Retrograde Planets and Opportunities to Erase Karma

June 14, 2018 at 11:21 am

By Milky Way Maid  — for June 12, 2018

Hello, Star-Children!! I’ve been reading and watching material on Vedic astrology and it is FASCINATING!! And even if you have no interest in converting from the Western system, there is much to be gained by listening to the better communicators about the Vedic system.

One of the more interesting astrologers on Youtube is someone who tapes sessions under the name Astrology KRS. As a side note, one of the things that caught my attention was one lesson on Mars retrograde conjunct Ketu (their name for the South Node).

Mars, as you know, is retrograde this summer from June 26 to August 27, in the same sign as the South Node. This is a very dangerous time to be in large groups such as at concerts, ball games, festivals, etc. due to an increased chance of fights breaking out (we are seeing some of this already with fights at sporting events or taverns). Mars is very frustrated and looking for a fight; with the South Node nearby, the result can be a personal loss ranging from loss of a job or driver’s license, to serious injury or even death. Note also that the eclipses this summer are on the Leo-Aquarius axis, too. KRS says that this summer is also not a favorable period for surgery, either.

Now for my main reason for writing an article this week. This has to do with a karmic opportunity while  Jupiter and Saturn are both retrograde this summer. Jupiter (I see you checking your ephemeris) is retrograde from March 8 to July 10, and Saturn is retrograde from April 17 to Sept. 6.

According to KRS, these planets watch our actions far more closely while they are retrograde – with the goal of cleaning up our Karmic records a bit. Jupiter especially wants to reclaim his kingdom and kick out the bums who began squatting in the palace while he was away! And Saturn likewise would like us to live by the rules he set out for us – things like, “Be nice. Share. Help others. Hold the door open. Pay it forward.”

Now, if you are gifted with an opportunity to help someone, ESPECIALLY if it is someone you normally would not give the time of day to, then you really must stoop to help that person. In terms of the caste system of India, a Brahmin would normally have nothing to do with someone of a lower caste, especially an untouchable. But even a Brahmin is obligated to help an untouchable during such a retrograde, in hopes of erasing some old, bad Karma. This is especially true if the recipient of one’s good deed is handicapped or poor, elderly or seriously ill.

Even in our supposedly open Western society, too many of us are locked into our social classes and often treat those of lower status like dirt.  We are all likely to run into at least one opportunity to help someone who really needs some assistance. It may be something as simple as helping a handicapped person across the street. It may be something like listening to someone who just needs to talk. Maybe a few “random acts of kindness” are called for (which are a lovely habit to have, no matter if the planets are retrograde or not!!) And keep this in mind during political discussions in the nation’s capital over cutting Social Security or Medicare!!

Saturn and Jupiter are watching us much more closely while they are retrograde. They would like to erase a bad mark or two from your grade book of Life, so watch for them to toss out some ideas for Extra Credit, lol! Saturn is in charge of the grade book, and Jupiter is waiting to hand out rewards for Good Samaritan-ism. So let’s treat this like the wonderful gift that it is and be on our best behavior, people!!


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