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Your Milky Way Horoscope Aug. 4-10, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun at 12 degrees Leo trines Uranus in Aries at 11:05 am Sunday. You’re full of restless energy under this transit. You may have sudden interest or sudden insights into subjects like the sciences, electronics, computers, psychology, the occult in general and astrology in particular. But you will not be able to just sit in a chair and read about these subjects. You will want to get up and out and try things out for yourself. Kind of like good ol’ Ben Franklin going out in the storm with a kite. . .
We have a New Moon at 5:51 pm Wednesday at 14 degrees, 35′ Leo – virtually on top of the asteroid Vesta. The Moon trines Uranus at midday and Jupiter is applying to the opposition to Pluto. There’s a lot of focused energy on Leo this week and month, so pay attention to what sector this occupies in your natal chart. If your tenth house, you may find a new job or otherwise be in the spotlight. If fifth house, children and creative pursuits are energized.
Jupiter at 9 degrees Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn at 7:34 pm Wednesday. Jupiter is also conjunct Pallas Athena, the professional, the career girl, the lawyer or ombudsman or other expert advisor. You may need the lawyer because this transit often signifies trouble with the law – so it is imperative to observe all the rules and regulations, or face the music.
Mercury enters Leo at 8:13 am Thursday. Sometimes Leo acts as if what he has to say is more important than anyone else’s thoughts. Leos do have a theatrical effect when they speak, altho this can either enhance or destroy the impact of what they say depending on whether they really believe their own message. But when they remember to express all the love they have for humanity in that big heart of theirs, they can lift everyone up and inspire true loyalty. When you think about it, mind (Mercury) plus heart (Leo) is just about unbeatable, and makes others really sit up and listen. Obviously the stage is one place where this Mercury can express itself, but the classroom is just as good a “stage”, too; some may prefer roles behind the scenes such as directing or designing sets.
Famous people with Mercury in Leo include: singers Jimmy Dean, Eddie Fisher, Merv Griffin (before he hosted a talk show), trumpeter Louis Armstrong, artist Marc Chagall, coach Casey Stengel, drummer Ringo Starr, writer Ernest Hemingway, and dictator Napoleon Bonaparte.


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Mercury Retrograde Struck Again! Trip to Nowhere for Would-Be Conference Attendee

by Milky Way Maid

Mercury retrograde created a true nightmarish Trip to Nowhere for a young would-be attendee of a three-day conference. He arrived at BWI airport on June 27, in time for a departing flight which was delayed two hours. He then arrived in time for a connecting flight in Dallas-Ft. Worth, only to learn that it was cancelled! June 27 was the day after Mercury made its retrograde station.

No flight is scheduled that day but he is given a flight the following day for Atlanta; he spends the night thanks to a hotel voucher. This flight is again delayed but takes off. The bad news is that he misses his connection to Portland and again spends the night in a hotel.

This means he would arrive just as the weekend convention closes. Ha ha, Mercury laughs up his sleeve at the unfortunate traveler. He never made it to Portland, having truly experienced the worst of airline travel. On top of everything else, an airline initially refused him any refund because they said he was a “No Show” (for a flight that had been cancelled)!!!

For all the details on this nightmarish trip, you may go to

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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 28 – Aug. 3, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Venus at 7 degrees Virgo sextiles Jupiter in Cancer at 9:42 am Sunday. Kind transits between the two benefics are happy indeed. We feel more buoyant and sociable, and we may even be lucky with money. New relationships can be mutually beneficial. Investing money (Venus) in yourself is best, especially if you pay for classes in a Jupiter-related subject like law, medicine, college in general, or for a long trip. Even legal decisions can go your way.
Venus at 9 degrees Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn at 8:50 am Tuesday. Emotional and artistic creativity can take on a much deeper intensity and power than usual. And any emotional, romantic entanglements will also be more profound. You may feel that you have truly found your soul mate.
Mars at 12 degrees Cancer squares Uranus in Aries at 11:08 pm Wednesday. Mechanical or electronic items tend to go on the fritz under this kind of transit. Have spare batteries and fuses on hand in case the fix is a simple one. Cars or engines may experience “sudden death” or merely seem to go on vacation. Since Cancer is a water sign, try not to spill liquids on computers or other electronic items. Internally, we may feel restless or rebellious without a cause. It is also possible that in cases where someone has resisted change, it may be forced upon them. You could even let loose and blast some poor hapless victim with a verbal attack – one that comes out of nowhere.
Venus at 13 degrees Virgo sextiles Mars in Cancer at 4:35 pm Friday – now there’s sure to be a popular aspect to use for a nice, romantic dinner out. Good aspects between Venus and Mars raise our energies as well as our attractiveness quotient, so this favors both sports (and other physically demanding activities), and just partying and having fun. Our manners are better, too – all the better to make that new gentleman look like a white knight. Even creative efforts at home decorating are favored, plus you have the extra energy to get up on a ladder and change curtains and such.

