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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 5-11, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury in Gemini trines Saturn at 10 degrees Libra at 4:40 pm Tuesday. Serious discussion is on your agenda, possibly with an older mentor type. You might want to use this mentor as a sounding board, or pick their brains for sage advice. The keyword is practicality, or should I say pragmatism.
Jupiter in Taurus sextiles Neptune at 0 degrees Pisces at 10:39 pm Wednesday. Since Neptune rules film, I bet lots of people will be moved to hold their own private film festival, or possibly pull out the camera to make their own. Launching a photography, film, wine, or large-animal venture is favored, if it ties in with your natal planets. On another level, Neptune is ideals, and Jupiter is spirituality. Therefore people affected by this transit may feel more aware of how things like karma or dharma work. You may adopt an uncomplicated philosophy such as ‘pay it forward.’
Venus enters flirtatious Gemini at 10:23 am Thursday. Yes, you flirt, flirt, flirt. It’s almost like, geez, I’m so good at it, why can’t I get a job doing this? Well, maybe you can. Kind of. Met a coworker who gave presentations and attributed her job to her gift of gab. Well, if she can do it then so can you. Gemini Venus can present factual info in such a way that it is not only painless, it is a definite pleasure. Gemini Venus can make people feel welcome with just a smile, a nod, and a phrase. This is ideal for stewardesses, convention staffers, restaurant hostesses, and just about anyone who works with the public.
Venus in Gemini squares Neptune at 0 degrees Pisces at 4:24 am Friday. Oh, there you go again. Venus and Neptune can fall in love at the drop of a hat but the problem is, they are not falling in love with the person. They are falling in love with their fantasy of what the person is. Having no real experience of what the person is like, he or she is just a tabula rasa (blank slate) that they have written their fantasy onto. I mean, it can still work out OK if the people are basically decent anyway, but too often the Prince Charming is a swindler.


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Note on the Asteroid Vesta

by Milky Way Maid
I’ve been reading a book about Roman times, and came across some references to the Vestal Virgins. You might want to make a note of this if you use the asteroids.
It seems that the Vestal Virgins of Rome were charged with not only keeping up prayers to the gods. They were also charged with the duty of keeping wills. They had a system for storing all the wills that had been entered to their keeping, so that a particular will could be quickly located upon the demise of the owner. The Vestals held over two million wills. Wills from provinces and foreign countries were in one wing, Italian wills in another area, and those from Rome itself in yet another. The temple had upstairs, downstairs and part of a basement devoted to storage of these wills.
And the most important part of their mission was to protect the privacy of these wills. No one was to have access to learn the contents of these wills until after the demise of the owner/writer. No bumping off old Uncle Cornelius or Aunt Livia to gain the thousand talents he or she intends to bestow on you.

