What Do the Stars Say About this Weekend’s Final NFL Playoffs? (2011)

January 22, 2011 at 9:45 am Leave a comment

by Milky Way Maid

The NFL is winding up the playoffs this weekend with two games on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011. From what I can see of the astrological signatures, there is a good chance of at least one upset this weekend. And unfortunately, the president’s choice (Bears) is in danger of failing to advance to the Super Bowl.

The first game Sunday is a Central Division battle between the wild card Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears at 2 pm CT. The ascendant is at 28 Gemini; sometimes very late degrees favor an upset more than not. The ascendant is conjunct the South Node, square the Moon exactly in the fourth house, and square Uranus-Jupiter in the tenth house. Also it trines Neptune exactly in the ninth house near the midheaven. Strong squares usually help a football team to hold the line and score points. But this chart is rather weak, using non-planetary points like the nodes, and a mutable moon. The square to Jupiter and Uranus in the tenth could help the Bears put some points on the board, though. We shall see.

The Bears’ ascendant ruler, Mercury at 13 Capricorn, is widely conjunct Pluto in the seventh house. Again I say that usually having your ascendant in your opponent’s house is very negative, although the Bears overcame this problem last week. It also squares Saturn in the fifth house, which may spell trouble for their game plan.

The midheaven is 3 degrees Pisces, sextile Pluto in the seventh house and trine the North Node in the first house.

The descendant ruler is Jupiter, conjunct Uranus in the tenth house. It is also sextile the Sun, opposite the Moon (the public) in the fourth house, square Pluto, the nodes and the ascendant. Squares, even a T-square, is good for a football team. Football teams have to have some squares or oppositions to firm up the offensive and defensive lines. The opposition to the Moon suggests that the public will not exactly expect or welcome the outcome, or at least the way the game progresses.

Looking at the Moon aspects, we find the moon at 27 degrees Virgo inconjunct Neptune in the ninth house. The public has to adjust its assessment of the teams involved, and the team that they thought was going to be weak, a pushover (Neptune) turns out to be rather better than all the experts thought. The moon is also square the nodes and ascendant, exactly opposite Uranus (a possible upset), with Jupiter standing near Uranus.

Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers has Mercury sextile game Neptune, possibly showing an ability to fool the defense. His Mercury is also square game Uranus, again pointing to a possible surprise outcome or upset; the Bears defense may have a hard time reading him. Mercury is also square the game Moon, as we already mentioned; the public may not like or expect the outcome. His Venus is trine the ascendant (plus 3 degrees); a favorable link to the game chart. His Mars is square Pluto (plus 2 degrees); he will dig down deep for his best efforts that day. Neptune is opposite game ascendant; he may be a wily opponent, difficult to pin down (sack). His Pluto is sextile the game North Node; he will tap into his personal power. His North Node is trine game Saturn (orb 1 degree), and his North Node is also opposite game Venus (orb 1 degrees); his hard work and preparedness (Saturn) are rewarded (Venus).

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has his Mercury trine game Moon (orb 2 degrees); the public is favorably disposed to him, and is vocal in its support. His Mercury is sextile game Uranus (orb 2 degrees); his passing, play-calling, quickness are all good. His Venus is trine game Saturn (applying); hard work is rewarded. Venus is also opposite fame Venus (orb 1 degree); his luck is good. His Mars is inconjunct game Saturn; he may be forced to readjust his game, or lose a favorite receiver. Mars is also inconjunct game Venus; the combination of two inconjuncts is not favorable for a high-level contest like this. Saturn is also inconjunct game Jupiter; he will have to be extra serious and diligent if he is to enjoy some luck in this outcome. Uranus sextile game Mars (orb 2 degrees); good athletic performance in terms of having some surprises in store. Neptune opposite game ascendant; both QBs have this aspect; they may both be hard to pin down or sack. Neptune square game Uranus in Pisces; this is rather unfavorable because it often means a surprising loss, an unexpected loss. Neptune is also square game Moon; the public may desert him, or deem him a failure. His Pluto is trine game Neptune; this also suggests losses, a big loss. Generally no Pluto-Neptune aspect is favorable in a sporting contest. Pluto is also inconjunct game Uranus; almost as bad. His North Node is square Uranus, trine Neptune, and square the Moon; oh my goodness, the bad luck just piles on. Growth through losses. The public not pleased.

Oh, Mr. Cutler is not looking very good this Sunday. I gotta go with with the Packers and Mr. Rodgers, who has some powerful aspects to his North Node.


The later game features the New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers at 6:30 pm EST. The ascendant (home team Steelers) is almost 17 degrees Leo, semisquare the South Node in the eleventh house. It is also exactly trine Venus in the fifth house, as fortune smiles on their game plan. The ascendant is also sextile exactly Saturn in the third house, favoring the offense and their quarterback.

The midheaven is 7 degrees Taurus square Mars (conjunct the Sun) in the sixth house; it is also trine Pluto in the fifth house.

The ascendant ruler for the Steelers is the Sun, which is in the sixth house trine the Moon (orb 4 degrees) in the second house; the team will probably please the fans or public. Ascendant is also conjunct Mars in the sixth house, and sextile Jupiter (orb 3 degrees) in the eighth house. That seems lucky for physical efforts, sports, contests.

The descendant ruler for the Jets is Uranus. It is conjunct Jupiter in the eighth house and opposite the Moon in the second, while squaring the nodes in the fifth and eleventh houses. T-squares like that generally help in holding the line against the opponent.

The Moon is at 29 degrees Virgo in the second house, exactly opposite Jupiter (with Uranus) in the eighth house. The Moon squares the nodes in the fifth and eleventh houses. The fans or public enjoys a star performance although there may also be a hint that a rising star is about to take the stage in years to come.

The Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has his Venus opposite the midheaven (orb 2 degrees), making him the recipient of some luck. His Jupiter is inconjunct game Mercury, forcing him to change strategy or turn to different receivers. His Saturn is inconjunct the midheaven (orb 2 degrees), another sign of a change in game plan or offensive strategy. His Pluto is exactly opposite the midheaven, an aspect that could go either way; he might just demolish the other team. His Pluto is also square game Mars, and sextile fame Pluto.

The Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has his Sun sextile game Mercury, good for passing, play-calling, and quickness. His Mercury is opposite game ascendant, making him seem like a youthful, quick, and alert player. His Venus is sextile game Jupiter, a favorable aspect for luck between the two benefics. However, his Mars is applying to a conjunction to game Saturn; this is just lethal, this is just going to be a totally frustrating and unproductive game. His Uranus is sextile game Sun, an aspect that could be either positive or negative. His Neptune is sextile Neptune; I cannot see anything good coming out of that, as Neptune just helps victory slip through one’s fingers. Neptune also squares game Uranus; ditto for that. So Ben will make a good effort but see it come to naught, I expect.

So let me again choose an upset in the playoffs, with the Jets pulling out a win over the normally formidable Steelers. There is less of a chance of an upset than in the Packer-Bear game, but still I gotta go with the Jets. (crossing my fingers here)

So there ya go, my picks for the two playoff games this weekend. Am doing fairly well so far. I did pick the Jets definitely for the upset last week, so I get some points for that.


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