Ancient Indian Astrology truly astonishing in accuracy

September 7, 2016 at 5:48 pm

Hi, today is Sept. 7, 2016, and it is almost two years to the day since I stepped off the weekly ‘grind’ of doing an astrology column!!

Today I want to link to a very interesting story from a website called Ancient Origins — as you can guess, the site has nothing to do with astrology at all!

Headline reads “Surya Siddhanta: The Startlingly Accurate Astronomy Book of the 1st Millennium BC” and it’s about a book that dates from the Hellenistic Era.


The Surya Siddhanta is an incredible testament to the advanced thinking of ancient Indians. In this text, one can find the roots of trigonometry as well as essential mathematical inventions such as standard notation and the decimal system. In addition, the text describes gravity over a millennium before Sir Isaac Newton developed his theory in 1687. It explains sidereal revolutions and how planets move eastward. It accurately calculates the size and position of distant planets, the length of a tropical year, and the amount of time that has passed since creation. Finally, in its discussion of how time passes at different rates under different circumstances, it contains the seeds for relativity.

Hindu lore has it that the Surya Siddhanta is 2 million years old. Vedic tradition holds that, in an oral form, it was first composed 2500 years ago. Modern scholars think that it was most likely composed sometime during the early 6th century AD. Holding aside the possibility of divine inspiration, many believe that the wisdom found in the Surya Siddhanta came from a confluence of Indian and Greek thought, which came together during the Hellenistic Age. In particular, the work of Hipparchus seems to have had a significant impact on Indian thought.

If this really is two million years old, and no one can prove that it is or is not that old, but if it is, then that puts all of Western science about the age of civilization in doubt.

But you can read the whole article yourself at this link:


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