So we can add ‘privacy’ to the list of ideas attached to the asteroid Vesta. I had already suspected that privacy was key to Vesta rather than security as so many suppose, and this just seals it for me.
Vesta has nothing to do with the writing of the wills, per se; that would come under the purview of Mercury or perhaps the signs Gemini and Virgo. She has nothing to do with the legal functions connected with estates; that would come under Jupiter (law) and the eighth and ninth houses. She has nothing to do with the lawyers who draw up the will; that would possibly come under the purview of Pallas Athena, in her role as advocate. And she has nothing to do with the wealth redistributed upon execution of the estate; that might come under the purview of Pluto, the immensely wealthy god of mining riches.
Vesta just maintains the privacy of personal records and in particular the privacy of wills. There have been only rare breaches of this sacred duty, one of which was when the contents of Marcus Antonius’ will became public and caused a political brouhaha. But this is a case when the exception proves the rule, as my old fourth grade teacher used to say.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 29-June 4, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun in Gemini trines Saturn at 10 degrees Libra at 5:15 am Wednesday, just about 12 hours before the Solar Eclipse. The aspect will be slowly separating by the time of the solar eclipse later the same day; much better for getting a solid start on your ambitions whatever they may be. Diligence at checking things off your to-do list comes easier with Saturn’s help. And the boss may be watching and taking note, so follow standard procedure at all times. Saturn also represents elders; this is a fine opportunity to consult with a mentor or senior member of the firm.
The Solar Eclipse occurs at 11 degrees, 2 minutes of Gemini, at 4:08 pm Wednesday. It features a prominent Sun-Saturn trine, which is fortunately separating so that we are not crushed underfoot by old man Saturn. (See above for notes) Gemini eclipses often affect performers and other public persons in the U.S., due to our Sag ascendant. Look for some unusual headlines about our public figures.
Mercury enters Gemini at 4:02 pm on Thursday. Gemini is one of its homes; it has two, befitting the dual planet himself. Mercury in Gemini tends to make one the trivia king, but is that really the best use of your talents? If you can focus on just one topic for a little bit, you can master it and teach others the tricks of the trade. Mercury promptly squares Neptune in Pisces. Neptune tends to throw pink dust in our eyes, making see only what we want to see instead of reality. Now, you could try blending these planetary energies by constructive use of some affirmations. Affirmations are words or ideas (Mercury) that we meditate on (Neptune) in order to override whatever negative programming we may have suffered earlier in our lives.
Mercury in Gemini sextiles Uranus at 4 degrees Aries at 3:57 pm Saturday. This could be a serendipitous day. New puzzles to tease your brain, breaking out of routines, a funny conversation with a unique person, or a casual verbal exchange that spawns exciting ideas – these are all symbolized by this aspect. You might pick up some article on a Uranian topic, such as astrology, technology, computers, electronics, psychology, or parapsychology.
Jupiter changes signs again, entering the sign of Taurus the Bull at 9:56 am Saturday. Bulls can enjoy Jupiter’s effects into next year, because it will not be leaving their sign until almost mid-June 2012. Taurus tends to put on weight every year even without a transiting Jupiter, so this may not be a very welcome transit. BUT if you use this Jovian energy to broaden your views, expand your influence on others, try new things, then you could dodge the weight-gain bullet. Jupiter in Taurus represents actualizing the potential of your resources; that may mean taking odds and ends and creating something of beauty out of them. Ultimately the best investment you can make is in your own self, so this year may see you taking classes, starting a business, or offering your unique skills and talents to a wider audience. Taurus often works very hard for less pay than they deserve, but Jove may finally smile on your sweet self. Good luck!

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by Milky Way Maid

This is my first astrology book sale on my website. I have written up brief reviews below with the asking price and the link to the listing on Amazon books.

What we are going to do is, I am going to activate the comment section; then if you have chosen to buy the book off the Amazon website, you can come back here to write I comment that you have bought the book. That way we don’t have a bunch of frustrated people going to Amazon only to find that the title is already gone. I think this is the fairest way of doing things.

So without further ado here is the first batch of books on the topic of astrology or related topics.


Astrology & Weight Control by Beverly Flynn
reg. 10.95, on sale for 7.77

Beverly Flynn identifies two planets, Jupiter and Pluto (the largest and the smallest) as the prime movers in weight control problems. She has much to say about the sun signs or ascendant signs that are prone to weight gain, and about looking to one’s opposite sign for a lesson that needs to be learned.
Along the way she uses the device of a delightful fairy tale of a zaftig princess and the wee elf named Sebastian who teaches her some vital lessons in how to beat her weight problem.
The root cause of weight gain, she feels, is one’s resistance or welcoming attitude towards change. Obviously the fixed signs tends to resist change and therefore hold on to the past symbolized in the extra poundage. Mutable signs tend to welcome change, perhaps too much change, but they tend to be thinner than their cardinal or fixed brethren.
She gives greater weight (no pun intended) to the ascendant, as repository of the psyche and its inner needs, than to the Sun and Moon. I may differ on that, but this review is not about me.
It isn’t just the natal placements and houses that need to be examined. One also needs to analyze transits and progressions if the natal planets do not scream out weight problems, yet one finds the needle climbing higher on one’s bathroom scale.
Most chapters use the cookbook approach, with an interpretation of a given planet in the series of signs and houses given. I feel that the novice astrologer or even the lay person can benefit from a reading of this book. If nothing else, she reinforces the lessons of the basic nature of the zodiac signs.
This copy is in Very Good condition, with no ink or pencil or highlighting marks, no folded corners, and a very bright newish cover. There is slight wear and tear to the bottom edge of the cover spine, but the binding is tight. You can see my listing on Amazon at:
Astrology & Weight Control, Beverly Flynn, ACS Publications, 2003, 119 pages. ISBN 0935127917; UPC 9780935127911-91095
reg. 10.95, on sale for 7.77


