What Do the Stars Say About Super Bowl 2011?

February 1, 2011 at 4:45 pm Leave a comment

by Milky Way Maid

At last we come to the Super Bowl 2011, the premier game day in all of pro football and an unofficial mid-winter holiday. It is a peak day for TV viewing, eating, drinking, betting on the outcome, watching TV commercials, and all the other hoopla that accompanies this event.

But let’s concentrate on the game, and on what the stars might say about the outcome.

First, let’s look at the ascendant which represents the home team or the favorite. There is no home team in the Super Bowl, so we will try to scope out which team is the fave later in this article. Right now,let’s just examine the aspects.

The date: Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011. Kickoff will be approximately 5:25 pm CT in Dallas Stadium, which is in Arlington, TX (halfway between Dallas and Ft. Worth).

That makes the ascendant 10 degrees Leo, with no aspects. This is quite startling for a major game like this.

The midheaven is 3 degrees Taurus, square Mercury in the sixth house. It is also trine Venus exactly in the fifth house (the game plan) with Pluto nearby. It is also sextile the South Node in the eleventh house of hopes/wishes. I think the quarterback will be the main story of the day, a youngish and attractive one. That seems to point to up-and-comer Aaron Rodgers rather than older veteran Ben Roethlisberger.

The ascendant ruler is the Sun in Aquarius; it is placed in the seventh house with Mars conjunct. That gives it high energy and vitality, although prone to accidents and temper tantrums. However, the Sun is trine retrograde Saturn in Libra, giving it the discipline to harness all that energy. Also the Sun is semisquare Venus in the fifth house, and semisquare Jupiter in the ninth house — that puts the Sun at the midpoint of Venus/Jupiter in other words. I am not experienced in using midpoints so I will leave the interpretation of that to others, although it does look auspicious.

The descendant ruler is Uranus (Aquarius) which is conjunct both the Moon and Jupiter in an out-of-sign conjunction. Moon and Jupiter are in Aries, while Uranus is in Pisces. All of that energy is square Venus in the fifth house, and square the nodes.

But let’s look at the co-ruler before making any judgment. Co-ruler is Saturn, and Saturn as we said, is retrograde in the third house, and trine Sun-Mars in the seventh house.

How to interpret the fact that Saturn is retrograde? Often a retrograde planet means you go back over the same ground again, doing things differently we hope. Experience (Saturn) helps us to know what traps to avoid and who to go to for advice or who to put on your team.

The Moon (public) is conjunct Jupiter-Uranus in the eighth house, square the nodes in houses 5 and 11, square Venus in the fifth house. The public is not frustrated by the outcome, the public is rather delighted and pleased in a big way (Jove-Uranus), and somehow the subtext of the day is the changing of the guard (the nodes, representing past and future). Square Venus is hard to peg; maybe there won’t be much much value in betting this Bowl because the favorite wins?

The Packers quarterback is Aaron Rodgers, whose main aspect this day is his Sun-Uranus conjunction is exactly trine the game ascendant, an ascendant that has no transiting aspects. This gives him a strong tie to the game chart. His Moon in Scorpio is possibly square the game Mars in Aquarius; that might make him a bit too rash in the early going. His Mars is also square game Pluto plus 2 degrees; that could frustrate him but he will dig deep for his best efforts.

(cont’d) His Jupiter is sextile game Sun-Mars in Aquarius, and Saturn in Libra. This is another midpoint, and I can only speculate that his athletic efforts will be disciplined and he will show leadership. His Saturn is square the Ascendant, his Mercury-Neptune conjunction is sextile game Neptune, his Pluto is inconjunct the Moon, his Pluto is also sextile the North Node, and his North Node is trine both Sun-Mars and Saturn for a very powerful grand trine in air. I have to say that his passing game is likely to be the key element in his performance of the day, and could well carry the day for the Packers.

Now let’s look at Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has ample experience in playing and winning Super Bowls, so we have to have a high regard for his ability and for the managing and coaching staff behind him. They know what it takes to win at this level.

Ben’s Moon is semisextile the Ascendant, giving him a tie to the unaspected game Moon. Mercury is near the transiting Sun in Aquarius. His Venus is sextile the Moon (public); the fans like him and think well of his abilities. The game Saturn is applying to his natal Mars, though, and that is a troubling aspect; he is sure to be frustrated in his athletic attempts. Jupiter squares the Ascendant, providing an opportunity to do well. Saturn is widely applying to his natal Saturn (in other words his Saturn return is approaching). He may well retire after this year is over and done with. Uranus is sextile Mercury, favoring his passing game, his play-calling, and his general quickness. Neptune is square game Uranus, though (orb 2 degrees). Pluto is inconjunct game Uranus, and trine game Neptune.

I don’t think that it looks good for Ben in this game. The aspect between his Neptune and Pluto to the game Uranus and Neptune look to me like he will make some fatal errors. Transiting Saturn is applying to his natal Mars, and more widely to his natal Saturn, so I do not see him having a stellar day. He does have a nice sextile from his Uranus to the game Mercury, so possibly his passing game will be alright.

RE the Packers, I was concerned that the ascendant at ten degrees Leo has no aspects whatever, but Aaron Rodgers Sun trines that degree exactly. He will have his work cut out for him. But his North Node is trine the Sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius, and trine Saturn in Libra; his air game should be spectacular. And yet, will it be enough to overcome the fact that the ascendant ruler is in the seventh house, the house of the opponent? We have seen the Bears lose under that aspect in the final playoff, and manage to win under the previous playoff. So now I do not know what to think.

Generally the game goes to the team with the strongest quarterback chart. That is how I called the upset in last year’s Super Bowl. I believe Mr. Rodgers will have a stellar day on Super Bowl Sunday; I only hope that it will be enough to lead the team to a win.

BTW, in clearing out some stuff from my car last week, I discovered an old sweatshirt. It was from Super Bowl XXXI, when the Packers defeated the Patriots in New Orleans on January 26, 1997. Gee, could this be an omen? I don’t know, but the odds are good that I will be wearing it on Feb. 6. Good luck, Packers!! Give ’em heck in Dallas!!


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