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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 31-April 6, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Happy Easter! Easter Sunday is marked by Venus at 11 degrees Aries sextile Jupiter in Gemini at 10:49 am, promising lots of sweets in everyone’s baskets. Wishes can come true, since the Easter Bunny might be a little too generous about filling those baskets. People feel outgoing and optimistic. Families feel like going to a community-sponsored event or visiting the zoo Sunday rather than just celebrate at home.
The Sun at 11 degrees Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn at 11:03 pm Sunday. Don’t bother beating your head against a brick wall because you can’t win this time. Cardinal signs and especially Aries natives will be stressed, ah, let’s say challenged to the max. And if you lose this round, just chalk it up as a learning experience and move along.
The Sun at 11 degrees Aries sextiles Jupiter in Gemini at 8:24 am Monday. Now see, here’s how the wheel turns. Yesterday ya couldn’t catch a break with that Sun-Pluto square. Today, everything is niceness and roses and you catch the lucky bounce of the football. So maybe it evens out, I don’t know.
Obviously 11 degrees of all the signs will be activated this week so check if you have any natal or progressed planets at or near those degrees. And keep notes on what happens this week for future reference.
The Moon is void-of-course on Monday from 1 am till 1:35 am Tuesday, void-of-course on Wednesday from 6:35 am till 4:41 am Thursday, and on Friday afternoon from 1:22 pm till 9 am Saturday morning. This is pretty unusual to have three long periods of v-o-c moons in one week. Stick to routine matters during these periods – EXCEPT FOR MONDAY. Because the Moon is in a sign of Jupiter on Monday (in Sag) it forms an opportunity period. Last aspect before going v-o-c is a Moon trine Mars, so you could use Monday to get back on your New Year’s resolution to exercise, or you could try out for an athletic team (anything from soccer to baseball to darts).

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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 24-30, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mars at 11 degrees Aries sextiles Jupiter in Gemini at 6:27 am Tuesday, and later Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn at 11:44 pm. Mars-Jove aspects can be very lucky, even the square, in matters of risk-taking and sports contests. Friends may dare each other to beat their best game – at darts, at cards, at anything that ends in finite scores that determine the winner. Mars can also be a bit too impulsive here – there’s that Aries influence again – but you usually know what the odds are of something breaking in your favor.
We have a lovely Full Moon at 6 degrees, 52′ Libra at 5:27 am Wednesday. The Moon applies to a trine to Jupiter in Gemini (exact about 1 pm), giving a positive and optimistic glow to the day.
Wow, a unusual triple conjunction will occur between 1:05 pm and 8:38 pm Thursday, when the Sun is conjunct Venus, then Venus is conjunct Uranus at 7:01 pm, and finally the Sun is conjunct Uranus, all at 8 degrees Aries. Normally a Venus-Uranus conjunction will bring a very unusual person or a foreigner into one’s romantic arena, altho usually a short-term relationship or contact. With the Sun involved, too, that emphasizes that your interest is in the PERSON not just the clothing, accent, interests, etc of this new contact. Aries does tend to emphasize the short-term nature of the contact, altho if one party decides that this new Other fits somehow into his/her vision of life, then indeed it could stretch out into a long liaison. And, on another level, this Other may teach you how to unlock the uniqueness of your own selfhood.
Mercury squares Jupiter in Gemini at 12:56 pm Friday, making it rather difficult to sail through classes or homework. While it might be preferable to schedule an exam while under the sextile, exams really fit the meaning of the square as a challenge. You will really have to know your stuff to pass, so study up beforehand and do so with a purpose.

Coming soon, an article on the new Pope Francis, who replaced the retiring, ailing Pope Benedict. Best Wishes to the new pontiff on his future in the “hot seat” of Catholicism’s most challenging decade.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 17-23, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Yay, Mercury goes direct at 4:03 pm Sunday, at 5 degrees 39′ of Pisces. The station comes only 2 and a half hours after Mercury squares the Moon, so we might not immediately feel like leaping into social groups and chatting away. The good news is your closet and junk drawer have probably been cleaned out. 

The Sun enters Aries at 7:02 am Wednesday. The Sun in Aries is very independent and will do as he pleases regardless of whether you give them the go-ahead. Can aggravate others by insisting they put him first. However, they sometimes have a natural leadership quality, and their exuberance can be catching. They can be pioneering adventurers who start their own companies or go off to raise coffee on a plantation. When he focuses on just one goal, can achieve success in anything. Always young at heart and with a contagious enthusiasm. Famous people with the Sun in Aries include: Gregory Peck, Doris Day, Charlie Chaplin, Arturo Toscanini, Thomas Jefferson, Vincent Van Gogh, Warren Beatty, astronaut Virgil Grissom, Julie Christie, poet Robert Frost, photographer Edward Steichen, and J. William Fulbright.

Venus also enters Aries the next day – at 11:15 pm Thursday. Venus in Aries is a bit impatient, and not exactly the sweet nurturing type. May have house plants but they better be cactus because this Venus doesn’t always remember to water stuff. This Venus is very independent in relationships, and usually sets the agenda for any dates or parties. Can help others to improve their self-reliance and assertiveness. Never a shrinking wallflower, this Venus almost always initiates new relationships. When they combine their gifts with good manners in asking for others’ cooperation, they can be real movers and shakers. Famous people with Venus in Aries include: Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Henry Fonda, John Lennon, Bing Crosby, painter Willem de Kooning, rocket scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, Henry Luce, baseballer Willie Mays, and politicians Laurence Rockefeller and Ted Kennedy.

Mars at 8 degrees Aries is conjunct Uranus at 2:17 pm Friday. This is the classic signature of an accident or explosion, so take all safety precautions the three days before and after this aspect. Not that everyone’s house will blow up, it’s just that this is a major transit, after all, and even those not directly affected may be inconvenienced.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 10-16, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mars enters its natural home, Aries, at 2:26 am Tuesday. Don’t be surprised if you wake up extra early that day, just rarin’ to go. For Aries, it is almost like a birthday or solar return when his ruler Mars returns to his home sign. Your batteries get recharged, and if your goals or plans have been vague or put on the back burner, that gets fixed in a hurry because your goals become clearer and you carve out doable portions for each day and each week.
Mars-in-Aries keywords are courage, initiative, and leadership. Mars-in-Aries wants to be first in everything – first in the door, first out the elevator, it can be exasperating! But bless ’em, these self-starters have bottomless energy and get something going every week, if not every month. Famous people with Mars in Aries include: author Charles Dickens, revolutionary Oliver Cromwell, golfer Jack Nicklaus, quarterback Joe Namath.
We have a New Moon at 3:51 pm Monday at 21 degrees, 24′ Pisces. The Moon was conjunct Venus earlier that morning, signifying the exchange of favors or gifts with dear friends and others. However, the first aspect made by the Moon after this NM is a conjunction to Mars in Aries on Tuesday morning; hopefully this portends new romantic connections for some of us – it will depend on where Aries is in your natal chart.
The only other aspects this week are quick aspects to the Moon. Looking ahead, Mercury will go direct again on Sunday, March 17, at 4:03 pm. Mercury will be at 5 degrees, 39′ of Pisces.

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