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A Couple Ways of Looking at Solar and Lunar Eclipse Charts

by Milky Way Maid

[Charts to follow if not uploaded by the time this posts]

Hello, astrology students! Today’s lesson is about how to look at Eclipse charts. Actually I will talk about a way of looking at a Solar Eclipse, and a way of looking at a Lunar Eclipse.

The history of astrology tells us that the first recorded observation of a Solar Eclipse was in China, in 2154 BC. In fact, there was an eclipse that year on Oct. 12, but unfortunately the official astrologers were asleep at the wheel, so to speak. We quote:

At that time Hi and Ho corrupted their principles and abandoned themselves to wine. They neglected their offices, forsook their posts, began to confuse the celestial laws, and ignored their faculty. Consequently, when in the third month of autumn . . . the people ran afoot in general consternation. Hi and Ho were dead to their duties of office, not having known or heard of it, and were stupidly perplexed as to the celestial signs, so that they committed a crime which former rulers proscribed against. The regulations in regard to eclipses say: being before the time, the astronomers are to be killed without respite, and being behind time, they are to be slain without reprieve (Sepharial, p. 32-33).”

First, the Solar Eclipse. This method is SOLELY for Solar Eclipses. The proponent of this method is Dave Roell of AstroAmerica aka Astrology Center of America. You can look for a more detailed explanation of his method in the June 11 issue of his newsletter at his website, AstroAmerica dot com.

The first step is to cast a chart for the Solar Eclipse set for your locality – or where you will be at the time of the Solar Eclipse. Take care to convert the time, which is probably given as Eastern Time or Pacific Time, to your own time zone. Note carefully where both the Sun-Moon and the Nodes fall.

Dave notes that Judith Hill notes that solar eclipses are polarized along the lines of the node. I might add that total eclipses occur when the node is 5 degrees or less away from the sun, and partial eclipses occur when the node is more than 5 degrees from the sun. As a general rule, anyway. So, in other words, says Dave, eclipses are really more like hyper nodes – maybe I should capitalize that like this: Hyper Nodes.

Dave simplifies his key to solar eclipses like this: FIRST, note the HOUSE that the eclipse falls in; this will clue you in to the SETTING of whatever event is triggered by the eclipse. SECOND, “convert the SIGN of the eclipse to the house on the “natural” or Aries rising wheel.” The sign will clue you in to the kind of EVENT is triggered by the eclipse. If the sun and the node fall in different houses, the node is preferred – BUT you will have to look at both and make a judgment on which is more active.

Also bear in mind which node the eclipse occurs near, because this will clue you in to whether to expect gains or losses. A North Node eclipse will tend to bring you things or bring a new beginning, and while a South Node eclipse will tend to take something away, or end a situation.

A good example is the eclipse before the Wall Street meltdown of 2008. There was a solar eclipse on Aug. 8, 2008 at 6:14 am; set the chart for New York City. The South Node is in the first house, affecting the whole world. It is in Leo, and Leo (in a natural, Aries-rising chart) is ruler of the fifth house of speculation, in other words things like the stock market – which duly crashed that fall.

I do have a little trouble applying it to the Aurora, CO Batman shooting, tho. The shooting occurred in a movie theatre on July 20, 2012 at 12:38 am to 12:45 am MDT. The Solar Eclipse prior to the shooting was on May 20, 2012 at 5:23 pm MDT. I have cast a chart for the eclipse, so have a look.

