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by Milky Way Maid

This is my first astrology book sale on my website. I have written up brief reviews below with the asking price and the link to the listing on Amazon books.

What we are going to do is, I am going to activate the comment section; then if you have chosen to buy the book off the Amazon website, you can come back here to write I comment that you have bought the book. That way we don’t have a bunch of frustrated people going to Amazon only to find that the title is already gone. I think this is the fairest way of doing things.

So without further ado here is the first batch of books on the topic of astrology or related topics.


Astrology & Weight Control by Beverly Flynn
reg. 10.95, on sale for 7.77

Beverly Flynn identifies two planets, Jupiter and Pluto (the largest and the smallest) as the prime movers in weight control problems. She has much to say about the sun signs or ascendant signs that are prone to weight gain, and about looking to one’s opposite sign for a lesson that needs to be learned.
Along the way she uses the device of a delightful fairy tale of a zaftig princess and the wee elf named Sebastian who teaches her some vital lessons in how to beat her weight problem.
The root cause of weight gain, she feels, is one’s resistance or welcoming attitude towards change. Obviously the fixed signs tends to resist change and therefore hold on to the past symbolized in the extra poundage. Mutable signs tend to welcome change, perhaps too much change, but they tend to be thinner than their cardinal or fixed brethren.
She gives greater weight (no pun intended) to the ascendant, as repository of the psyche and its inner needs, than to the Sun and Moon. I may differ on that, but this review is not about me.
It isn’t just the natal placements and houses that need to be examined. One also needs to analyze transits and progressions if the natal planets do not scream out weight problems, yet one finds the needle climbing higher on one’s bathroom scale.
Most chapters use the cookbook approach, with an interpretation of a given planet in the series of signs and houses given. I feel that the novice astrologer or even the lay person can benefit from a reading of this book. If nothing else, she reinforces the lessons of the basic nature of the zodiac signs.
This copy is in Very Good condition, with no ink or pencil or highlighting marks, no folded corners, and a very bright newish cover. There is slight wear and tear to the bottom edge of the cover spine, but the binding is tight. You can see my listing on Amazon at:
Astrology & Weight Control, Beverly Flynn, ACS Publications, 2003, 119 pages. ISBN 0935127917; UPC 9780935127911-91095
reg. 10.95, on sale for 7.77


Casting the Horoscope (Ninth Edition) by Alan Leo
originally 5.95 (hah!) on sale for 49.00

It is difficult to know how to start describing a volume that has been revered as one of the pillars of modern astrology. But after perusing its pages I have come to respect Alan Leo even more, as a scholar on top of his reputation as an astrologer.
The book “Casting the Horoscope” has much to recommend it as a reference book on your personal astrological library. The glossary alone is worth a few bucks; it gives precise scientific definitions and lucid explanations of the terms therein listed. I don’t think I had ever read actual definitions of these terms before! Also some chapters are like extended definitions of terms like sidereal time, local time and more. One chapter has an illustrated example of chart rectification; for this and for several other lessons, the birth data of King George V and Edward VII are used.
The Appendices cover secondary directions, methods of house division, the real zodiac, the epoch’s relation to the birth chart, how to find an unknown ascendant, standard time and more. This is followed by the condensed ephemeris, which may of course be redundant in this age of computer software. But I recommend checking your software printout against any good ephemeris to catch whatever bugs may be lying in wait there. I have had some trouble lately due to my software being only partially correct; it was giving me the right positions of the planets, but was a bit haphazard as far as accuracy on Nodes and Ascendants. Arrgghh. (So I apoliogize here for having confused any readers with erroneous references to aspects to said nodes or ascendants; the problem is being addressed the best I can with the resources I have available personally and online.)
One section I read with interest was one that explained some phenomena re zero degrees of cardinal midheavens at the equator versus at other latitudes. It might serve you well to use that section as homework, playing with various latitudes on your computer software until the lesson sinks in. You will be miles ahead of many other Sunday astrologers if you do.
Note that there are tables of logarithms also for those who wish to calculate things (oh all right, ascendants and things like that) the way they did back then.
Loads of fun for serious students of astrology. A wonderful addition to the serious home library.
This copy is in pretty good shape, with no writing inside. No ink, pencil or highlighting. No folded corners as far as I can see. Sturdy binding, with no loose pages. Pretty clean, but obviously used and with some wear to corners. You can see my listing on Amazon at:
Casting the Horoscope, Alan Leo, Astrologer’s Library, New York, reprinted 1978, 355 pages. (Formerly issued as “Astrology For All, Part II” of which work this volume constitutes the ninth edition.)
originally 5.95 (hah!) on sale for 49.00

Circular Evidence by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews
originally 14.95, on sale for 9.99

England’s leading investigators of the crop circle phenomenon produced this lavishly photographed and documented record of the great variety of designs. Still one of the best sources of objective documentation of crop circles. Sites of these crop circles include Headbourne Worthy, Litchfield, Cheesefoot Head, Corhampton, Gander Down, Clatford, Wantage, Longwood Estate, South Wonston, Whiteparish, Kimpton, Westbury, Beckhampton, Upton Scudamore, Bratton, Chilcomb, Winterbourne Stoke, Silbury Hill.
The pair also document the varied circle formations and details with schematic sketches, as well as an explanation of their own photographic technniques.
They then present possible theories of how these circles are formed, and the scientific problems with each. Fairy ring fungi have nothing to do with cereal crops, and would in any case produce random distortion in growth. Gravity, piezoelectric generation, gaseous pressure build-up, electric potential differences, mechanical pressure from rock stress movement, centrifugal force, tidal breathing effort, volcanic pressure, steam pressure and other forces are all considered briefly.
Many people scoff at crop circles because of the supposed confession by two British gentlemen who claimed to have made a series of local crop circles. However, the phenomenon has occurred for too many decades and all over the world to be so easily dismissed in this fashion.
This copy is very clean with no writing inside and no folded corners (dog ears). The binding is tight and the book lies flat. You can see my listing on Amazon at:

Circular Evidence, Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews, Phanes Press, 1989, 191 pages. ISBN 093399995-x UPC 9780933999954-51495
originally 14.95, on sale for 9.99


Intuition Made Easy by Carol Ann Liaros
originally 19.95, now on sale for 9.99
Carol Ann Liaros’ main claim to fame is teaching blind people how to see by developing their intuition; one a blind person masters the technique, he describes vision as seeing ‘out of his forehead.’
This volume has condensed her courses into simple and easily conducted experiments in intuition or remote viewing. For example, one exercise asks you to visualize a place that you have never been before, such as a local restaurant or shop. After writing out your description, go to the place and see how well it matches what you have written. The results may surprise you!
That was just one of a half dozen or so similar exercises. Another one involves trying out scanning things with your hands.
Working through the book with a spouse, friend or relative can be a wonderful way of drawing you closer to each other. Being able to communicate silently adds another dimension entirely to the relationship.
This is a very clean copy in NEW condition. No writing is inside, and the cover is shiny new-looking. Clean, cover, edges and pages.

The Amazon listing is here at:

Intuition Made Easy, Carol Ann Liaros, Cloudbank Creations, 2003, 109 pages. ISBN 096518353-x UPC 9780965183536-51995
originally 19.95, now on sale for 9.99

Well, that’s it for now. I will get some more titles ready to list as soon as I can. There’s lots of good titles by well-known authors, so stay tuned.


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