Casting the Horoscope (Ninth Edition) by Alan Leo
originally 5.95 (hah!) on sale for 49.00

It is difficult to know how to start describing a volume that has been revered as one of the pillars of modern astrology. But after perusing its pages I have come to respect Alan Leo even more, as a scholar on top of his reputation as an astrologer.
The book “Casting the Horoscope” has much to recommend it as a reference book on your personal astrological library. The glossary alone is worth a few bucks; it gives precise scientific definitions and lucid explanations of the terms therein listed. I don’t think I had ever read actual definitions of these terms before! Also some chapters are like extended definitions of terms like sidereal time, local time and more. One chapter has an illustrated example of chart rectification; for this and for several other lessons, the birth data of King George V and Edward VII are used.
The Appendices cover secondary directions, methods of house division, the real zodiac, the epoch’s relation to the birth chart, how to find an unknown ascendant, standard time and more. This is followed by the condensed ephemeris, which may of course be redundant in this age of computer software. But I recommend checking your software printout against any good ephemeris to catch whatever bugs may be lying in wait there. I have had some trouble lately due to my software being only partially correct; it was giving me the right positions of the planets, but was a bit haphazard as far as accuracy on Nodes and Ascendants. Arrgghh. (So I apoliogize here for having confused any readers with erroneous references to aspects to said nodes or ascendants; the problem is being addressed the best I can with the resources I have available personally and online.)
One section I read with interest was one that explained some phenomena re zero degrees of cardinal midheavens at the equator versus at other latitudes. It might serve you well to use that section as homework, playing with various latitudes on your computer software until the lesson sinks in. You will be miles ahead of many other Sunday astrologers if you do.
Note that there are tables of logarithms also for those who wish to calculate things (oh all right, ascendants and things like that) the way they did back then.
Loads of fun for serious students of astrology. A wonderful addition to the serious home library.
This copy is in pretty good shape, with no writing inside. No ink, pencil or highlighting. No folded corners as far as I can see. Sturdy binding, with no loose pages. Pretty clean, but obviously used and with some wear to corners. You can see my listing on Amazon at:

Casting the Horoscope, Alan Leo, Astrologer’s Library, New York, reprinted 1978, 355 pages. (Formerly issued as “Astrology For All, Part II” of which work this volume constitutes the ninth edition.)
originally 5.95 (hah!) on sale for 49.00

Circular Evidence by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews
originally 14.95, on sale for 9.99

England’s leading investigators of the crop circle phenomenon produced this lavishly photographed and documented record of the great variety of designs. Still one of the best sources of objective documentation of crop circles. Sites of these crop circles include Headbourne Worthy, Litchfield, Cheesefoot Head, Corhampton, Gander Down, Clatford, Wantage, Longwood Estate, South Wonston, Whiteparish, Kimpton, Westbury, Beckhampton, Upton Scudamore, Bratton, Chilcomb, Winterbourne Stoke, Silbury Hill.
The pair also document the varied circle formations and details with schematic sketches, as well as an explanation of their own photographic technniques.
They then present possible theories of how these circles are formed, and the scientific problems with each. Fairy ring fungi have nothing to do with cereal crops, and would in any case produce random distortion in growth. Gravity, piezoelectric generation, gaseous pressure build-up, electric potential differences, mechanical pressure from rock stress movement, centrifugal force, tidal breathing effort, volcanic pressure, steam pressure and other forces are all considered briefly.
Many people scoff at crop circles because of the supposed confession by two British gentlemen who claimed to have made a series of local crop circles. However, the phenomenon has occurred for too many decades and all over the world to be so easily dismissed in this fashion.
This copy is very clean with no writing inside and no folded corners (dog ears). The binding is tight and the book lies flat. You can see my listing on Amazon at:

