Your Milky Way Horoscope March 20-26, 2011

March 14, 2011 at 12:44 pm

By Milky Way Maid


Let’s recap my take on the Aries ingress on March 20:

A look at the Aries ingress for March 20, 2011 at 7:20 pm CT (chart set for Minneapolis, MN) — Here’s the real New Year, the natural new year when our agrarian ancestors could begin the growing season and preside over the births of new calves, lambs, piglets and chicks. This year the ingress is in the evening, so Libra is rising and Aries is in the seventh house, the reverse of the natural chart. Saturn and the Moon are in the first house: feeling poor, feeling down and out and unwanted. Jupiter is just peeking above the horizon in the seventh: Mr. Moneybags sure looks good. Whether one actually marries money this year depends on your personal chart and so forth. Venus and Neptune in the fifth house of romance reeks too much of the “in love with love” syndrome, and Venus is semisquare Pluto. Maybe that plan just isn’t gonna work out. Perhaps one could find a financial backer/partner for your surefire business plan.

The chart also has the Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries, and unaspected Mars in Pisces, in the sixth house of work and health. Aries can lead us all into a whole new business sector that may provide jobs for the new economy. Mars here indicates not only the medical sector but also the military, although we really don’t need more soldiers and wars. Sun-Uranus are square the nodes, which suggests to me that the path to future growth will be indicated by these planets. Solar energy, electronics, computers especially hand-held computers, medical devices are all some items that may see growth and innovation this year.

The Sun is conjunct Uranus in the first degree of Aries at 8:24 am Monday. The desire for change, excitement and new horizons may become irresistible. Are you rebelling because of ego reasons (how dare they tell me what to do!) or for reasons of principle? That is key to whether this transit is going to create problems for you, or release your inner John Paul Jones.

Venus is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius at 9:39 pm Saturday. Venus-Neptune conjunctions are often the misguided in-love-with-love syndrome. However, since Aquarius is an air sign. It may be more a case of in love with the IDEA of love syndrome. It’s an aspect of unconditional love, idealizing the Other, and giving one’s all for the loved one. It is very hard to sustain that kind of lovingness in a personal relationship, because it is just asking to be walked on, so don’t be surprised if relationships started under this aspect are short-lived. Air signs like Aquarius can make marvelous ambassadors, stewardesses, receptionists, teachers, and of course philanthropists.

Venus will enter Pisces early next Sunday, March 27, at 2:53 am. Allowing others to take advantage of your sympathetic nature will drain your energy. However, when you are developed enough to truly embrace compassion, you can heal relationships seemingly without effort. Think Dalai Lama.

Looking back at the March 4 New Moon at 13 degrees Pisces, note that Uranus is square the nodes at 29 degrees of Pisces and Gemini-Sag, respectively. What does a planet square the nodes mean? According to Barbara Hand-Clow, they portend a karmic crisis. Uranus is rebellion, revolution, strikes, plus transformation and a raised consciousness. Funny how the mass demonstrations held closer to the New Year’s solar eclipse have had better success than the ones held later. Tunisia and Egypt have dumped despots, while Bahrain, Libya, and the state of Wisconsin are still struggling. Did the March Uranus square to the nodes portend a more violent confrontation? Note that Uranus moved into Aries on March 11, and while in Aries will be squaring Pluto seven times between now and 2015, so we can expect further confrontations between revolutionaries and the power elite. Uranus was last in Aries 1927-1935, a period that saw global economic collapse and the rise of fascist despots like Mussolini.

Note also that Saturn retrograded over the USA natal Saturn on March 9, and will cross that point again in forward motion about Sept. 6. We are having a Saturn return with a chance to further refine our notions of justice and equality. At the same time, Neptune at 28 degrees Aquarius is in orb of the USA Moon at 27 Aquarius. I think Neptune clouds our vision of reality; we still cling to the image of ourselves as beacons of liberty, yet Americans are more enslaved than ever to consumerism, the credit card industry, the insurance industry, the reactionary wing of the Republican party, Big Oil, and the military-industrial complex. On top of that, the USA is getting ready to prosecute Julian Assange, the one man who has done more than anyone to destroy the stranglehold of the economic elite.

BTW, Yahoo news picked up a story from that pooh-poohs the possibility that a ‘Supermoon’ on March 19 would trigger severe earthquakes, volcanoes, and the like. The Moon will be at perigee (closest approach to Earth), at only 221K miles above our planet, plus it will be a Full Moon. The idea was posited by Richard Nolle, who runs the Astropro website. I would not dismiss the chance of extreme events this spring; we have already seen earth hit hard by tsunamis affecting Australian and Japan, plus a very hard winter in the USA with flooding threats in many states. Jupiter-Uranus are square Pluto, in addition to the Moon trigger, and Pluto is known as a wipe-out planet. I think still more storms are a real possibility, with mudslides and quakes and more. Stock your emergency kits, folks.

Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop. Also note: some aspects are exact on a weekend but may find opportunity for expression on the Friday or Monday nearest the exact aspect. Times given are in Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time depending on the season.


