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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 5-11, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Saturn goes retrograde at 29 degrees Libra at 9:03 am Tuesday. It will remain retrograde until June 25 when it will be at 22 degrees, 46′ of Libra. The interpretation of this change in direction depends on what house in your chart Saturn rules. In other words, look at where Capricorn is, what house is it on the cusp of? If it is say, fourth house, then matters related to home and family will not proceed smoothly. Perhaps it will not be a good time to try to buy a new house, nor renovate the home you presently reside in.
The Sun is conjunct Mercury at 4:02 am Tuesday, at 16 degrees Aquarius. This is also a Full Moon day (Sun opposite Moon), so it should be interesting re the economy. You may have trouble sitting still today, but when you do, you can concentrate on details and clear the inbox of messages. Logic suffers due to the opposition to the moon, although it can be helpful to consider the emotional impact of your words.
Venus enters Aries at 1:01 am Wednesday. Venus in Aries wants to retain a measure of independence in her relationships. The Aries Venus can be competitive with loved ones, an attitude that can confuse and alienate the ones she loves. On the plus side, a healthy Aries Venus is a real self-starter in social situations, introducing herself, inspiring others, helping others become self-reliant. Venus in Aries also favors one’s talents in the hairstyling profession.
Thursday is a hot day for romance: not only does Venus conjunct Uranus at 2 degrees Aries, but the Moon also joins Mars about midnight. (The Moon later opposes Venus-Uranus on Friday evening.) Venus-Uranus can strike like lightning. One is strongly attracted to unusual people, those who are foreigners, bohemian types, or rebels. This kind of meeting may or may not signify a lasting bond (usually quite the opposite); it all depends on the synastry in the charts of the two individuals involved.
The asteroid Pallas Athena enters Pisces at 12:05 am Sunday, Feb. 12. Pallas is not really comfortable in such a feeling, spiritual sign like Pisces. Pisceans may be quite stressed and torn between the influence of Neptune in their sign (bringing out latent spiritual and humanitarian values) and the very practical, very self-controlled Pallas. Pallas might allow herself to respond to music, and that is about it for her. Pallas remains in Pisces until about mid-May, then the Neptune influence can begin to express itself more freely and openly.
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Weekly Horoscope for Jan. 29-31, Feb. 1-4, 2012

International Astrology Day

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by Milky Way Maid

Juno enters Sag at 9:13 am Sunday, Jan. 29. Juno in Sag is more likely to be married to their careers, especially if it allows them to travel. A Sag-Juno marital partner needs a good deal of freedom, possibly even to travel alone. Wants a mate who brings travel and new interests into his or her life.

The Moon is conjunct Jupiter at 6:29 am Monday at 2 degrees Taurus. This is a repeat of the conjunction on Jan. 2, which was at zero degrees. Try to keep an eye on whether it contacts (or aspects) natal planets, as it could be quite lucky for some of us.

Venus in Pisces opposes Mars at 22 degrees Virgo at 6:41 pm Wednesday. Physical attraction may start a relationship of sorts, but doesn’t often last. Mars softens and minds his manners, acting more like the Knight in Shining Armor. Therefore Venus finds him much more attractive than usual. He may just be being nice till he gets what he wants. A good time to apply that Venus energy to artistic projects.

Happy Groundhog Day and Imbolc (pronounced im-milk) on Thurs., Feb. 2. You may wish to watch the Bill Murray movie yet again, or read the book, “The Magic of Groundhog Day” about the impact the film has had on people’s lives.

Neptune enters Pisces at 2:03 pm, Feb. 3. Neptune is at home as the modern ruler of Pisces. Neptune dissolves boundaries between people; you may be able to empathize with others where you would not have been able to do so before. There is so little on Neptune in Pisces in the books (other than it heralded the coming of several spiritual leaders) that I will make note of Neptune in the houses below. Please note that Neptune makes an inconjunct to Juno entering Sag this week, too, and I suspect that some partnerships (Juno) may dissolve (Neptune) or at least be threatened under this transit.

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Neptune in the first- Tries to act on personal ideals of behavior, but others may react with suspicion. Can become very shy and ultra-sensitive to criticism or others’ reactions toward self. Needs to continue to be true to self.

Neptune in the second- Tries to prove their worth by making money, which tends to slip thru their fingers. Needs to find their intrinsic self-worth, and learn how to trust the universe to support self and how to in turn support and share items with others.

Neptune in the third- May feel like non one understands you! But it would help to make a real effort to let their spontaneity move them to express themselves in a genuine way. Let go of ideas of “proper” ways to speak-act-etc. and free yourself to be honest and sincere.

Neptune in the fourth- May have illusions about family members being perfect, then be terribly disappointed when they do not act supportive in the crunch. A more realistic mindset will spare you the disappointment, and allow you to enjoy them as they are. Look to the larger family of humanity.