Circular Evidence, Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews, Phanes Press, 1989, 191 pages. ISBN 093399995-x UPC 9780933999954-51495
originally 14.95, on sale for 9.99


Intuition Made Easy by Carol Ann Liaros
originally 19.95, now on sale for 9.99
Carol Ann Liaros’ main claim to fame is teaching blind people how to see by developing their intuition; one a blind person masters the technique, he describes vision as seeing ‘out of his forehead.’
This volume has condensed her courses into simple and easily conducted experiments in intuition or remote viewing. For example, one exercise asks you to visualize a place that you have never been before, such as a local restaurant or shop. After writing out your description, go to the place and see how well it matches what you have written. The results may surprise you!
That was just one of a half dozen or so similar exercises. Another one involves trying out scanning things with your hands.
Working through the book with a spouse, friend or relative can be a wonderful way of drawing you closer to each other. Being able to communicate silently adds another dimension entirely to the relationship.
This is a very clean copy in NEW condition. No writing is inside, and the cover is shiny new-looking. Clean, cover, edges and pages.

The Amazon listing is here at:

Intuition Made Easy, Carol Ann Liaros, Cloudbank Creations, 2003, 109 pages. ISBN 096518353-x UPC 9780965183536-51995
originally 19.95, now on sale for 9.99

Well, that’s it for now. I will get some more titles ready to list as soon as I can. There’s lots of good titles by well-known authors, so stay tuned.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 22-28, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun in Gemini (at almost 1 degree) squares Neptune in Pisces at 3:31 am Sunday morning (May 22). Most of us will be asleep, of course, so one interpretation is simply an active dream life. Another possibility is that people will wake up all fuzzy brained and this could last through their commutes, so be alert out there. Neptune in hard aspects to the Sun saps our energy and clouds our judgment. Best thing is to just relax by the pool, as Neptune is quite watery and having water nearby calms and restores us.
Venus is conjunct Mars at 8 degrees Taurus at 4:25 am Monday. NOTE This is a critical degree. You never really know what is going to happen but pay attention to the news today because whatever enters the scene will be something significant: a company’s public offering, a new player in global politics, etc. Venus-Mars conjunctions in natal charts give the native high energy; in a transiting chart it favors male-female relationships. In fact you may meet a lovely Other who brightens your life, but this aspect does not BY ITSELF guarantee any long-term quality to the match (although just the fact that it is in fixed-sign Taurus does tend to help it stick around a bit). This could be the start of something big, to quote the Steve Allen song.

