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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 2-8, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

MOON VOIDS this week— Now here’s the thing about the Moon here: it goes void-of-course 9:25 am Wednesday and remains void all Thursday till it enters Gemini at 11:32 pm, that’s PM. Add to that the nearly full day that the Moon was void in Aries all of Tuesday morning, and you are looking at major gaps in this week when you normally would carry on with your business. On the other hand, a void Moon is said to offer unique opportunities when it is in the signs of Jupiter and its own place. Those signs are Sag, Pisces, Cancer, and TAURUS (because the Moon is exalted in Taurus). So- plan to initiate things where you want something to grow but which are not necessarily expected to impact your income streams. You might plant your veggie garden that you grow for your own use. You might start a personal blog which you do for your own satisfaction, not because you expect to make a profit. And so forth. But the Moon void in Aries is not expected to promise any similar ops.
Venus enters Cancer at 10:13 am Sunday. Venus in Cancer is very sweet indeed, and extra-nurturing. This is a very home-loving placement, and a native with this may prefer to work at home. Can be fearful of opening up their extreme empathetic nature lest they be rejected. Native sometimes cope with this by manipulating others’ emotions to get the “right” response. But the richest relationships benefit from your no-strings-attached compassion and empathy – and your health likewise benefits from having an emotional outlet. (and no, a pet is not a complete substitute) Venus in Cancer likes its comforts and usually gets them. Famous people with Venus in Cancer include: Lyndon Baines Johnson, ballerina Margot Fonteyn, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Dean Martin, Harry Truman, trumpeter Louis Armstrong, former Yankees coach Casey Stengel, Princess Anne and author William Styron.
Mercury at 5 degrees Gemini trines Neptune in Pisces at 3:18 pm Monday. This is followed by Mercury trine Saturn at 9:22 pm. This is a great example of a trine not being a favorable aspect, because trines involving malefics can do a lot of damage. In this case, Mercury trine Neptune can easily lead you to accept false or even fake data. From there I might infer that you make a mistake in terminating (Saturn) Something. Example: you read a blog post or watch a slanted news broadcast and then decide to sell a stock – a stock that has profited you handsomely over the years and which you now forfeit its lovely dividends, alas.
Venus at 5 degrees Gemini trines Neptune in Pisces at 7:46 am Friday. The effect of this aspect is compounded by the fact that Neptune has a Retrograde Station at 4:26 am! (SR at 5 degrees 23′ Pisces) Venus proceeds to trine Saturn at 11:23 am Friday. Here is another case where a trine just makes it too easy to shoot yourself in the foot. Also a word of caution to anybody who has even a slight case of diabetes – because Venus rules sugar and Neptune seems to be a signature for diabetes, take special care to stay on your diet this week.
Mars at 5 degrees Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 7:58 pm. Having two malefics square each other usually produces some concrete event. The most obvious effect is that this will probably sap everyone’s energy; we will need to take to conserve our energy and get adequate rest. Neptune is enervating, and Mars often brings fevers, so be careful of things like Lyme disease. (keep covered on walks in the woods and so forth) The other effect is to cause a load of doubt, insecurity and discouragement. This square generally re-occurs every six months or so, so you might think back to your last bout of self-doubt. Your resolve is tested; you may have to tweak the plan a bit to stay on track, but most of the time it is better to stay the course.
You see all those 5s up there? Anybody with natal planets at 5 degrees (orb about 3 degrees) will certainly feel the enervating effects of Neptune. Get your sleep hours in.
We have a New Moon at 11:56 am, Saturday, June 8. It is at 18 degrees 01′ of Gemini. The only close aspect to the NM is Juno at 19 degrees Aquarius, favoring progress made by partnering with one’s spouse, business partner, coworker, etc. A T-square in cardinal signs is formed by Mercury, Pluto and Uranus at 11 degrees of the signs. Natives of cardinal signs will of course be most affected by that T-square. Everyone else would benefit from examining their natal charts to see where the T-square falls.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 26-June 1, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun at 5 degrees Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 6:27 am Sunday. This is such a problematic aspect because we fool (Neptune) ourselves (Sun) into thinking the situation is better or at least different than it really is. Hold off on any decisions until you have bounced your ideas off your fave sounding board. This aspect sometimes brings something we’ve denied out into the public eye. The Moon is also void for most of the day so adds to the futility of trying to start anything new. Stick to routine chores.
Mercury at 23 degrees Gemini is conjunct Jupiter at 3:56 am Monday. Mercury in good aspect to Jupiter is excellent for academic studies, although the conjunction could make your ideas or mental processes too fast to pin down. You may need a notebook or Dictaphone to capture your thought for later analysis. Also good for all hand-eye coordination whether in sports, art or crafts.
The major and minor benefics, Jupiter and Venus, are conjunct at 23 degrees Gemini at 3:29 pm Tuesday. (Mercury is only a half-step ahead of them.) One thing to watch out for is over-indulgence in food, and in sweets especially. You can really give yourself the mother of all belly aches with this aspect.
Mercury enters Cancer at 3:07 am Friday. Everybody seems to love Cancerians but Mercury here does have a downside (in immature natives) and that is that they can continually appeal to others’ sympathies in a way that expects indulgence. Mature Cancerians reach out to others with their intuitive emotional antennae (their silent communicators), and readily show they sympathize and care. Theirs is the warm shoulder to cry on, and the ever-ready cuppa tea, and the sage advice. They will not endlessly hold your hand, but they will soothe you until you can go out the door and face the world again.
