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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 2-8, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

Saturn at 23 degrees 19′ Scorpio makes a Retrograde Station at 11:19 am Sunday. Saturn is the “reality check” planet. Saturn retrograde can make you feel like you are never good enough; you may become so pessimistic that you get stampeded into rash actions out of desperation. Take your time during Saturn retrogrades when it comes to making a decision or arriving at a strategy for the future. More information is forthcoming yet, and you are really still in the data-gathering mode. The retrograde period is a time when you may be forced to build a solid foundation for your life, if that was not something that was properly done in childhood. You may have to finish something that was left undone, or be forced to take responsibility for something. Things seem to grind to a halt until that Unfinished Business is taken care of.
Venus at 27 degrees Capricorn squares Mars in Libra at 3:04 pm Sunday. The square between Venus and Mars often translates as physical attraction, or sometimes sexual tension if there is some obstacle that keeps two people apart. It is important to apply mutual consideration and possibly compromise so that both entities can get something out of an encounter. This transit occurs in the late degrees of the signs, so it may be that one of them is the offspring of the owner of a large business, and the other one has hopes of climbing up the ladder of success via a propitious marriage. We shall see.
The Sun at 13 degrees Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at 2:13 pm Monday. This transit favors what they call “embarking on a journey of personal transformation” and for creating order out of chaos. You may get deep into reading about esoteric subjects like psychology, meditation, yoga, astrology, numerology, etc.
Venus enters Aquarius at 4:03 pm on Ash Wednesday. Venus in airy Aquarius likes to spread love around in the sense of agape, a non-romantic kind of brotherly love for all humanity. Aquarians can be very sentimental, though! And because this is a fixed sign, natives of the sign often remain married to their mates for a lifetime. This is NOT the sign of the swinger! Having said that, Venus in Aquarius represents being able to love and appreciate others in an impartial way. It can also express itself in immature personalities as eccentric behavior in an attempt to maintain his or her freedom. But if Venus is well-aspected, the native can be very idealistic about love.
Famous people with Venus in Aquarius include: John Steinbeck, Henri Matisse, Arturo Toscanini, Lady Bird Johnson, Dick Van Dyke, Earl Warren, Frederic Chopin, Sammy Davis Jr., Franklin Roosevelt, Edward Albee, Muhammad Ali.
Jupiter makes a Direct Station at 10 degrees 27′ Cancer at 5:42 am Thursday. During the retrograde period, we may rethink our role in the society or culture we were born into. We may start to take a broader view, even a global view. At least for a while, we are able to break from routine and consciously choose a new way of thinking and doing things. When Jupiter goes direct, we may carry these new insights along with us and incorporate them into our daily lives – or not. That’s the choice we all make.
As you can see, three planets change direction this month – Saturn and Mars go retrograde, and Jupiter goes direct. Saturn and Jupiter are in water signs, so natives of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces may get whiplash as events gyrate back and forth.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 23 – March 1, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun and Neptune are conjunct at 5 degrees Pisces at 1:11 pm Sunday. As I was saying in last week’s column, perhaps you ought to let someone else drive; it is way too easy for you to get confused and lost today. To put it another way, you probably couldn’t find your way out of a paper bag. It is a good day for shooting yourself in the foot, literally or metaphorically, so leave new matters for another time. In some ways it can be an expression of the anxious or confused energies around you, which you have absorbed like a psychic sponge. It may be good to reinforce a kind of protective blue aura around yourself.
Venus at 23 degrees Capricorn sextiles Saturn in Scorpio at 11:50 pm Monday. One interpretation is “kind advice” – which to me is the best type of advice to give. If one of the planets is in a money house, it may bring an opportunity to earn what you need. If one of the planets is in a career house, it can help you schmooze with the movers and shakers in your corner of the world.
Jupiter at 10 Cancer squares Uranus in Aries at 2:33 am Wednesday. This aspect is basically generational but can be quite disruptive in one’s personal chart. You may feel like you are on a roller-coaster ride. You may feel like you were “born to be wild” while at the same time reporting as usual to a button-down job. You may burn a bridge or two, hopeful that you can now journey to a land where the grass is really greener.
Mercury makes its Direct Station at 18 degrees 10′ Aquarius at exactly 9 am Friday. Yeah, I can see you breaking out the confetti and balloons. I hope you have taken the opportunity to clear the air (since it occurs in air sign Aquarius) and put communications on a solid footing, with all parties on the same page. If you have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart, you may have enjoyed a vacation from miscommunications or internal chatter.
The Sun at 10 degrees Pisces trines Jupiter in Cancer at 11:05 pm Friday. Luck can land in your lap under this transit, or maybe you are king/queen for a day. Try not to be too haughty! Travel is generally favored since you are optimistic and open-minded, ready to make friends wherever you go. It is a good day for visualizing a better life in every way. I must add, however, that sometimes a Jupiter transit contacting your personal planets is more protective than lucky, although given the current economic realities, protection of your main source of income is very lucky indeed.
Mars makes a Retrograde Station at 23 degrees 32′ Libra at 11:24 am Saturday. Just as Mercury gives us a chance to correct erroneous thinking, Mars retrograde gives us a chance to change bad health habits, possibly because you are forced to by some health wake-up call. If this is close to natal planets, your energy may be low, so make sure to get enough rest. You may have difficulty with sports, competition in general, or with expressing anger or standing up for yourself. On the plus side, it is easier to count ten before responding with inappropriate anger. On the minus side, you may let resentments fester until you explode later; to fester is BAD, do not fester. Depleted physical energy can make it harder to heal, slower to recover from ordinary infections, fevers, injuries. You may find it helpful during this time (and for the long term) to take up some yoga exercises, if only some breathing exercises, to help your body recharge its battery.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 16-22, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury retrograde at 26 degrees Aquarius trines Mars in Libra at 3:19 am Sunday. We feel extra self-confident, like we could take on the world; but with Mercury retrograde, that thought may lead us astray. We may tackle a mental challenge, and even though we might make a false start on it, it is still important to do that groundwork. We may also have quite a gift for turning a phrase, but then have to retract our statement. It may be a good time to get some things off our chest, if only to use someone as a sounding board.
The Sun enters Pisces at exactly 1 pm Tuesday. The phrase that come to my mind with Sun in Pisces is “tea and sympathy” because Pisceans value both giving and receiving a sympathetic ear. The problem with Pisces is that they are often too willing to just wallow in the self-pity or the pity party, whereas a sign like Cancer will feel the feelings and then do something about it. Pisces can appear to be indecisive and addicted to self-defeatism. But the mature Pisces can transmute all their feelings into inspiring art or poetry, or into a mystical if idealistic vision of the future.
Sun in Pisces natives can be very observant without even being aware of it, and as a result their comments may seem psychic. They have a vivid imagination, which is useful in the arts but negative when they scare themselves out of their own wits. Can be the pet of the family. Can be pliable, which scammers take advantage of. Can be prone to yielding to the impulse of the moment, driving 100 miles for no particular reason or blowing off appointments. Famous people with the Sun in Pisces include: John Steinbeck, Jackie Gleason, Liz Taylor, Albert Einstein, Victor Hugo, Frederic Chopin, Earl Warren, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sidney Poitier, Rex Harrison, Edward Albee, George Harrison, Rudolph Nureyev, Pierre Renoir, and Pope Pius XII.
Mercury retrograde at 23 degrees Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio at 2:11 am Wednesday. We may feel lonely simply from the unwillingness to pick up the phone and call someone. The aspect may favor doing very focused, very detailed work, but with Mercury retrograde you may have to do it over again. It doesn’t favor making a good impression so find another day for that interview.
Ceres enters Scorpio on or about Feb. 17, and promptly trines Sun entering Pisces. Ceres in Scorpio gives great reserves of physical and psychological strength. Scorpios will proceed toward their goals despite any number of obstacles or setbacks. They can also recover from physical ailments and regenerate themselves like the phoenix. Psychic talents may also surface, especially in regards to what loved ones are doing or what they need. With the trine to the Sun, Scorpios may gravitate toward art as an outlet, and luck onto a teacher because the student is ready.
CAUTION for next week: The Sun will be conjunct fuzzy Neptune midday Sunday, Feb. 23. Pisces natives are likely to suffer all kinds of mishaps, some of which may make for funny stories later. Let other people drive, lest you get hopelessly lost!