ARIESMarch 20-April 19 – The Sun enters your sign on Sunday, starting a natural new year for everyone but especially for Arians. The Sun conjuncts Uranus in the first degree of Aries on Monday morning. You may upset the status quo; but maybe the place needs an infusion of energy, and Arians have more energy than anyone. Best days this week may be when the Moon is in compatible Sag, Wed. pm till Friday night. Uranus and then the Sun in Aries trine Moon in Sag Monday evening; you might bounce ideas off a woman advisor. Someone comes to you for advice on Thursday afternoon, under the Moon-Jupiter trine. You can get your ideas across more successfully Friday morn under a Moon-Mercury trine. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your solar eleventh house; a friend may mean well, but loans are not repaid and items not returned.


TAURUSApril 20-May 20 – Monday morning’s Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries is in your twelfth house; a rebellious moment may cost you dearly. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your tenth house of career; an offer of a raise or bonus may be elusive.


GEMINIMay 21-June 20 – Monday morning’s Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries is in your solar eleventh house; friends or clubs may talk you into joining a march or protest. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your ninth house of law, college, publishing, religion, and the internet; not a good time to try out the personals ads. Legal matters may just drain your money.


CANCERJune 21-July 22 – Monday morning’s Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries is in your solar tenth house; your employer may try to break up your union, or if progressive, may introduce new products or market strategy. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your eighth house of estates and insurance; not a good time to change insurance carriers because the ad or rep may leave out something important. Pursuing a lost part of an estate may be a wild goose chase.


LEOJuly 23-Aug. 22 – Monday morning’s Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries is in your solar ninth house of law-publishing-religion-internet-college; a prof may seem quite radical. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your seventh house of partners; a spouse may be hiding money, or that business partner could embezzle company funds. A company audit might be wise.


VIRGOAug. 23-Sept. 22 – Monday morning’s Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries is in your solar eighth house; a shakeup in the insurance business may affect your policy renewal. There is some chance of a sudden death in the family, but a slight one. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your sixth house of health and work. Neptune is associated with diabetes, and Venus with sugar, so checking out your blood sugar might be a good idea if there is any family history of such problems.


LIBRASept. 23-Oct. 22 – The Moon is in Libra from Sunday till Monday afternoon. The Moon opposes Jupiter in Aries at midday Sunday; you want to be generous and all, but when others demand that you give them something, it rubs you the wrong way. That’s normal. Also, if you have a therapist, counselor, or other advisor, or prof, he or she may give you advice that you don’t want to take. Well, you gotta find your own path in the end, anyway. Early risers on Monday are greeted by a pleasant Moon-Venus trine; make breakfast for loved ones. The Sun-Uranus conjunction in your solar seventh house makes you feel like your partner is never there for you. Don’t do anything rash like walk out or ask for divorce. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your fifth house of speculation; not a good time to test the stock market or pools.


SCORPIOOct. 23-Nov. 21 – The Moon is in Scorpio from 3:17 pm Monday till Wednesday afternoon. Moon is inconjunct Sun-Uranus in Aries, your solar sixth house of health and work. Adjustments are needed, some of them might have to be made suddenly, and it might upset your routine, but it’s gotta be done. The Moon trines Mars early Wednesday; a pre-work visit to the gym is favored. The Moon squares Venus and Neptune tho, later that day; rose-colored glasses are pretty but you need to see clearly. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your solar fourth house of home and family; someone’s hiding something from you, but let’s hope it’s a surprise party. Also make sure valuables are locked up.


SAGITTARIUSNov. 22-Dec. 21 – The Moon is in Sag from 4:45 pm Wednesday till late Friday. Moon trines Uranus in Aries Wednesday evening; you may meet a foreigner or very unusual person, and you two can really hit it off. A trine to the Sun later that night helps you find your audience. Shopping (or speculating, this is fifth house stuff) right after work on Thursday could be expensive; Sag tends to buy multiples of everything, and with a trine to Jupiter, that could really add up. However, after 6 pm you’re able to be more disciplined (Saturn) and stick to a budget. A morning call on Friday lifts your spirits for the day. You will put great effort to clearing your desk about midday, with Mars’ help, but make sure you understand project instructions before running off on a tangent. Evening favors a dinner, then a movie, with a loved one, under Venus’ rays. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your solar third house of communications; skip the personals ads this week.


CAPRICORNDec. 22-Jan. 19 – The Moon is in Capricorn from 9:57 pm Friday thru the weekend. A Moon-Uranus square late Friday can be upsetting; strange people may knock on the door. Saturday morning may see a bit of negotiation with your partner on the day’s agenda; give in for the early morning then insist you attend to your own chores starting at midday. Venus joins Neptune in your solar second house Saturday night; beware of con artists (Neptune) and scammers who try to relieve you of your cash (Venus).


AQUARIUSJan. 20-Feb. 17 – Monday morning’s Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries is in your solar third house; emails and other message services may be interrupted or seem very strange. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your solar first house; a makeover can add an aura of glamor to your image.


PISCESFeb. 18-March 19 – Monday morning’s Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries is in your solar second house; electronic possessions could go on the blink or be very touchy. The Venus-Neptune conjunction Saturday night is in your solar twelfth house; doesn’t look good. Best to avoid any decisions at this time.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 13-19, 2011 The Secret Meanings of the Names of the Planets

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