This is where we get into the wild and wonderful world of dreams and how to interpret them, incubate them, etc.

One of the better dream interpretation books I have found is Wilda Tanner’s “The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams” from 1988. I’m sure you can find copies at Alibris or Amazon, and other places on the web.


Flying Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Incubating Dreams

Dreams are not just random images that flicker across our brains while we sleep. Dreams are not just the equivalent of ‘screensavers’ produced by the brain when deprived of normal daily stimulation. Dreams are essential for physical and mental health, as we have seen with sleep-deprived persons who rapidly deteriorate physically and mentally into psychosis; even if you do not recall your dreams in the morning, you did dream at least once and probably three times each night. Whether you recall them or not, whether you go thru the trouble to keep a dream journal or not, whether you incubate dreams or not, your dreams are helping you to work out the large and small problems in your life.

Children frequently have flying dreams. I know I did. I did not fly on a carpet or on a winged horse, although that would have been nice, too. I just ran as if on the ground, but a foot or two or more above the ground. It was fun, and I would like to have them on a regular basis again.

What is the significance of flying dreams? They can mean more than one thing. Usually they mean, quite literally, rising above the limitations of earthly reality — rising above a situation to get a larger view. They can mean ambition — aiming high like a young Barack Obama who wrote how he wanted to be president when still a small boy. They can mean personal empowerment. They could even mean you have been astrally projecting.

The sensation of flying in a dream is like reaching for new heights — maybe you are literally daring to dream a bigger dream than you ever would have thought possible. You’re optimistic about your future, and about your progress in the world. You feel you can overcome any obstacle in life. Look for more clues in details about the flight — how high, was there turbulence, were you in a plane’s first class section, did you actually have wings?CAN’T TAKE OFF? I knew a staff member at college who said he dreamed of a rocket crashing at the launch pad. He probably felt frustrated in a repetitive and unappreciated job, like many of us are. He may have felt that an ambition was beyond his reach, encumbered as he was by family obligations. My own father went to night school while married and working, and it was hard, but he did not quit on his desire to advance himself and provide a better life for his family.PROBLEMS while in flight? This generally means you feel you are having setbacks to your ambitions. Maybe you are losing confidence in reaching a goal. Strong winds can mean communication problems, such as being ‘too windy’ or expressing oneself too forcefully.

LOW ALTITUDE? If you are flying by flapping your arms or peddling your feet, success comes by keeping to your task with every effort. This is an encouraging dream, really. It says you’re getting the hang of it.

LOSING ALTITUDE? This may mean you are wavering in your commitment to your ambition. Is it not what you hoped, or does it seem harder than you expected? Is it less rewarding than you thought it would be? It could also be a warning to stick to business, and watch out that you don’t bump your head. Going up and down like Woodstock the bird in the Peanuts cartoon might mean you fear success or have mixed feelings about deserving what you want.

SOARING FREE AS A BIRD? You feel you are succeeding at some area of your life. You might have further clues by what kind of terrain you are flying over. Flying over your office or workplace means you are enjoying professional success. Likewise if you are flying over your home or your spouse or family.

DO YOU HAVE ACTUAL WINGS? This means you feel superhuman, maybe assisted by the laws of a higher order of existence. Birds wings traditionally mean a gift of foresight or prophecy, being able to predict what will happen next. Angel wings? Maybe getting news from a higher authority — a boss, or pastor, or just someone you look up to a lot. Dreaming of birds flying means joy – especially if they are bluebirds! Flights of ideas, high ideals, high hopes.

IN A PLANE? Getting recognition, especially in a professional sense, for the work you have done — especially if you are flying first class! Flying in a glider or the like may mean that experimental ideas can ‘take off’.

FLYING CARPET? Creative imagination, creative visualization.
Try to picture the object or situation coming into being, step by step.

FLYING INTO A LIGHT? People often claim they see or get a message from someone who has passed on, altho more often it means you run into someone from the past, usually someone you have not seen in quite a while — or, that you will reconnect with some part of your past.

FLYING HORSE? Oh, I want to know the name of the horse you’re riding, so I can bet him in the Kentucky Derby! (Just kidding.) To me this means mastery of your own urges.

If you dream about flying fairly often, you might be capable of taking the next step and incubating a dream (where you ask for a solution to a problem), or even lucid dreaming (where you are aware that you are in a dream). Please check out the website dreams.ca — it’s a Canadian site that has a dream incubation study going on, and also a page or so of instructions on how to incubate a dream. This could be your favorite toy in 2008, loads more fun than a PlayStation or a Wii! Best wishes, and check in and tell me how it goes.

Use with attribution, thanks.

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