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 9-15, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun at 23 degrees Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio at 2:57 pm Tuesday. This is a good day for respecting elders or those in authority – and at least one authority figure may stop you today to ask what the heck you were thinking of when you did such-and-such. That means you may be stopped by a cop for not signaling a turn or stuff like that. You may also have to follow The Plan (at work, for example) to the letter, so keep checking the company manual and style guide. You may also run into the word “NO!” when asking for favors or cooperation so do not act shocked or disappointed; you will have to just sit there and take it like a good trouper.
Mercury in retrograde motion re-enters Aquarius at 10:30 pm Wednesday. You will likely find yourself rehashing old ideas, old questions, going back to prior topics of discussion either at business meetings or in your personal life. Sometimes this retrograde also brings back people from your past – sometimes even from a past life.
The Sun at 26 degrees Aquarius trines Mars in Libra at 9:06 pm Friday. A Sun-Mars trine will surely recharge the batteries of many Aquarians. You’re a real ball of fire (oops, make that air) who starts things, who is full of great ideas, who gets people together to brainstorm for even more ideas on what the future could or should be like.
The Sun and retrograde Mercury are conjunct at 27 degrees Aquarius at 3:22 pm Saturday. Bargain-hunters will have a field day, as merchandise will likely be marked way down. As usual with a Mercury retrograde, examine the item carefully and check out details of features so that you do indeed get what you want. It is good for sellers because they can clear out old or used items from the shelves. Conjunctions generally mark a high volume of transactions, and in this case I feel that buyers will be happy with their purchases because the next Moon aspect is a sextile to Jupiter – buyers feel lucky to have gotten a steal. Mercury’s next aspect is a trine to Mars, where I suppose the sale income may be applied to taxes or other debts, and that’s a good thing.

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More Evidence for Noon as Start of Day?

by Milky Way Maid

Dave over at keeps harping on using noon as the start of the day in the pre-railroad era. He tends to run a chart both for the stated time, which assumes that the legal began at midnight, and a chart for 12 hours later which assumes that the day began at noon since it was a verifiable event.

I have just run across something that tends to support noon as a verifiable event, a verifiable astronomical event — because ships for example would reset their clocks to an authoritative source.

The fact is that beginning in 1845, at the request of the Secretary of the Navy, the Navy Observatory dropped a ball precisely at noon. This ball was installed at the telescope dome, and was apparently visible even to ships in the Potomac River. The ships would set their clocks before putting out to sea.

This system apparently stayed in force until the adoption of Ephemeris time in 1956, and later the adoption of Dynamical time in 1984 (a measure of time based on the motion of the celestial bodies).

For the original source please dial your browser to the Navy website at

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