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Your Milky Way Horoscope JULY 13-19, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

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Mercury enters Cancer at 12:45 am Sunday. (This is the first of three planets changing signs this week.) People with Mercury (as well as the Moon) in Cancer are known for having phenomenal memories. Cancerians with this placement often inject pleas for sympathy in their speech, which can be unwelcome in the office setting – the flip side is that they often take care of their employees or coworkers, soothing ruffled feathers and bringing in treats. Extremely intuitive without knowing how they know. Prefers to quote precedent rather than set new precedents. Good for historians and antique dealers and some fields of academia. Tends to collect things. Famous people with Mercury in Cancer include: Prince Philip, Nelson Rockefeller, Paul Anka, Van Cliburn.
Venus at 23 degrees Gemini trines Mars in Libra at 4:22 am Sunday. A good time to meet and fall in love with your Knight in Shining Armor. With Venus in Gemini, conversation should flow easily with lots of wit and sparkle. Mars in Libra is polite and well-spoken, doing everything right. What’s not to like?
Jupiter enters fiery Leo at 6:30 am Wednesday. Jupiter in a fiery, fixed sign like Leo is prone to develop huge egos to the point where they are unbearable. Yet the basic magnanimous quality of a real Leo has to spill out to everyone within his reach. Wants the best for everyone and is capable of great executive and leadership ability. May be blessed with talent and gain the public eye, and can be quite a showman. Jupiter really does things big in Leo, in a very showy and public way. Famous people with Jupiter in Leo include: Anne Bancroft, Rex Harrison, Alexander the Great, Brigham Young, Richard Wagner, Elizabeth Taylor, Eleanor Roosevelt, J P Morgan, Luther Burbank, and Juan Peron.
Venus enters sympathetic Cancer at 10:06 am Friday. Venus in Cancer is the baker rather than the chef, although a native with this placement may do both. Venus here needs to care for and nourish others; denied the opportunity to feed other people, the native may feed the birds or compulsively overeat. This Cancer’s love is freely given without strings attached, and really needs an emotional outlet for his/her own health. Often has large families and/or large breasts. Famous people with Venus in Cancer include: Judy Garland, Margot Fonteyn, Dean Martin, Igor Stravinsky, Louis Armstrong, Bob Hope, Constantine of Greece, William Styron, and Hubert Humphrey.
Mercury at 7 degrees Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces at 1:37 am Saturday. I know I have said before that Mercury and Neptune really do not go together very well at all! Messages get misunderstood even if they are quite clear. People get lost in transit, or confused about the time or place. On the bright side, we can make words into magic, such as in poetry, spells, self-hypnosis, affirmations.
The Sun at 26 degrees Cancer squares Mars in Libra at 2:32 am Saturday. People with this transit affecting personal signs tend to dig in and never give up. You try to beat them at a board game, pickup basketball, a race or a debate and they will hold on till the finish trying to maintain their position and keep you from passing them. They may not have enough to win, but they will bust a gut trying to keep you from passing them.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 25-31, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

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Mercury at 29 Gemini sextiles Venus in Aries at 9:58 am Wednesday. This is followed by a New Moon at 7 degrees 21′ Gemini at 2:40 pm. Ooh, late degree of Aries and Gemini favors starting writing a book – any kind of book, a novel or cookbook or biography, just anything. Or if you really are not inclined to do any writing, you might take a very pleasant drive out to the countryside to see lovely signs of spring. You need to recharge your Beauty quota with scenic mountains or beach or fields. If it contacts native planets, you may find it easier to express your affection for dear ones. The Gemini New Moon will reinforce themes of communication (keeping things light, cocktail party chatter) as well as transit or travel. You may have to do more traveling for work, for example.
The Sun at 7 degrees Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 7:44 pm Wednesday. Any planet in combination with Neptune brings the risk of fraud or deception, but with the Sun there could indicate SELF-deception. You might be only fooling yourself if you minimize warning signs of trouble. Best to be proactive and check things out. Also a good chance of getting lost if you out looking for an address without good directions on how to get there.
Venus enters its home sign of Taurus at 9:46 pm Wednesday. Venus in Taurus likes to touch things. She likes the feel of silk, velour, polished stones or woods, and your nice peach-fuzzy face. Likes to smell the roses, too, or a bar of lavender soap, or any of zillions of small luxuries. Needs to learn to share material possessions, maybe loan out that garden tool or a book or two. Some people feel that there is no such thing as platonic love where a Venus Taurus is involved, but I am not so sure about that. Venus in Taurus is pretty conventional, preferring to marry rather than live with someone or play the field, although in later life they might feel that such rules don’t matter anymore. They want to fall in love and know that it will last forever. Has artistic sensitivities, and may be a musician, artist, or a mere collector of pretty things. FAMOUS PEOPLE with Venus in Taurus include: Doris Day, Charlie Chaplin, Richard Wagner, Bobby Darin, Ann-Margret, Paul McCartney, Hayley Mills, and Prince Edward.