Batman-pre-shootg-eclipse JFK-pre-asas-Eclipse

The lights are in the eighth house, as one might expect. The eighth house indicates death only sometimes, but here it is literal. Other possibilities would have included beginnings and endings, intense situations, absolute decisions (meaning ones that cannot be taken back), money given to others to manage, a spouse’s money, pooled funds of all kinds.

It occurred in the sign of Gemini, which falls in the third house in an Aries-rising chart. The third house rules daily life, errands, siblings, etc. Well that does not seem to fit. However, it would rule malls, I think, since basic shopping for necessities is part of one’s daily life. Also, look at what is actually IN the third house in this eclipse chart: bad boy Pluto. And it so happens that Pluto trined Mars on May 16, an ominous transiting aspect if ever there was one. Mars is in the eleventh house of groups of people, so I would probably have avoided hanging around crowds.

Let’s move on to looking at some lunar eclipses. I feel that lunar eclipses are more personal than solar eclipses. We can get some idea of what the eclipse will mean to us personally by looking at the chart. At the same time, one has to bear in mind that many times the effects of an eclipse can be so subtle, and be so gradual, that we may never link the eclipse to a growing interest in photography or music, for example, or to meeting someone who later proves significant in the course one’s life takes.

I would like to look at the eclipses before the assassination of President Kennedy. Rose Lineman kindly provides both solar and lunar eclipse charts, set for both Washington, DC and for Dallas. The node is in the eighth house in all four. It hardly seems like Pres. Kennedy would have been any safer at home! For the record, Jupiter’s placement usually indicates where one is safe. In the case of JFK, Jove is in the fifth house in the eclipse charts, which would suggest that he might have been safe in an amusement park, on Wall Street, in a casino, somewhere with children or artwork.


Yet one must note that the eclipses set for Washington have Sagittarius on the ascendants, while the ones set for Dallas have Scorpio on the ascendants. This alone indicates a more intense cast to the events of the Dallas trip. Also some aspects tie in more sharply to the angles, and volatile planets are much closer to the Midheaven – which is itself a critical degree – in the Dallas charts.

For example, chart rulers Mars and Pluto occupy the tenth house. Rose Lineman notes that Uranus at 2 degrees Virgo is not only nearly atop the Midheaven but is also conjunct the fixed star Regulus, representing “worldly position and power”; that Uranus is almost atop both MC and Regulus does seem to signify the sudden change in who holds the reins of power in Washington.

One cannot isolate an eclipse chart from the natal or progressed charts of the principals involved. For example, Lineman notes that Kennedy suffered from the fact that progressed Moon, progressed Mars, and progressed Jupiter were all in the natal eighth house at the time of his death, AND since they were in Gemini, they squared the lunar eclipse Uranus, Pluto and Mars (in that order) in Virgo.

So you see there are layers upon layers of connections between the events, the eclipses, and all the natal and progressed charts of the principal players involved. I encourage you to play with the chart data given below to make whatever combination charts occur to you. Try making triple- and quadruple-ringed charts.


Lineman, Rose, Eclipses: Astrological Guideposts, 1984, AFA.

March, Marion and McEvers, Joan, The Only Way to Learn About Tomorrow, 1988, ACS Publications, Lesson 9. .

Roell, Dave, Dave’s Method of Reading Eclipses, June 11, 2013, AstroAmerica newsletter,

Sepharial, Eclipses in Theory and Practice, 1991, Sun Books.

(Mention is also made of a Jan Spiller book on eclipses, which Dave says is excellent, but I do not have the title of that book.)


John F Kennedy, May 29, 1917, 3:15 pm Boston MA.

Lee Harvey Oswald, Oct. 18, 1939, (unknown time) New Orleans LA.

Assassination of JFK, Nov. 22, 1963, about 12:30 pm, Dallas TX.

Pre-Assassination Lunar Eclipse, set for Dallas, July 6, 1963, 3:55 pm.

Pre-Assassination Solar Eclipse, set for Dallas, July 20, 1963, 2:43 pm.

Batman movie shooting — July 20, 2012 in Aurora, CO at 12:38 am to 12:45 am MDT

SOLAR ECLIPSE prior to shooting was on May 20, 2012 at 5:23 pm MDT.

