A Few Thoughts on the January 2011 Eclipse and Personal Events

March 17, 2011 at 12:06 pm Leave a comment

by Milky Way Maid

As I was reading the latest edition of the Astro America newsletter, a small bell went off in my head. Dave Roell wrote an interesting article on the Japan quake and tsunami, and he compared the event chart to the January Solar Eclipse. Among other things, Mars which was conjunct the Midheaven in the Eclipse chart, had dropped (like a guillotine, Dave said) to the IC in the event chart. (If you would like his free e-newsletter, just go to the Astro America website and sign up. It always has interesting tidbits in it. And sometimes a great longer article, too.)

So I decided maybe I had better go back to the solar eclipse and draw it up for the local area. And compare the transits to my natal planets, etc.

To refresh your memory, the January Solar Eclipse was at 13 degrees Capricorn; it was a partial eclipse.

So I do that and come up with a local ascendant of 24 degrees Scorpio, and a Midheaven of 9 degrees Virgo. The ascendant is two degrees off an opposition to my natal Venus, and the transiting Venus at 26 degrees, 53 minutes of Scorpio is about one degree off an exact conjunction. I am thinking this does not look good.

The book tells me, though, that transiting Venus opposition Venus means “Pleasant, peaceful, inclined to compromise too easily.” But considering the fact that natal Venus is conjunct the notorious Algol, I am inclined to think that any aspect to it is rather negative. Personal history has not been encouraging regarding any transits to this Venus.

Then sending another chill down my back is Neptune square to natal Venus. What does my book say to that? It says, “Avoid get-rich-quick schemes. Also, this aspect stimulates the creative imagination.”  Hmm, but Jupiter and Uranus are in the fifth house. If that doesn’t look like something I could work with, I don’t know what does.

Well! What the square aspect says to me is, cash (Venus) slips away or eludes you (Neptune). Perhaps someone even rips me off in a slick scam (scams are Neptune, too).

Ooh, I hate being the victim. And I wind up playing that role much too often, even when I think the situation looks OK.

In other news, we also see transiting Mars sextile my North Node. That could be nice or it could be excruciating. Personal growth (North Node) can be nice or can be excruciating, you know? I wanna know which it will be ahead of time, you know?

Yet some of the things that have happened since the eclipse have been steps forward. I am back in an apartment of my own, though it is tiny. I am at least getting food stamps now, whereas before I had to use up dwindling cash reserves to buy food. (I am sorry, folks, if you look down on people who get food stamps. There are lots and lots of people who cannot make ends meet for whatever reasons, and have to sign up for food assistance at least short term.)

But events keep nipping at my heels, draining cash, as necessary possessions wear out or need repairs. I am not one who regards things like cable as necessities. I have done without cable for a long time, getting my movies from the library. I have done without going to concerts or lakefront festivals or even hanging out at the mall. I have my own set of indulgences, thanks, and I will stick with them.

Eclipses to the national Venus can cause the dollar to decline, so I am rather nervous about an eclipse to my natal Venus. I have been in such severe financial straits for so long that I cannot imagine how I would weather an even bigger setback.

Although I have gotten some very welcome help on some big problems, yet more hurdles spring up in front of me. I am getting tired of hopping over them. Like this past Sunday, I was eating a hoagie sandwich at home for lunch, and my front crown came loose. Uff da, as they say around here. I am not activated yet in my new health plan, and the old plan ended last summer. I will have to wait till April 1 to make an appointment with a new dentist, and then they might be able to squeeze me in for palliative care only. Uff da, again!

This column could easily come to an end if the computer died, for example, because I have no funds on hand to buy a replacement. I am not panhandling you readers for donations; I know that everyone is pulling their belts tighter in these uncertain times.

I do not accept comments on my weekly horoscope column because the site attracts so many spammers. But if you want to comment on this post, I am leaving this page open to comments. BUT I won’t approve comments with links. You can mention a bona fide website if you wish, but please do not put in a link because too many of them are spam links. I hope you understand.

And if you are moved to help me financially, even with $5 dollars or whatever, you can send a gift via PayPal to me at milkywaymaid (at) gmail.com. Anything will be MOST WELCOME!


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