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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 22-28, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun enters Libra at 4:44 pm Sunday. Librans like to talk things out to smooth over any social friction. I am reminded of Dwight D. Eisenhower starting off an interview by Ed Murrow by saying, “ Ed, I’ve been sitting here for months just waiting till I could have a good long talk about all this with just you,” while they sipped Mamie’s iced tea. Ike had to master the art of maintaining harmony amongst multiple egos when heading the European task force during WWII. Librans want to know what you want, so they can keep you happy. Librans demand fair treatment. Sometimes a Libran will expect a Yes from you just because he/she said Please, and might be royally miffed if you cannot indulge the request. Also sometimes the Libran will cave in just to avoid argument, but creating resentment that eventually piles up into a flaming row is not serving the cause of peace. A more mature Libran will try to dish out the cookies or perks according to who values what, while demanding everybody contribute a fair amount of effort to the grand project.
Librans truly enjoy working with a partner. This is true even if she is only holding the ladder while hubby nails the roofing. Thrives on the approval of others, so sometimes winds up in the performing arts. Enjoys harmony in music, and in vocal talents can often sing in a wide range, on perfect pitch, in a pure tone. Dresses carefully to put together an outfit for the day. Offended by vulgarity. Famous people with Sun in Libra include: Eisenhower, author William Faulkner, showman and columnist Ed Sullivan, singer-actress Julie Andrews, late-night TV host Johnny Carson, actress Helen Hayes, Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, pianist Vladimir Horowitz, architect Le Corbusier, composer Giuseppe Verdi.
Venus at 17 degrees Scorpio trines Jupiter in Cancer at 5:01 pm Thursday, which is Jupiter’s day, BTW. When the two benefics are in easy aspect, life can look very plush. It is also easy to overdo when it comes to sweets, gourmet multi-course dinners, spending in general, or any aspect of the good life. Note if it touches any natal planets for clues as to what you will be tempted by. Some chance of actually winning money under this aspect, but a lot depends on natal planets. You may feel like you are on vacation, spend more money than usual, be generous and treat another couple to dinner, etc.
Venus at 19 degrees Scorpio squares Mars in Leo at 9:32 am Saturday. This is often an aspect of sexual tension. People who are interested in each other may be prevented by social or economic roles from following up, so when they do meet it can get awkward. This is also an aspect that traditionally mean argument between couples – but of course it can be fun to make up. If the Mars is more activated, it can mean taking on a dare to impress someone. If Venus is representing money, it can mean putting in more hours and thereby increasing one’s income for the week.
NOTE: Mercury will enter Scorpio next Sunday morning (Sept. 29). Mercury in Scorpio holds his cards close to the chest, and tries to scope out what cards are being held by the other players. (more next week)


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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 8-14, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury enters Libra at 3:07 am Monday. Mercury in Libra is VERY fair-minded, and generally makes a point of listening to both sides before saying anything. Must mention that the youthful Mercury-in-Libra person spends too much time looking for acceptance from others when giving an opinion, because they are afraid of saying the wrong thing. This is why people think they are indecisive. Libras can lose their balance, honest, as well as their integrity and perspective, if they do not learn what is importance to THEM and not to others. The mature Mercury-in-Libra person learns how to say what needs to be said, but in a softer, gentler manner so that it goes down easily. Sometimes has a wonderful vocal gift for accents or languages – can project voice without distortion.
Sometimes the Mercury-in-Libra person can see in a flash what the solution to a problem is, but then they try to back up and figure it out logically – they should learn to trust that intuition. As an air sign is capable of real wisdom, or the most awful superficiality. Famous people with Mercury in Libra include: Queen Elizabeth I, golfer Arnold Palmer, Margaret Chase Smith, Henry Ford II, and actor David McCallum.
Mars at 7 degrees Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio at 7:06 am Monday. Could be an Oopsie day, with a broken bone or two if it contacts something in your natal chart. Arguments (Mars) may lead to saying goodbye or firing (Saturn). This is a very touchy aspect and you may have to walk on eggshells this morning. An irresistible force (Mars) meets an immoveable object (Saturn) – meaning, do not get into arguments that will change no one’s minds.
Venus leaves her home in Libra for Scorpio at 2:16 am Wednesday, Sept. 11. Venus in Scorpio is said to be in her detriment – although it must be said that this Venus wears the little black dress like NOBODY else. This Venus can get so much just by whispering a word in your ear, or even by saying nothing at all, and her eyes can be more suggestive than the crudest gesture. Sometimes Venus in Scorpio tries to control or manipulate others, but that is so unattractive! Scorpio rules The Hidden, and in this case, Venus can draw out the hidden talents or hidden side of anyone or anything. Can rouse and strengthen the power that others have over their own lives and talents, showing them their (previously hidden) worth.
Venus in Scorpio can be very possessive, although their magnetism should be enough to keep someone close by. Love lives can be stormy, only because they want to experience the highs and the lows – and the fun of making up. Famous people with Venus in Scorpio include: opera singer Joan Sutherland, actress Mary Martin, Queen Marie Antoinette, actress Patty Duke, singer Connie Francis, pacifist Mohandas Gandhi, tycoon J. Paul Getty, evangelist Billy Graham, actress Sophia Loren and pianist Vladimir Horowitz.
Venus at 3 degrees Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces at 2:33 am Saturday. Venus and Neptune together make for that treacherous “in love with love” dreamy-eyed mood that leads one down the primrose path. You tend to fall for all the wrong people, people who may not be what they say they are. Best to stay home and watch the late movie. Might be good for looking at cameras.
Mercury at 9 degrees Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn at 4:28 pm Saturday. This is great for doing heavy research or ferreting out the truth in your best Sam Spade impression. The square indicates it won’t be easy, nothing will be handed to you, and you will have to shake a lot of trees before the apples of truth fall into your hands.
Mars at 11 degrees Leo trines Uranus in Aries at 4:56 pm Saturday. Ooh, here’s a good opportunity to buy that new computer or car you’ve had your eyes on. I’ve told you before that good aspects between Mars and Uranus favor buying anything mechanical, electronic, electrical, etc. So this category covers everything from cars, computers and cameras to some little gadget from Radio Shack. You could install the new garage door opener this weekend, too.