Good news: couple marries one year later:

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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 21-27, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mars is conjunct Jupiter at 5 degrees Cancer at 3:35 am Monday. This conjunction is marked by high physical energy plus confidence – so much so that you may be willing to accept risks that you might not otherwise accept. (Just make sure there is a net underneath you.) It is favorable for new beginnings. We feel more competitive in sports and try a lot harder to win it all. You can get on a roll!
Venus enters practical Virgo at 8:41 am Monday. Venus placed here is a little too judgmental of others, too quick to write off people who fall short of their high standards. However, if this Venus can put aside that judgmental tendency, she can help others by showing them how to accomplish practical skills – skills like how to parent, how to wash dishes, how to bake cookies, how to balance a check book, etc. You may notice that the Virgo Venus has more acquaintances than friends, because she tends to keep people at arm’s length at least until she knows them better.
Famous people with Venus in Virgo include: showman and columnist Ed Sullivan, author Ernest Hemingway, performers Julie Andrews, Anne Bancroft, Mike Douglas and Lucille Ball, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, revolutionaries Fidel Castro and Chiang Kai-Shek, and golfer Ben Hogan.
The Sun enters its home sign of Leo at 11:56 am Monday. Leo Suns are gregarious and warm individuals who open their homes and souls to the favored few – or to many, if their finances allow for it. Yet at the same time, Leo has certain traps, such as demanding attention whether it is deserved or not, and taking criticism too personally. They do shine when in the spotlight, but they shine even better when encouraging others to express their talents. Their enthusiasm can lift all boats. Please don’t assign Leos to menial tasks as a career. It isn’t that they wouldn’t chip in and help in a pinch, but a daily diet of meaningless tasks is just too deadening. They can work very hard in careers that challenge them. They are ambitious and can rise to executive positions.
Famous people with Sun in Leo include: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Percy B. Shelley, George Bernard Shaw, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julia Child, Dag Hammarskjold, Casey Stengel, Ben Hogan, Paul Tillich, Dr. Ralph Bunche, Vitas Gerulaitis, Raoul Wallenberg, Neil Armstrong, Michelle Yeoh, Stan Freberg, Whitney Houston, Hulk Hogan, Connie Chung and Princess Anne.
Venus at 4 degrees Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces at 8:08 am Friday. There is always the element of deception when Neptune is involved. Maybe someone builds himself up to be a better catch than he or she is – but you find that in the average personals ad, anyway. Neptune can also add a dash of glamor to the aura of that seemingly-perfect someone, which evaporates as soon as your eyes open a little wider. Romances can begin under this transit but do keep your wits about you. Get a friend to introduce you to someone.
Venus at 5 degrees Virgo sextiles Saturn at 2:36 pm Friday. Saturn calls your attention to the fact that healthy relationships require some mutual duties. Most of them are a pleasure to do for someone you love. You may feel drawn to an older person, whether for advice or for love. On a more mundane level, this transit can be very good for doing crafts that require attention to detail – since Virgo rules textiles, this may mean weaving or embroidery.
Saturday night looks very stressful with Mars at 9 degrees Cancer opposite Pluto at 6:47 pm, and the Sun at 5 degrees Leo square Saturn at 9:06 pm Saturday. Mars (with Jupiter nearby) is willing to apply great effort – only to run up against an immovable object like Pluto. The Sun is also being crossed by an immovable object, Saturn, which is like a stone wall. Pluto is more like a tsunami, earthquake, the Army, or merely the march of history. So this is not a good time to expect a wish to come true, at least, not if you have personal planets at around 5 or 9 degrees of the fixed and cardinal signs.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 14-20, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

