as up to a dozen people calmly trod this labyrinth (I have to refrain from using the word maze as a synonym because they are not quite interchangeable).

It represented to me how we keep meeting the same people or the same situations in our lives until we learn whatever the lesson is. That is it in a nutshell, labyrinth as facilitator of the message that karma awaits until your own raised consciousness releases you.

Also the shape of the classical, Chartres form of the labyrinth eerily repeats many of the features of a drawing of the brain. There are two halves, which are not exactly mirror images of each other. There is a wide middle section between the two halves, akin to the corpus callosum. And the entry echoes the shape of the brain stem.

I continued to walk labyrinths in my hometown of Milwaukee once I got home, altho at irregular intervals. When I felt stressed by intractable situations, I would go there to get centered again.

So I find myself drawn to read almost anything about labyrinths. Here is a new article about a woman who became so intrigued by a labyrinth workshop in the 1990s that she has been building more of them ever since. The article appeared in the October issue of Women’s Press and can be read online here:

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Your Weekly Horoscope for Oct. 17-23, 2010

Mercury in Libra is inconjunct Jupiter at 25 degrees of Pisces at 7:42 pm Sunday, Oct. 17. These are both mental planets; Mercury rules practical everyday how-to stuff, while Jove rules overall principles and philosophy. So an inconjunct says to me that what we learn due to research, or to getting a different philosophical understanding, can force us to revise everyday protocols. While Libra is a very mental, rational sign, it could benefit from taking a larger view (both Pisces and Jupiter).
Monday will be mentally tricky when Mercury in Libra trines Neptune at 26 degrees of Aquarius at 8:03 am. It can bring drivers who make wrong turns, get lost, or get stuck in traffic. But it can also bring inspiration from anywhere, from out of the blue, so pay attention to idel thoughts; they might be truer to reality than you could imagine.
Mercury in Libra is inconjunct Uranus at 27 degrees of Pisces at 6 am sharp on Tuesday. Sextiles and trines are great for buying mechanical and electronic items, but this aspect favors altering an item to suit your comfort or needs. Like, unlocking an i-phone. Or adding a larger memory capacity or altering software to do your job.
Pluto is conjunct the asteroid Ceres at 8:05 pm Tuesday at 3 degrees Capricorn. Pay attention to farm reports this week, regarding actual harvests or killing frosts. Will farmers be able to complete harvesting or not before the rest of the crop rots in the field?
Mercury enters Scorpio at 5:19 pm Wednesday. Mercury placed here is the real detective of the zodiac, delving deep into the mysteries of life and death. He also likes making macabre jokes – very apropos for the upcoming Halloween holiday. If someone makes a good mot, just laugh it off (after the delicious tingle of fear runs down your back).
Mars in Scorpio trines Jupiter at 24 degrees of Pisces at 9:42 pm Wednesday. Great opportunities for moderate risk with good rewards. Good for great sporting events. Mars in Scorpio is extremely determined to achieve its own goals, and is willing to do or die. Jupiter in Pisces, though, is just as ready to applaud a great play by the opponent, or treat everyone to pizza after the game’s over.
Mars in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius, at 11:35 am Friday, can sap the energy of anybody. Mars-Neptune combos make one prone to mystery ailments and viruses, or one may just push oneself way too far and wind up in the hospital. Baby yourself, baby, and get your vitamins and tummy mint tea.
The Sun enters the serious fixed water sign of Scorpio at 8:35 am Saturday. The Sun is coming off an inconjunct to Uranus on Wednesday night, and after the ingress, will sextile Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) in Capricorn on Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 26. Next it conjoins Venus on Thursday evening. Sun-Uranus can bring unusual insights and flashes of brilliance, though you may not be comfortable with the changes to your life due to those insights. Sun-Pluto is all about evolution, either personal or species-wide. You as an individual (Sun) evolve (Pluto) throughout your life or stagnate in muddy backwaters.
Looking ahead, Mercury joins a retrograde Venus at 7 degrees of Scorpio on Monday, Oct. 25 (9:17 am). Thisis another marker of economic activity and the business cycle. Venus and Mercury together show that shoppers (and I am including buyers of stock shares) agree on a price. However, I think the fact that Venus is retrograde means that she is buying more of those that are marked down, possibly distressed merchandise. Scorpio is a great one for buying overstocks and closeouts (in other words, distressed merchandise), and reselling for a profit.

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32,000 and still counting!

by Milky Way Maid

Just wanted to let you know that this column has been a blessing to me and I hope to many of you out there. According to the new blog stats, Milky Way Astrology has had 32,864 views all-time. This is very small potatoes, I know, when there are many blogs and web sites with that many in a day. Or even in an hour. But for a site that is so little, and so little promoted, it is amazing to me.Thanks to all of you who have stopped by for even a few seconds.
My busiest day was 262 views on Saturday, June 26, 2010.

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