Mercury in Cancer is good for scholars, historians, antique dealers, and lawyers who rely mostly on legal precedent. Famous people with Mercury in Cancer include: Nelson and David Rockefeller, pianist Van Cliburn, Igor Stravinsky, and educator Thomas Mann.
Mars enters Gemini at 6:39 am Friday. This Gemini is able to use words as a weapon, either in formal or informal debate, in politics, or academia, and the goal is to show that he has the sharpest and fastest mind. Reminds me of Cyrano de Bergerac, who created a rhyme as he dueled with his sword – demonstrating that his wit was as rapier-sharp as his sword, indeed. However in real life someone with this approach can win his battles but lose the war, as modern folks are less admiring of cleverness when it is so aggressive. A positive side to this placement is a real eagerness to learn. You may find lifelong students here.
Mars in Gemini can use words as a call to action, even tho the native may not be very active or athletic. Examples of that include Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr. Other famous people with this placement include: comedienne Phyllis Diller, Prince Philip, author Ernest Hemingway, Barbra Streisand, author Virginia Woolf, dictator Benito Mussolini, and painter Marc Chagall.
The Sun at 11 degrees Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries at 9:46 pm Saturday. Sun-Uranus aspects almost always bring unusual people or foreigners into our lives in some way. We sit next to some very interesting people at a dinner or play, the company brings in a consultant who was born in another country and has the most fascinating accent, etc. We are exposed to those who live or think or talk very differently from ourselves, and that can be a real mind-opener.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 19-25, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun enters Gemini at 5:10 pm Monday. Gemini natives are chatterboxes and flirts who often change their minds and work hard at avoiding deep thought. On the other hand they are light-hearted, friendly, open-minded, congenial, and able to absorb oodles of data almost at a glance. Like the other air signs, they tend to me more objective than subjective. They do tend to be rather high-strung and need to make themselves get out for fresh air and exercise to work off some nervous energy.
Gemini is the original multi-tasker, with many conversations going and several hobbies or projects underway. Sometimes holds more than one job at a time, due to the fact that they often have many talents. Famous people with Sun in Gemini include: Judy Garland, Prince Philip, Richard Wagner, John F. Kennedy, poet Walt Whitman, educator Thomas Mann, comic Bob Hope, David and Laurence Rockefeller, former Beatle Paul McCartney, “happy warrior” Hubert Humphrey, quarterback Joe Namath, Anatoly Karpov, Josef von Sternberg, John Maynard Keynes, Maurice Sendak, Dr. Oz, and Anthony Eden.
Mercury is conjunct Venus at 18 degrees Gemini at 7:54 pm Friday. Economically, this is a favorable aspect for everything from the stock market to shopping, because the symbology is that the buyer (Mercury) finds proper value (Venus) in prices, and is inclined to buy. So don’t be surprised at unusually high volume on the stock exchanges. And your items you’ve put out on your rummage sale are more likely to find a buyer, especially if this conjunction contacts natal personal planets.
We have a lunar eclipse at 12:25 am Saturday, May 25 at 4 degrees 8′ of Sag. It is accompanied by a square to Neptune in Pisces, so this will be a stressful period for natives of mutable signs. Secret places and secret info (Neptune) meet the harsh light of day (Sun) leading to anxiety, fear, confusion, etc. Also be careful of bad effects from drugs or alcohol, anything that triggers allergic reactions from you, because your system is likely to be over-sensitive during the period that the eclipse is in force.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 12-18, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Venus at 5 degrees Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 4:48 pm Monday. Venus square Neptune is telling you to guard your wallet or purse! A light-fingered person may lift your wallet, or a fast-talker may get you to sign a contract that does you no good, or a totally shifty person tries to romance you. The only good I can see for it is to go to the early show at the cinema. Another positive side: one’s creative imagination and artistic sensitivity can be remarkable, so do practice your piano or write down those songs in your head.
Mercury enters its home, Gemini, at 4:41 pm Wednesday, which oddly enough is Woden’s day, the Norse equivalent of Mercury. Those with Mercury in Gemini can be masters of the game Trivial Pursuit, knowing a little bit about a lot of subjects. Can make a fine editor or writer, since they have mastered clarity of expression. In debates, can deliberately omit a key assumption and arrive at a wrong conclusion, but it takes a sharp listener to catch the error. Sometimes Mercury in Gemini gives excellent manual dexterity, so they are fine seamstresses, craftsmen, carpenters, secretaries, etc. If a native with this placement continually lives on a high level of mental activity without balancing it with practical matters, one can too easily drift into mental strain and nervous breakdown. Famous people with Mercury in Gemini include: comic Bob Hope, onetime Defense Secretary Robert McNamera, former governor Laurence Rockefeller, author William Styron, and singers Bobby Darin and Steve Lawrence.
Mercury at 5 degrees Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 3:20 am Saturday. This is very similar to the Venus-Neptune square on Monday. We may be deceived, although this may be due more to confusion than deliberate trickery. But as with the other aspect, avoid signing any papers or contracts at this time. Also, people may feel a bit spaced out that morning, unable to stay focused on daily chores. People may make unrealistic decisions. Even if you give in to the vibe of the day and study mystical or metaphysical matters, one needs to stay grounded.
Venus at 11 degrees Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries at 12:40 pm Saturday. Venus-Uranus aspects usually have something to do with meeting fascinating strangers, foreigners, or people who are unusual in some way. These are usually short-term relationships or chance meetings, but they do stretch one’s horizons and sometimes force one to dispose of limiting beliefs.

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