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What Do The Stars Say About the 2011 Oscars?

by Milky Way Maid
The Academy Awards are scheduled to be handed out in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011. Who will be the big winners, and are there any surprises in store?
To answer the last question first, there are always some surprises on Oscar night. A performer who had been thought to be a shoo-in, goes home empty-handed.
What does the chart look like? The awards show generally begins about 5 pm Pacific Time, still daylight, in fact, when the stars walk down the red carpet and wave to the adoring crowd.
So I will use that time for the chart. This renders an ascendant of zero degrees Virgo. Virgo is actually a strong sign in the natal chart of Los Angeles. A forgotten writer of an old article on Tinseltown pointed out that Virgo is very apt, and is reflected in the many technical trades that are behind every film ever completed.
At any rate, the Ascendant is inconjunct Uranus in the eighth house, with Jupiter only a few degrees away. The inconjunct sometimes denotes an upset of some kind. Events that transpire are not quite what the audience expected to see. The ascendant is also sesquiquadrate the Moon (public) in Capricorn. Moon in Capricorn is good for formal fashions, but is rather dour for a gala event like this. Yet the sesqui aspect denotes that the public will have a difficult time accepting these fashions. The Ascendant opposes Mars in Pisces in the seventh house (with the Sun and Mercury nearby), and also opposes Neptune in the sixth house of work and health. Neptune is films in general, and Mars nearby is health issues. Perhaps the mental health and speech therapy themes of the films Black Swan and The King’s Speech will be highlighted that night. (Neptune also rules afflictions, and illnesses with unknown or mysterious causes.)
The Ascendant is sextile the South Node in Gemini at the cusp of the eleventh house – the eleventh house probably denotes the guild that conducts this awards ceremony. Does the South Node denote a repeat winner?
The Midheaven is 26 degrees Taurus, which happens to be conjunct the evil star Algol. Wonder if anyone is supposed to get their head chopped off in the special effects category?
The Midheaven is trine Venus in Capricorn in the fifth house of entertainment. It is sextile Uranus in the eighth house, and square Neptune in the sixth. Neptune, as we said, is film in general. Perhaps the fact that Neptune is in the sixth house will put more focus on the technical trades and skills that give form to the writers’ and director’s vision.
Transiting Saturn (honors, or the experts’ pick) squares the Moon (the public). It seems that the public may not like who the honorees are this year. This is not the People’s Choice awards, after all. This is who the members of the industry think that the public should see. This may apply to the most talked-about film of the year, The King’s Speech. The public is accustomed to seeing stuttering played for laughs, like in A Fish Named Wanda. Here it is treated seriously and with sensitivity as the Queen helps her husband overcome stuttering so that he can fulfill his duty to deliver speeches.
OK, on to the performing categories. We will treat the categories, Best Actor, Best Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress, and Best Director.

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