Mercury enters Cancer at 5:12 am Thursday. Mercury (or the Moon) in Cancer has a prodigious memory, especially memories that are emotionally loaded. If well aspected, they are often great ones for knowing historical facts and dates. Sometimes their rational mind can be overwhelmed by emotional thoughts, so that their communication with other is at times filled with an emotional content that is not appropriate to the situation. Is capable of great emotional sensitivity and empathy, and can reach out to others in a caring way. Can be remarkably intuitive, of knowing something without knowing HOW they know it. Usually prefers to make decisions based on precedent rather than on daring innovations. Sometimes collects antiques or historical relics. FAMOUS PEOPLE with Mercury in Cancer include: actress Leslie Caron, Nelson and David Rockefeller, composer Igor Stravinsky, educator Thomas Mann, pianist Van Cliburn, singer-composer Paul Anka, Mary McCarthy.
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POPE FRANCIS – I finally posted a little article on the new Pope Francis and also a kind of book review on a book that accidentally talks about ancient astronomy. The article on Pope Francis is here: And the article on the best book that both is and is not about ancient astronomy is here:

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 26-June 1, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun at 5 degrees Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 6:27 am Sunday. This is such a problematic aspect because we fool (Neptune) ourselves (Sun) into thinking the situation is better or at least different than it really is. Hold off on any decisions until you have bounced your ideas off your fave sounding board. This aspect sometimes brings something we’ve denied out into the public eye. The Moon is also void for most of the day so adds to the futility of trying to start anything new. Stick to routine chores.
Mercury at 23 degrees Gemini is conjunct Jupiter at 3:56 am Monday. Mercury in good aspect to Jupiter is excellent for academic studies, although the conjunction could make your ideas or mental processes too fast to pin down. You may need a notebook or Dictaphone to capture your thought for later analysis. Also good for all hand-eye coordination whether in sports, art or crafts.
The major and minor benefics, Jupiter and Venus, are conjunct at 23 degrees Gemini at 3:29 pm Tuesday. (Mercury is only a half-step ahead of them.) One thing to watch out for is over-indulgence in food, and in sweets especially. You can really give yourself the mother of all belly aches with this aspect.
Mercury enters Cancer at 3:07 am Friday. Everybody seems to love Cancerians but Mercury here does have a downside (in immature natives) and that is that they can continually appeal to others’ sympathies in a way that expects indulgence. Mature Cancerians reach out to others with their intuitive emotional antennae (their silent communicators), and readily show they sympathize and care. Theirs is the warm shoulder to cry on, and the ever-ready cuppa tea, and the sage advice. They will not endlessly hold your hand, but they will soothe you until you can go out the door and face the world again.
Mercury in Cancer is good for scholars, historians, antique dealers, and lawyers who rely mostly on legal precedent. Famous people with Mercury in Cancer include: Nelson and David Rockefeller, pianist Van Cliburn, Igor Stravinsky, and educator Thomas Mann.
Mars enters Gemini at 6:39 am Friday. This Gemini is able to use words as a weapon, either in formal or informal debate, in politics, or academia, and the goal is to show that he has the sharpest and fastest mind. Reminds me of Cyrano de Bergerac, who created a rhyme as he dueled with his sword – demonstrating that his wit was as rapier-sharp as his sword, indeed. However in real life someone with this approach can win his battles but lose the war, as modern folks are less admiring of cleverness when it is so aggressive. A positive side to this placement is a real eagerness to learn. You may find lifelong students here.
Mars in Gemini can use words as a call to action, even tho the native may not be very active or athletic. Examples of that include Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr. Other famous people with this placement include: comedienne Phyllis Diller, Prince Philip, author Ernest Hemingway, Barbra Streisand, author Virginia Woolf, dictator Benito Mussolini, and painter Marc Chagall.
The Sun at 11 degrees Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries at 9:46 pm Saturday. Sun-Uranus aspects almost always bring unusual people or foreigners into our lives in some way. We sit next to some very interesting people at a dinner or play, the company brings in a consultant who was born in another country and has the most fascinating accent, etc. We are exposed to those who live or think or talk very differently from ourselves, and that can be a real mind-opener.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 3-9, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Hey, in case you still haven’t heard, Venus will make one of her rare crossings of the Sun on June 5-6, 2012. The site will have live video of her trek on, the site is overloaded with visitors, but there is a whole website devoted to the topic at Is that amazing or what? Astrologically, the Sun is conjunct Venus at 15 degrees Gemini at 9:09 pm Tuesday. On a personal level, this may merely mean more small talk with loved ones, being polite, dealing with money and/or possessions, being a salesperson.