We have an interesting week, astrologically speaking. We have two planetary stations – Uranus goes retrograde and Mercury goes direct. Then we have not just one Grand Trine in water signs, but a series of Grand Trines being triggered as two planets become exact at any one time.
First up – the Uranus retrograde station will be at 1:20 pm Wednesday, at 12 degrees 31′ of Aries. Where will that fall in your chart, and will it contact any natal or progressed planets for you? It will make major aspects to two of my natal planets, so it will be interesting to see what transpires. Dane Rudhyar says that Uranus stations express an ego that becomes an expression of “the God whose countenance is now at least dimly perceived – The Star in the sky has become the pulsating heart of the Christ-child within the utterly renewed human person.” He also says that at times “the Uranian challenge to ego-structures and social-religious privileges . . . is perceived as a kind of Visitation from the spirit – It may be a vision, a summons to action, a sudden realization of the next step to be taken or of the distant goal.” Uranus is the power of the Annunciation, or of a Transfiguration that allows spiritual light to shine from within. Uranus can throw off the base matrix stone that encases the brilliant diamond of the soul.
Stephanie Clement says of the Uranus retrograde period that “you can expect the unexpected. Things are subject to sudden fluctuation and you may be feeling a bit stubborn, rebellious, your emotions explosive and uncooperative toward anyone or anything that represents the status quo.” [for her complete article please, go to
I should also add that when Uranus has a station, whether retrograde or direct, things can be rather chaotic or even manic.
Mercury goes direct at 2:22 pm Saturday, at 13 degrees 23′ of Cancer. Note that this is square the Uranus station, so if you have natal planets in aspect to the one, you will likely feel another whack on the side of the head when the other makes its station. We have covered Mercury retrogrades several times already, but in summary, the retrograde gives you time to correct your thinking, try a different formula, find the error and fix it, or find out new information that causes a re-evaluation of the situation. Also, people may find that it is easier to write things down than to communicate verbally.
Jupiter makes two trines Wednesday – Jove trines Saturn at 1:32 pm, and trines Neptune at 8:16 pm. They are at 4 degrees, 50-some minutes of the water signs. The Moon in Scorpio trines Jupiter and Neptune on Tuesday. The Saturn-Neptune trine becomes exact at 9:28 am Friday. Mars gets into the act on Saturday, trining Neptune at 3:43 pm, and then Saturn at 5:34 pm. The Moon in Capricorn sextiles Neptune and Saturn the same day, and opposes Mars and Jupiter late that night. (Mars won’t be conjunct Jupiter until next Monday.)
So you can see that the Grand Trine is continually urging new beginnings on many of us this week – which also means that we may have to say good-bye to something first. Good-byes and losses are part of the Neptune dynamic – sometimes translated as “easy come, easy go”! So if that part applies to you, I hope that you took the opportunity to make good use of the good that came into your life to get on your feet again.

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Chart Comparisons for Abe Lincoln, J. W. Booth, and fatal shot

by Milky Way Maid
I did not know if a chart comparison would be successful when I started this little project, but I was intrigued enough to give it a go.
I had no birth times for the two principals – Abe Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth – so I used noon for both. I did find a time for the fatal shot inflicted on the late President; a source said it occurred at 10:13 pm on the night of April 14, 1865. The President lingered for some nine hours before he finally breathed his last.
This composite chart has Abe Lincoln in the center ring, Booth in the middle ring, and the fatal shot in the outer ring representing the transits. I should maybe have put the assassination in the center, since it is the only one to be specific as to time; you are free to construct such a chart on your own software and see what that yields. I will tell you that the assassination chart yields an ascendant of 9 degrees, 21′ Sagittarius (with the Moon rising at 9 degrees, 12′ of Sag), and the MC is at 26 degrees, 14′ Virgo.
The way these charts interlock is at first glance far too complex to treat fully in one article. There are many planets in a narrow slice from 7 to 14 degrees of the signs, another group at 29 or 00 degrees of signs (which is a harmonic of the first group), and some more at 22 to 27 degrees of the signs.
Let’s start by listing the planets at 7 to 14 degrees of the signs.
In Pres. Lincoln’s chart: Mercury at 10 Pisces, Pluto at 13 Pisces.
In Mr. Booth’s chart: Neptune at 10 Aquarius, Uranus at 12 Pisces, North Node at 12 Aries, and Jupiter at 8 Virgo. Mr. Booth has Jupiter, the planet of the actor, inconjunct Neptune in Capricorn and opposite Uranus in Pisces.
In the transit chart of the assassination: Neptune at 8 Aries, Pluto at 12 Taurus, Mercury at 14 Taurus, Mars at 8 Cancer, Moon at 9 Sag.
Listing planets at 29 to 01 of the signs yields this list: Lincoln’s Moon at 29 Capricorn, Booth’s retrograde Mercury at 29 Taurus and his Moon at 1 degree Sag; the transit chart has the North Node at . . .

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