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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 27-Aug. 2

The Solar Eclipse Week by Milky Way Maid

Happy Solar Eclipse to the lucky Leos! A Solar Eclipse is on the docket, you might say, for Friday Aug. 2 at 6:12 am Eastern Time, at 9 degrees Leo. It’s right on the Ascendant in Washington, DC, by the way., so it has a special importance to the presidential race all the way to November. You may wonder whose chart benefits more from this eclipse, John McCain or Barack Obama? Look at the eclipse chart first. In Washington, it has 9 degrees Leo rising and 28 degrees Aries at the Midheaven. Saturn (Democrats) is in the second house at 7 degrees Virgo and Jupiter (Republicans) in the sixth house at 14 degrees Capricorn. The GOP will seize on health care reforms as an issue, but because they are beholden to the insurance companies (Capricorn) they are really for the status quo. The Dems will work the economic issues and emphasize how people are hurting in this recession.
Obama is affected by this eclipse because his Sun is very close to the eclipse degree, at 11 Leo. However, McCain’s Mars is close, too, at 12 degrees Leo, but because the eclipse Mercury is at 12 Leo, I suspect that McCain will go on the offensive and attack Obama and the Dem platform — take note, tho, that McCain has been known for outrageous outbursts and this eclipse is goading him into another such outburst. (BTW it could be Hillary Clinton who goads him into this outburst; she knows how to push a guy’s buttons.) He could really shoot himself in the foot this fall or even in August. Personally I would think twice about putting such a man in charge of the red phone or the ‘football’. See also my recent article on the Obama birth chart.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 4-10

So much is going on this week – tons of messages, many of which are quite emotional, many people have gotten happy surprises and I don’t mean just the stimulus checks, and while Venus and Mercury are not close to making a deal they are at least talking at the local coffee shop. Heavy-duty events are in the offing, too, with Saturn and Pluto trining each other in Earth signs; banking and other large corporations will be exacting more fees and laying out more gotchas for the hapless uninformed consumer, and they will do everything they can to keep the news out of the media.

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More Astronomy Notes – end of April

Notes on ancient Mayan sites like Chichen Itza, the Pyramid of the Sun, the Caracol — all show evidence that the Mayans had a superior grasp of mathematics and the length of the solar year. Their buidlings were used as observatories, as deduced from their alignment to key sunrises of the Solstices and Equinoxes.
How did Venus lose its water and become the inferno it is today? Venus’s surface water evaporated and entered the atmosphere. “Water vapor is a powerful greenhouse gas and it caused the planet to heat-up even more. This is turn caused more water to evaporate and led to a powerful positive feedback response known as the runaway greenhouse effect,” says Grinspoon.
A new planet has been discovered in the constellation Leo. While most planets discovered recently are gas giants, this one is more likely to be a rocky type similar to Earth.

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Fourth Week of April 2008

Happy birthday to all the Taureans as the Sun enters your sign this week! Taurus natives include Martha Graham, Fred Astaire, Margot Fonteyn, Helen Tamiris, Shirley MacLaine, Audrey Hepburn — and those are just the dancers! Saturn and Pluto having just entered the other earth signs, trining your Sun, and Jupiter is already in Virgo. The first two can be tough taskmasters, but if you have learned the major lessons of life, you should be in a position to reap the rewards of working in harmony with the Earth. Read up on the effects of biotech crops and speak out for farmers and consumers.

In other news, the planet Pluto and the asteroid Juno become an odd couple for most of the year as they travel in close company. Juno lingers at the very end of Sagittarius and Pluto just entered Capricorn in late January. This will likely force partners to re-evaluate their relationship, and evolve into something healthier. Whether actual psychotherapy or counseling is involved, is up to you. But I feel that working on the relationship issues will bring about a much richer, rewarding and more productive level by fall.

A T-square between Mars in Cancer, Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn is in place this week. You may hold on to your house in spite of the crisis, but could very well cost you much more in monthly payments.

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Third Week in March

Happy Spring Equinox this Thursday the 20th!!! The Spring Equinox is when the Sun enters Aries, so happy birthday to all the fiery Arians. This is followed by the Full Moon on the 21st, at one degree Libra. This can be a touchy day for Librans, so avoid any verbal spats at all costs. Avoid somebody else’s power plays, and dance on the diplomatic high wire.
This week’s bonus feature: Check out the website Spiral Goddess Grove, at It has all kinds of goddess info to help you tune into your style of relating to social, societal and relationship matters. There are fun activities like making yourself a goddess mask, or selecting items for a virtual altar.

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2nd Week March, 2008

Thursday afternoon (the 13th) Venus sextiles Pluto – a modest bequest or insurance settlement comes to your attention, altho you may not actually receive it till after Venus opposes Saturn on Saturday. Mars and Mercury also make aspects to either Pluto or Saturn on Friday and Saturday, so watch the mail carefully for legal paperwork. Push serious matters out our mind with a romantic early date Sunday the 16th to watch the sunrise, perhaps with a picnic basket or your morning java fix.
Time of day given in any case is Eastern Time, so please adjust accordingly if you live in another time zone. Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop.
This week’s bonus feature: What is your Goddess style? Go to for an excellent, free detailed analysis of your lifestyle to determine your Goddess personality.

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First Week March, 2008

The Moon is conjunct Jupiter Sunday a.m. the 2nd — a fun, jovial mood prevails at the brunch buffet, but try not to overdo on the bakery. But invite extra friends along to multiply the fun. The other major celestial event this week is the Mars opposition to Pluto early Friday a.m. This does not bode well for commuters. At best it means huge traffic snarls, and at worst some multi-vehicle accidents — altho a stock market jittery over the mortgage situation is another possibility.

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