Venus in Taurus is inconjunct Saturn at 10 degrees Libra at 2:47 pm Tuesday. Time to revise one’s budget to reduce expenditures yet again. Adapt to what is: the economy may be getting better but not very quickly, while inflation is on the prowl. And the usual spring gouge at the gas pumps is in progress as we speak, so people just have less disposable income. (This aspect was preceded by Mercury inconjunct Saturn on Monday morning. That was just to introduce some fresh data into the equation. It is then followed by Mars inconjunct Saturn, forcing us to take actions in accordance with our new budget, and to bend our wills to our new goals.)
The Sun in Gemini is inconjunct Pluto at 6 degrees Capricorn at 10:38 am Saturday, May 28. Now you really will be stared down by the seemingly unalterable Way Things Are in your life today, but at the same time you have an opportunity to reprogram yourself for a better future. You can only change yourself, when you come right down to it. You can design your own affirmations or look up the nifty stuff available online, or visit a practitioner who does GeoTrans or related kinesiology reprogramming.
I am posting astrology books for sale on Amazon this weekend. Just a couple titles for now to be followed by small batches as I get them posted, etc. Watch for my mini reviews and the links to the listings.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 15-21, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Both Venus and Mercury enter the sign Taurus on Sunday, May 15; Venus at 6:12 pm and Mercury at 7:18 pm. The downside of Venus in Taurus is that the Bull so loves his comfort that he is reluctant to share his creature comforts with others. Woe to the unwary visitor who sits in his favorite chair without asking! Taurus needs to learn to share not only his possessions but his clever methods for accumulating them. And on a larger scale, the Bull can share his values and the ability to enjoy simple pleasures.
As for Mercury, the paradox is that Taurus is a very creative sign, but Mercury here tends to block creativity and get locked into a rut, looking to literal interpretations of instructions, etc. Taurus also tries too hard to figure things out himself, often doing things the hard way just because he is not afraid of hard work. But please, little Bull, bend yourself to take a leaf from the books of those who have gone before you and discovered or invented easier ways to make progress. You do not have to re-invent the wheel!
Ha, I can talk. I have Mercury in Taurus and believe me, I have been too reluctant to look around for info or study aids or whatever that would make things easier for me. Show me, the Missourian in me says.
Mercury and Venus conjoin at 0 degrees Taurus at 5:25 am Monday, moving actually in lockstep for a few days; they will then sextile Neptune about 5 hours later. Love and other feelings find expression in letters and song; music IS the language of love after all. It’s a good day to enjoy the arts in general, not just music but dance and art. It also favors seeing patterns in not only data but in the various experiences of your life.
The above planets are very near Mars, and Mercury conjoins Mars first on Friday at 9:20 pm. They are at 7 degrees Taurus. A few hours earlier, Mars and Mercury at 7 degrees Taurus trined Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury conjunct Mars is forceful verbal expression, favoring debate but often getting bogged down in argument just for the sake of argument. Mental energy is high, though, and with Pluto you can easily make progress in research, slicing through irrelevant data like a knife to get to the nitty-gritty.
The Sun enters Gemini bright and early at 5:21 am Saturday, so that native Twins can pack double the fun on their birthdays. Gemini is sometimes a bit too glib, responding in superficial ways to conversation with friends and strangers alike. But some of them have developed a real gift for changing the atmosphere in a room with their lighthearted friendliness, and for drawing out others who don’t normally chat a lot. You grow through interaction with others that increases your appreciation for the infinite variety of human experience.
Venus in Taurus trines Pluto at 7 degrees Capricorn at 2:04 pm Saturday. Venus is happy to give her whole heart to someone that she loves completely, right down to the cellular level. The trine makes for easier expression of those intense emotions that we usually keep locked up.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 8-14, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Mars enters Taurus at 3:03 am Wednesday. Mars has difficulty expressing itself in Taurus; too often it turns to stubbornness. It’s good for boxers, though, because they have well-developed shoulders, and have great stamina. Mars is competitiveness, and too often Mars in Taurus is competitive about one’s material success; many Taureans are continually comparing their material success/possessions with others. What a really successful Taurean does is take a page from others’ books, i.e. adopting techniques or strategies that have worked for others. You don’t have to always do things the hard way, Taurus! Encourage others to think up ideas on how to make your current projects work. Your resources are not just your own muscles, brain, and energy; they also include all the inputs from the people around you, your co-workers, team mates, friends and counselors.
Venus and Jupiter are conjunct at 24 degrees of Aries at 10:42 am Wednesday, May 11. A great day for socializing, for being out there in the public eye, for dating or marrying, for finances (altho you may spend your gains on extravagances before you even cash the check). Wednesday will probably be a red-letter day no matter what you do.
Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct at 24 degrees of Aries at 3:57 pm Wednesday. This is like a followup to the above aspect, perhaps with a news item about someone’s lucky day. BTW all these planets are trine to the North Node in late Sag, which means that this luck is tied in to progressing on a path of soul growth. If you are doing what you were meant to do in this lifetime, then you are more likely to see a wonderful turn of events.
Mars in Taurus sextiles Neptune at zero degrees Pisces at 4:28 am Thursday. This heightens Neptune’s sensitivity to the plight of others, and Mars lend energy to work on their behalf. One’s own ego is softened by Neptune’s self-effacing quality, so you might volunteer with no thought of reward or even thanks. It’s a good time to study occult matters like astrology, tarot, i ching, psychic talents, or religious philosophy. I must mention that for some people, this aspect puts one’s energy level at a low ebb; often one is soothed or restored by being in or near water.

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A gift to my lovely readers —

As a special gift to my readers I thought you might enjoy some background music. A terrific writer and geek found these archived radio recordings of the Beatles for a Swedish radio show way back when. He cleaned them up a bit and edited them, and here they are. Five songs in cool condition. So turn up the volume alright already.

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