Your Milky Way Horoscope July 21-27, 2013

July 14, 2013 at 2:55 pm


By Milky Way Maid


Mars is conjunct Jupiter at 5 degrees Cancer at 3:35 am Monday. This conjunction is marked by high physical energy plus confidence – so much so that you may be willing to accept risks that you might not otherwise accept. (Just make sure there is a net underneath you.) It is favorable for new beginnings. We feel more competitive in sports and try a lot harder to win it all. You can get on a roll!


Venus enters practical Virgo at 8:41 am Monday. Venus placed here is a little too judgmental of others, too quick to write off people who fall short of their high standards. However, if this Venus can put aside that judgmental tendency, she can help others by showing them how to accomplish practical skills – skills like how to parent, how to wash dishes, how to bake cookies, how to balance a check book, etc. You may notice that the Virgo Venus has more acquaintances than friends, because she tends to keep people at arm’s length at least until she knows them better.



Famous people with Venus in Virgo include: showman and columnist Ed Sullivan, author Ernest Hemingway, performers Julie Andrews, Anne Bancroft, Mike Douglas and Lucille Ball, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, revolutionaries Fidel Castro and Chiang Kai-Shek, and golfer Ben Hogan.


The Sun enters its home sign of Leo at 11:56 am Monday. Leo Suns are gregarious and warm individuals who open their homes and souls to the favored few – or to many, if their finances allow for it. Yet at the same time, Leo has certain traps, such as demanding attention whether it is deserved or not, and taking criticism too personally. They do shine when in the spotlight, but they shine even better when encouraging others to express their talents. Their enthusiasm can lift all boats. Please don’t assign Leos to menial tasks as a career. It isn’t that they wouldn’t chip in and help in a pinch, but a daily diet of meaningless tasks is just too deadening. They can work very hard in careers that challenge them. They are ambitious and can rise to executive positions.


Famous people with Sun in Leo include: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Percy B. Shelley, George Bernard Shaw, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julia Child, Dag Hammarskjold, Casey Stengel, Ben Hogan, Paul Tillich, Dr. Ralph Bunche, Vitas Gerulaitis, Raoul Wallenberg, Neil Armstrong, Michelle Yeoh, Stan Freberg, Whitney Houston, Hulk Hogan, Connie Chung and Princess Anne.


Venus at 4 degrees Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces at 8:08 am Friday. There is always the element of deception when Neptune is involved. Maybe someone builds himself up to be a better catch than he or she is – but you find that in the average personals ad, anyway. Neptune can also add a dash of glamor to the aura of that seemingly-perfect someone, which evaporates as soon as your eyes open a little wider. Romances can begin under this transit but do keep your wits about you. Get a friend to introduce you to someone.


Venus at 5 degrees Virgo sextiles Saturn at 2:36 pm Friday. Saturn calls your attention to the fact that healthy relationships require some mutual duties. Most of them are a pleasure to do for someone you love. You may feel drawn to an older person, whether for advice or for love. On a more mundane level, this transit can be very good for doing crafts that require attention to detail – since Virgo rules textiles, this may mean weaving or embroidery.


Saturday night looks very stressful with Mars at 9 degrees Cancer opposite Pluto at 6:47 pm, and the Sun at 5 degrees Leo square Saturn at 9:06 pm Saturday. Mars (with Jupiter nearby) is willing to apply great effort – only to run up against an immovable object like Pluto. The Sun is also being crossed by an immovable object, Saturn, which is like a stone wall. Pluto is more like a tsunami, earthquake, the Army, or merely the march of history. So this is not a good time to expect a wish to come true, at least, not if you have personal planets at around 5 or 9 degrees of the fixed and cardinal signs.



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Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop. NOTE: some aspects are exact on a weekend but may find opportunity for expression on the Friday or Monday nearest the exact aspect. Times given are in Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time depending on the season.



ARIESMarch 20-April 19 – The Sun enters your solar fifth house on Monday; you spend more time this month in activities with the kids, being a kid again yourself as you visit the zoo, ride a train, or make sand castles. The Moon is in Aries from 5:29 pm Friday till next Monday. Don’t go around looking for a fight Saturday morning; it’s best to work off energy with a hard workout. Someone may make a surprise visit in the afternoon.