Neptune in the fifth- Romantic ideals may ruin the ability to enjoy many kinds of people of all ages. Being honest about your need for loyalty in a partner may spare you unnecessary heartbreaks. Unleash your playfulness and ability to see things as a child. Often helps with wonderful artistic sense and expression.

Neptune in the sixth- May be prone to a self-sacrificing role in work, which may lead to real health problems. You need to accept that you, too, need to be cared for by you. You can then be of greater service to the general community.

Neptune in the seventh- Often prone to unrealistic expectations of partners, leading to disenchantment and disillusion. Try to appreciate the small joys and small gestures of love. Encourage others to follow their highest ideals.

Neptune in the eighth- Can be prone to trying to overpower others with their sexual nature, to control the partner in the relationship.

Neptune in the ninth- Can try to appear to be intelligent and so forth, while spending a lot of energy to maintain this illusion. Yet they can have a gift for absorbing a great deal of material like a sponge. Can be a wonderfully intuitive student, or a philosophical teacher.

Neptune in the tenth- Can be like the wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, building themselves up to be more than they are. When in truth, they may have some wonderful gifts and talents that are truly unique. Needs to let go of a need for acknowledgment or awards.

Neptune in the eleventh- Best expressed in working with non-profit or charitable organizations. A wonderful, selfless friend to all who works to improve the community and to be egalitarian in spreading around his or her bounty. But be realistic; if you accomplish just one good thing in a year, you are doing great.

Neptune in the twelfth- These people are found volunteering in hospitals and nursing homes, or running retreats (spiritual or otherwise). May have a getaway cabin where they paint or practice other artistic pursuits.

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Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop. Also note: some aspects are exact on a weekend but may find opportunity for expression on the Friday or Monday nearest the exact aspect. Times given are in Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time depending on the season.

ARIES – March 20-April 19 – The Moon is still in Aries as the week begins, until the wee hours of Monday. Beware of unwelcome advances at work early in the week. Monday morning could be a bit lucky for you, it’s OK to spend a buck on a quick-pick. You may be too self-absorbed Monday, leading to your mate feeling miffed by evening. Thursday you might be able to introduce a sibling to a club you belong to. Friday may be stressful, or challenging, depending on your view. You may spend time in a medical facility, but we hope just for a checkup. Juno enters your ninth house: you may begin traveling with your mate a great deal.

TAURUS – April 20-May 20 – The Moon is in Taurus from 1:28 am Monday till Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 1). Monday morning may be particularly lucky for you, at least bringing a feeling of confidence and optimism. Your energy may keep you up late Tuesday, so have the to-do list handy. Stay alert after lunch Wednesday; brain fog may set in. Be especially of sticking to your budget Friday. You enjoy a school event Saturday morning. Juno enters your solar eighth house, where she helps you attract a financially solid mate.

GEMINI – May 21-June 20 – Sunday, a friend may share a tip on how to juggle work and family. The Moon is in Gemini from 2:14 pm Wednesday till about midnight Friday. Meeting a friend after work Wednesday can end up in a fit of the giggles (but watch the budget). A lawyer may promise to help your case Thursday morning. Friday can be stressful trying to balance work and family. Don’t even let a friend hint about borrowing from you Saturday. With Juno entering your seventh house, Gemini voted most likely to marry well this year (tho you must make a special effort to get on with the in-laws).

CANCER – June 21-July 22 – With the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in your solar eleventh house, a friend may be quite generous Monday morning. You contribute your energy to a club meeting Tuesday night, when a Mars trine keeps you on the go. Be a bit skeptical about too flowery or too charming messages Wednesday pm, and again Friday. The Moon is at home in Cancer from 1:04 am Saturday thru the weekend. A change agent may show up early Saturday. A friend may be a lifesaver mid-morning. Juno enters your solar sixth house Monday; you may become married to your job, or actually work with your mate.

LEO – July 23-Aug. 22 – Endings and beginnings are in store this week and month for Leos in the romance department. Be prepared to charm some new faces. Also children and creative projects take up your attention more and more; you may even turn a hobby into a paying concern. Keep an eagle on finances Wednesday night and Friday; this includes noting when bills are due. If you have natal planets early in Leo, then this week is an especially good time for generating ideas and putting them in action. A light bulb may go off in your head. Juno enters your solar fifth house Monday, helping you resolve to a more committed relationship.

VIRGO – Aug. 23-Sept. 22 – Juno enters your solar fourth house Monday, when traditional roles become more important to you as time goes on. Must watch temper this week; make a note to try to kill them with kindness instead of with criticism. If you are considering going back to school, Jupiter favors your studies in any field. The Moon-Jupiter conjunction on Monday could be lucky for applying for scholarships. Definite attractional vibes are in the air Wednesday night and Friday; enjoy flirting but this may or may not be the real thing.