Neptune goes retrograde on Monday at 5:03 pm, at 3 degrees, 9′ of Pisces. Neptune direct tends to swell things, things like the prices of stocks, hopes, water balloons. I fear that Neptune retrograde will let the air out of some balloons, literally and metaphorically.
This is the same day as the Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees, 8′ Sag, at 7:03 am Eastern Time. The Moon also opposes Venus, which in turn squares Mars. Relationships begun under a Venus-Mars square can have an intense physical attraction, which unfortunately does not usually last very long. Mars does trine Vesta at 15 degrees Taurus, so lets hope that a sane, practical approach will solve money and relationship problems. ALSO, since this eclipse is followed shortly by the Venus crossing, that should give an extra oomph to breakthroughs or new inventions in communications.
Mercury enters Cancer at 7:16 am Thursday. Mercury in Cancer has strong intuitive ability – you just KNOW something without slogging thru a deductive process. If well-aspected, this Mercury has a great memory especially for facts and figures, dates and names. Their weakness is that their mental processes can be clouded by too much emotion; their strength is their empathetic sensitivity to others and ability to connect on an emotional level. Famous people with Mercury in Cancer include Thomas Mann, Prince Philip, Van Cliburn, Paul Anka and David Rockefeller.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 12-18, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Saturn goes direct at 11:51 pm Sunday, June 12, at 10 degrees, 27′ of Libra. Saturn is widely square Pluto at 6 degrees of Capricorn; restriction plus the masses kinda sounds like rationing, but that can’t be because we are not on an official war footing like in World War Two. Pluto is also the power behind the thrones, so it could be that the monied people will to squeeze the working folks for every penny that they can. But what else is new?
The Sun is conjunct Mercury at 20 degrees Gemini at 7:44 pm Sunday; this is the last of the series with the ones at 7 degrees Pisces on Feb. 25, and at 19 degrees Aries (with a retrograde Mercury) on April 9. These conjunctions are important markers of the economic cycle, so keep an eye on what the stock market does on Monday, and on any economic reports that come out.
On an active day, Venus sextiles Uranus at 4 degrees Aries at 10:36 pm Sunday. This is a very pleasant aspect for romantic meetups of all kinds; schedule a date for sure.
We have a total Lunar Eclipse at 4:14 pm Wednesday, at 24 degrees, 23 minutes of Sag. The Sun in Gemini is closely semi-sexile Mars in Taurus, and square Ceres in Pisces. Ceres’ presence in a T-square would suggest that the production of crops could suffer this year, possibly under the effects of more of the severe weather we have been having in recent years. Air and water signs suggest alternating drought and floods that alternately parch and rot the crops. That’s my forecast but I will be glad if I’m wrong.
After re-reading the book on eclipses, I can offer a method of determining more accurately what an eclipse offers you. Make a chart for the time of the eclipse, but set in your own locality. (It is at 4:14 pm Eastern Daylight Time, so adjust for your own time zone.) Take the ruler of whatever house concerns you and check what aspects it makes. For instance, say the ruler of the fourth house is square Mars, threatening some kind of accident, fight, or dispute. If it is threatening enough, you might elect to spend the summer at a second home in another state. Or say the ruler of the ninth house (long trips) is trine Jupiter, so you might schedule a nice long dream vacation in Europe or cruise.
Mercury enters the sign Cancer at 3:09 pm Thursday. It immediately trines Neptune in Pisces overnight. The Mercury-Neptune positive aspect can work wonders for absorbing lots of information like a sponge. And Cancer has an excellent memory. So you might try memorizing a chart or photograph, or some other visual (Neptune) aid to memorization.
Mercury in Cancer sextiles Jupiter at 2 degrees Taurus at 8:35 pm Friday. This is quite bullish for the stock market and for sales in general. Mercury is deemed the lower octave of Jupiter in terms of education and mental growth. Mercury rules the practical, how-to or local classes, while Jupiter is higher education and larger questions of philosophy. Cancer has a great memory, so if you are in a course of study, your powers of memorization can help you get through the class.
Venus in Gemini trines Saturn in Libra at 10 degrees Libra at 12:31 am Saturday. Good Venus-Saturn aspects are actually very positive for formalizing relationships with an engagement or wedding. And then of course there’s the other tradition of the May-December romance, nicely symbolized by Venus (May and Taurus) and Saturn (December and Capricorn).

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