TAURUSApril 20-May 20 – The Sun enters your solar fourth house on Monday; you may become involved in homes, warehouses or other property whether as a broker or caretaker. Thursday afternoon is actually very harmonious for time spent with friends. Friday afternoon may be spent in happy hours doing a favor for a loved one. Saturday night does not favor enjoyable evenings out; see notes above on stressful transits.



GEMINIMay 21-June 20 – The Sun enters your solar third house on Monday; you may strive to make your speech or messages more dramatic, perhaps by livening them up with personal anecdotes to illustrate the ideas. You may arrange an exchange of favors at work Wednesday, but gosh you better be right on time or else she will never do another favor for you. Thursday afternoon favors tending to budgets or purchase orders. Friday afternoon favors tending to workplace matters, perhaps rearranging those partitions.



CANCERJune 21-July 22 – The Sun enters your solar second house on Monday; issues of self-worth are under consideration this month. Also on Monday, Mars is conjunct Jupiter in your sign; wow, you will be a dynamo all week. A legal case might not be profitable Wednesday. Friday afternoon favors working hard on detailed crafts, possibly things like weaving or embroidery. Saturday night does not favor enjoyable evenings out; see notes above.



LEOJuly 23-Aug. 22 – The Sun enters your sign Monday, which may put you in your favorite spot, the spotlight. Be gracious in sharing the applause. You may be able to borrow money from a friend Wednesday, but you’ll have to be punctual about repaying. On Friday night, you may enjoy reusing items to make beautiful household decorations. Saturday night does not favor enjoyable evenings out; see notes above.



VIRGOAug. 23-Sept. 22 – The Sun enters your solar twelfth house on Monday; you may cheer up people in the hospital (especially children) or in physical rehab programs. Also on Monday, you energy is high if volunteering for a worthy cause. Share a laugh mid-morning Tuesday. Wednesday night finds you particularly vulnerable to a sneaky charmer, so keep alert. Friday night favors detailed work on handcrafts of all kinds.



LIBRASept. 23-Oct. 22 – The Sun enters your solar eleventh house on Monday; you may join a sports club – possibly in a coaching position – or spend time on Causes. Also on Monday, your energy is very high in career matters, and you might entertain a business risk or two. Friday night favors relaxing with some hand craft such as knitting. Saturday night does not favor enjoyable evenings out; see notes above on stressful transits.



SCORPIOOct. 23-Nov. 21 – The Sun enters your solar tenth house on Monday; you look for recognition, if only a pat on the back, a certificate, or a ribbon at State Fair. Also on Monday you get a boost of energy with an eagerness to travel and learn. You may be able to borrow money from a friend Wednesday but he will demand prompt repayment. Friday night favors a pleasant time with a woman friend. Saturday night does not favor enjoyable evenings out; see notes above on stressful transits.



SAGITTARIUSNov. 22-Dec. 21 – The Sun enters your solar ninth house on Monday; the Indiana Jones in you starts looking for adventures. You may be able to arrange a favor at work on Wednesday but it will require prompt repayment in kind. On Thursday you figure out how to set up a sporting field in the yard for the kids. On Friday night, you hole up with a secret hobby that no one else knows about.



CAPRICORNDec. 22-Jan. 19 – The Moon is in Capricorn from Sunday till Monday afternoon. There are no exact aspects Monday for Capricorn, so stick to your plan for the day. However, the Sun enters your solar eighth house on Monday; you may oversee a merger of some kind, or take up extreme sports like rock climbing. Saturday night does not favor enjoyable evenings out; see notes above on stressful transits.



AQUARIUSJan. 20-Feb. 17 – The Moon is in Aquarius from 2:07 pm Monday till Wednesday afternoon. Aquarians get challenged by having to work around obstacles Monday afternoon and evening. The Sun enters your solar seventh house on Monday; you may go one-on-one to tackle a project, go to interviews, or find a business partner. Tuesday morning promises to send you a friend with a joke of the day. Saturday night does not favor enjoyable evenings out; see notes above on stressful transits.



PISCESFeb. 18-March 19 – The Sun enters your solar sixth house on Monday; you may do something that requires a uniform, such as a candy-striper or dental assistant. The Moon is in Pisces from 2:22 pm Wednesday till Friday afternoon. Your psychic antennae are very keen Wednesday night, so a late date for two might be very harmonious – and I mean late, because the 7 pm hour finds you feeling unloved.



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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 14-20, 2013 A Couple Ways of Looking at Solar and Lunar Eclipse Charts

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