LIBRA – Sept. 23-Oct. 22 – Juno enters your solar third house this week; you try to regulate your daily life with a set schedule, and work to get the kids into the “right” schools. Saturn has been at the very end of your sign for weeks; this is a placement that bodes well for “a good match” and even with Saturn there, could be durable and rock steady. No particular rush on this; Saturn doesn’t leave your sign till October.

SCORPIO – Oct. 23-Nov. 21 – Juno enters your solar second house Monday; Juno is a rather cold mate here, who treats partners like possessions or trophies. I know you are not like that at heart. Do try to regularize your finances and make sure they are set on solid footing. The Moon-Jupiter conjunction on Monday morning favors meeting the public, and possibly a significant other. Neptune enters your solar fifth house on Feb. 3, raising your artistic sensitivity and deepening expression. Dust off that musical instrument or paint brushes, or play with creative software.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov. 22-Dec. 21 – Juno enters your solar first house Monday, making you increasingly concerned with propriety and appearances. You make a good hostess, tho. The Moon-Jupiter conjunction on Monday morning favors starting a job, or turning a hobby into a sideline. You could receive recognition for the many hours you’ve donated to your fave charity. Use caution in buying a new home; have it inspected before you sign anything. You may have family heartaches from your own ideals running into reality.

CAPRICORN – Dec. 22-Jan. 19 – Juno enters your solar twelfth house Monday, where you happily become the power behind the throne and avoid the spotlight. Neptune entering your third house will help you write inspirational or artistic material, but your normal communications need scrutiny to make sure it says what you mean to say. Make a habit of having someone read letters before they go out. Wednesday night and Friday could be pleasant interludes of sweet nothings. Plan to spend Saturday tending to home chores.

AQUARIUS – Jan. 20-Feb. 17 – Juno enters your solar eleventh house Monday, an awkward placement for someone who so enjoys being in and organizing group efforts. Make it your 2012 resolution to scrupulously record expenditures and keep to your budget. You will be pulled into impulse spending often in the next few years. Someone may try to sweet-talk you into “investing” in further education, but do not assume there will automatically be a payoff on that.

PISCES – Feb. 18-March 19 – Juno enters your solar tenth house Monday, making you increasingly married to your career. You may actually work for a spouse, and jealously guard his or her professional and personal reputation. Your personal income is entering a period of fluctuations, so plan accordingly. Wednesday night and Friday are best days for dating or looking for new romantic interests; enjoy the attention but do not expect too much from others. Neptune enters your sign on Feb. 3; you may become confused about who you really are and where you stand in the scheme of things, and even try many different looks with dyed hair or makeup.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 22-28, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the Dragon, a fortunate animal.
The Sun is square Jupiter in the wee hours Sunday (1:35 am). This is when our excesses claim their payment, sometimes as the hangover, or the bellyache, or the empty wallet. Can be a good time to start something that grows into a big operation, like a company. Can be a good time to reach out to the larger audience, reach outside one’s comfort zone, actually.
Mars goes retrograde on Monday, Feb. 23 at 23 degrees Virgo. The station is exact at 7:54 pm. Look for some sports events to have odd results; this includes the NFL playoffs currently in progress. Some teams that were expected to make it to the Super Bowl cannot take it for granted that they will get there! Oh, and Mars will be retrograde till April 13.
Mercury enters Aquarius at 1:12 pm Friday. Mercury in Aquarius can be objective to the point of being cruelly cold. But when combined with the power of universal love, you recognize the individuality of others, and can draw them out to share their unique perspective. Often a habitual people-watcher, often a wonderful judge of human nature, often has a knack for predicting the outcome of situations. People with Mercury in Aquarius include John Steinbeck, Jackie Gleason, Chopin, Thomas Edison, FDR, Muhammad Ali, Mia Farrow, Gertrude Stein.
The New Moon is at 2:39 am Jan. 23, on 2 degrees, 42′ of Aquarius. The Sun and Moon are square Jupiter in Taurus, sextile Uranus in Aries. The lights are in the third house of a chart set in Washington, DC, with Scorpio rising and ruler Mars in the tenth house. I should note that Congress is set to vote on cloture of a bill called SOPA-PIPA which would have devastating impact on the internet if our Congress votes for cloture. Do we want our government to be able to censor the internet? I don’t think so. Call or write your senator and just say we want freedom of speech on the internet.
NOTE that this New Moon is accompanied by Mercury trine Mars (chart ruler Mars is Stationary Retrograde, not good). There will be some heated debate for sure. As it occurs during the morning commute, listen to what the drive-time radio discussion is about. It is sure to be rather energized! Can be a good time to give a speech (or post an article online), in which your passion for your subject shows thru the verbiage. Just be aware that volatile energies can be close to the surface, so mind your debating manners.
LOOKING AHEAD: Juno enters Sag at 9:13 am Sunday, Jan. 29. Juno in Sag is more likely to be married to their careers, especially if it allows them to travel. A Sag-Juno marital partner needs a good deal of freedom, possibly even to travel alone. Wants a mate who brings travel and new interests into his or her life.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 15-21, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Reminder: Venus is in Pisces now.
The Sun in Capricorn squares Saturn at 29 degrees Libra at 4:19 pm Thursday. A likely time for mass frustration, although it can result in a more focused drive to achieve a particular goal. Not a good time to start a new venture, but it does present challenges if you like that kind of thing.
Venus in Pisces sextiles Pluto at 8 degrees Capricorn at 3:32 pm Friday. This Venus-Pluto sextile could indicate a good opportunity to obtain loan approval, or increases in cash payouts. On a personal level, you could get a lot better acquainted with a special someone.
The Sun enters humanity-loving Aquarius on January 20 at 11:10 am. People with the Sun in Aquarius express an appreciation of the special gifts of everyone they meet. Aquarians are awed by technology, and have a great faith that mankind will continue to progress.
The Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus at 1 degree Aries at 8:20 pm Saturday. You might see upsets in sports events or in the political scene. While Uranus often signifies falls or accidents, the kinds of falls with the Sun involved probably will not result in broken bones. Uranus specializes in knocking those with pretensions of grandeur flat on their fannies.
Looking ahead: Mars will have its Retrograde Station on Jan. 23 at 23 degrees Virgo. Not a misprint; 23 and 23 is the key number.

