Your Milky Way Horoscope April 6-12, 2014

March 31, 2014 at 3:00 pm

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury enters Aries at 11:35 am Monday. Mercury in Aries has an unfortunate habit of making authoritative pronouncements as if they were holy writ, appearing overbearing or even aggressive. However, the real Aries gift for leading and inspiring others can be expressed through that Mercury so that others willingly follow where you lead. In everyday life, Mercury in Aries is original, a seeker of novel ideas and news, witty, able to think on his or her feet. The downside is that you want your own way at all times, and want your orders followed immediately. Good at leadership in general, whether conducting a band or heading a company. Famous people with Mercury in Aries include: TV comedian Carol Burnett, silent comedian Charlie Chaplin, astronomer Copernicus, conductor Arturo Toscanini, actress Hayley Mills, playwright William Shakespeare, and painter Vincent Van Gogh.
The Sun at 19 degrees Aries opposes Mars in Libra at 5:04 pm Tuesday. The opposition is projection; we perceive others as being angry, argumentative, or competitive, but it is our own such traits that are yearning for expression. Sports or exercise are the most socially accepted ways of working off this kind of energy. To some extent, debate is also accepted, if we are in a situation where we are asked to make our case. We want to prove our case or prove ourselves. We are secretly glad when someone else challenges us to prove our case.
Venus at 6 degrees Pisces conjuncts Neptune at 10:24 pm Friday. If you ever want to fall in love, this is a good time to do it. The other person will seem like everything you have ever wanted; whether that impression will be backed up with solid attributes is another question. The other main interpretation of this aspect has to do with giving things away. You may become convinced that the other person or organization really needs the item, or that it is going to a legitimate charity. It may turn out that the receiver is really a scammer who has been taking advantage of your altruistic, idealistic side. The day favors artistic pursuits, when you have a vision of the finished work, possibly a total fantasy of an ideal world, but so beautiful that it can inspire anyone who sees or hears it. The day does NOT favor business transactions unless possibly you are buying art materials, or a ticket to an art museum. The day favors spending time with loved ones, preferably on a deserted island with no distractions!

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Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop. NOTE: some aspects are exact on a weekend but may find opportunity for expression on the Friday or Monday nearest the exact aspect. Times given are in Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time depending on the season.

ARIES – March 20-April 19 – Mercury enters your sign Monday; you grab the microphone and give everyone the benefit of your thoughts, whether they want them or not. Also on Monday, cardinal signs are stressed or challenged, as the case may be, by the Moon squaring both the Sun and Mars; you are eager to spring-clean your home and put in the garden. Tuesday afternoon may bring a chance to state your case in your most persuasive manner. Wednesday may be the best day of your week; you exercise leadership, or contribute to a brainstorming session.

TAURUS – April 20-May 20 – Mercury enters your solar twelfth house Monday; you may handle confidential matters or secret messages, or just enjoy reading your spy novels. Take care to pace yourself Tuesday if doing physical work in your home or garden. You might host a foreigner in your home starting Wednesday morning. Do not validate pessimistic feelings Thursday. Friday night favors having relatives over for dinner.

GEMINI – May 21-June 20 – You are very optimistic about your financial health Sunday, but that does not mean you should go overboard on spending. Mercury enters your solar eleventh house Monday; you may accept the challenge of writing the newsletter or brochures just to keep busy. Friends may not be too supportive of your recent creative efforts Tuesday. A neighbor seems like a fascinating romantic prospect Wednesday. Friday night may be the best time to have your banker or investment advisor over for dinner.

CANCER – June 21-July 22 – The Moon is in Cancer from Sunday till Tuesday morning. Mercury enters your solar tenth house Monday; business presentations or conference calls rule the month, especially if you are the one inviting others to gather. Also on Monday, cardinal signs are stressed or challenged, as the case may be, by the Moon squaring both the Sun and Mars; you are eager to enter sales competitions at work.

LEO – July 23-Aug. 22 – Mercury enters your solar ninth house Monday; you may set out on a trip to a foreign country, or enroll in a class to stimulate your brain cells. The Moon is in Leo from 5:50 am Tuesday till Thursday night. You may extend or receive offers to help Tuesday morning. You may feel frustrated by stumbling blocks Thursday but that feeling will pass; the Moon is void most of today so stick to routine. There is some risk of losses if you invest through others on Friday.

VIRGO – Aug. 23-Sept. 22 – Mercury enters your solar eighth house Monday; you may blurt out things regarding taboo topics, much to your chagrin. The Moon is in Virgo from 6:08 pm Thursday till next Sunday morning. Friday favors having a relative or neighbor over for dinner to tell all about their long trip. Best to hide the credit card from your spouse Friday night. A new acquaintance Friday may seem so nice but is a charlatan at heart. Take an older sibling or other relative out to lunch Saturday for a productive chat.

LIBRA – Sept. 23-Oct. 22 – Mercury enters your solar seventh house Monday; you may learn some surprising things about your partner, things that probably show what a self-starter he or she is. Also on Monday, cardinal signs are stressed or challenged, as the case may be, by the Moon squaring both the Sun and Mars; you are eager to take your mate along on business trips. Practice biting your tongue Tuesday, or get dragged into fruitless arguments. Wednesday may be your best day. Start off with telling your mate a joke in the morning. Have friends over for dinner that night.

SCORPIO – Oct. 23-Nov. 21 – Mercury enters your solar sixth house Monday; there is more chatter with coworkers, and you may have several appointments for health checkups or treatments. Monday afternoon is most productive for knocking things off your to-do list. Pace yourself Tuesday if doing physical work; you may also visit a clinic for medical tests. Change in the workplace is in the wind for Wednesday. The Moon is void most of Thursday so stick to routine.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov. 22-Dec. 21 – Mercury enters your solar fifth house Monday; you organize fun expeditions and parties, while enjoying playing the tour guide. Tuesday morn is most auspicious for contacting arts professionals and gallery owners. The afternoon is contentious when friends are not quite supportive of your creative ambitions. Stick to routine on Thursday. Thoroughly check out home repair companies Friday before contracting with anyone.

CAPRICORN – Dec. 22-Jan. 19 – Mercury enters your solar fourth house Monday; you go through old photo albums and convert pictures into online blogs or scrapbooks. Also on Monday, cardinal signs are stressed or challenged, as the case may be, by the Moon squaring both the Sun and Mars; you are eager to settle into a new home with your mate. Friday evening is most favorable for your ambitions, as your mate helps entertain influential people for dinner.

AQUARIUS – Jan. 20-Feb. 17 – Mercury enters your solar third house Monday; you breeze through word games and novels, and may run into old school chums. Tuesday spawns arguments over what you think you know, and your philosophical views on life. Back up your mate’s goals on Wednesday; this might mean helping loan the family car with deliveries. Stick to routine on Thursday.

PISCES – Feb. 18-March 19 – Mercury enters your solar second house Monday; you talk about finances, usually to give orders to your banker or broker. You can be especially disciplined Monday night about your studies. Friday is the worst time to decide about charitable gifts. Friday night favors cuddling up with your mate and a romantic movie. Saturday favors discussion with a lawyer or other advisor, or with a mentor-type friend.


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