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To My Readers: SUPER 2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.
There were sure a lot of you who stopped in to read or browse, or find out about an upcoming week.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 8-14, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Hope your New Year’s celebrations were merry as well as safe.
Mercury, as I noted last week, enters Capricorn on Jan. 8 at 1:34 am. What is Mercury in Capricorn like? A negative expression is the desire to be an authority on a given subject; that sounds admirable until one does not know the answer to something and then declares he doesn’t want to be confused by the facts. But giving up a need for authority, and dropping pretense, lets this Mercury concentrate on filling the informational needs of others – and thereby becoming a true resource for all. Must guard against being too pessimistic or dour; Edgar Allan Poe is one example of someone who used this Mercury well. Others with Mercury in Capricorn are Barry Goldwater, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, and Richard Nixon.
Mercury trines Jupiter at zero degrees Taurus Sunday at 1:05 pm. This aspect favors transactions, the study of theoretical subjects like philosophy-law-religion, real estate, positive thinking and optimism.
Mercury squares Uranus at 1 degrees Aries at 6:23 pm Sunday. This aspect can be impulsive and accident-prone, so be sure to signal your intentions when driving. On the one hand you may be jittery, and on the other, your mind is working so fast you may need to jot down ideas before you lose them. Both planets are very mental, and you could latch onto insights that are more profound than you realize. That is why I suggest writing them down because an application for your insight may not occur till later (AFTER you’ve forgotten all about it).
The Sun trines Mars at 22 degrees Virgo at 11:46 pm Thursday. Favors all physical tasks and athletics. You can dig deep down for still more drive to finish or score or reach the top of that mountain.
Venus joins Neptune at 29 degrees Aquarius at 10:17 am Friday the Thirteenth. One’s sense of reality is weak, and one receive a reality check – soon– to shake these cobwebs from your eyes. One tends to be in love with love, as they say, and that dreamboat you met serves better as an object of inspiration for your creative pursuits, than for a flesh-and-blood life partner. Venus under the influence of Neptune is given to unconditional love, but without commitment – and anyway, Neptune is ill disposed to commit. One may wake up later complaining of being misled, when it turns out that one deceived oneself most of all. HOWEVER, is excellent for writing, composing, painting, acting, or engaging in any artistic field.
Venus enters Pisces on Sat., Jan. 14 at 12:47 am. Venus in Pisces is most considerate and self-sacrificing. Venus in Pisces may be most useful to the artist, musician and singer, and sometimes those who work in the other arts. Artists and performers with Venus here include Barbra Streisand, Vincent Van Gogh, George Harrison, Edgar Allan Poe, Leontyne Price, Sandra Dee, Carol Channing, and Victor Hugo. It may surprise you to know that both George Washington and Richard Nixon had Venus in Pisces, as well as Martin Luther King, Jr., and Adlai Stevenson. This Venus’ keyword or ideal is compassion, and with it, unconditional love.
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ALSO – see my popular article on late degrees of all the signs. Link:
ALSO – see new article on The Goddess Archetypes: The Pallas Athena Myth at — also as you read it you may also avail yourself of the excellent QUESTIONNAIRE on the Goddess-Power website at to determine your own goddess profile.

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