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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 1-7, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury at 27 degrees Scorpio sextiles Mars in Virgo at 11:35 am Tuesday. One can use one’s verbal skills (Mercury) to convince (Mars) others of the correctness of your opinion. Mental and physical energy can be high, easily outpacing that of co-workers, so you might be better off working alone at your own quick tempo. Good for sports that require eye-hand coordination, or for crafts and skilled labor. Note that this Mars is very, very nit-picky and will split hairs to make a point, since it is in Virgo.
Mercury enters Sag at 9:42 pm Wednesday. Bear in mind that Mercury is in the sign of its detriment in Sag, since it rules the opposite sign Gemini. That means that while the mind may be nimble here, the conclusions it draws may be quite careless of the facts. The mind is in other words, too prone to hasty conclusions. Theories may have no or too few facts to back them up. Nevertheless Sag is very inclined to self-righteous pomposity in presenting his conclusions as obvious fact. Powers of concentration can be weak, and memory can be unreliable. However, this Mercury can be very blessed with accurate hunches. Tends to be unfailingly honest, often blurting out what he thinks without couching his words in gentle consideration of others’ feelings. Famous people with Mercury in Sag include: opera singer Joan Sutherland, author Rudyard Kipling, Joan of Arc, Frank Sinatra, J Paul Getty, author J D Salinger, Charles de Gaulle, John Osborne, and playwright Eugene Ionesco.
Mercury at 2 degrees Sag squares Neptune in Pisces at 4:31 pm Friday. Call this the perfect wrong-way Mercury, who sets out for his destination and winds up 100 miles away at a gas station, calling the auto service for directions. One can be extra sensitive to other people’s emotions, even empathetic or psychic. Might even feel kind of spacey, so it might be best to let someone else drive. Will need to make an extra effort to make sure messages are clearly understood. Can be extra sensitive to music or art, too, so it might be a good day to visit a gallery or museum.
Mars enters Libra at 3:41 pm Saturday. This ingress is of another planet into the sign of its detriment – recall that Mars rules the opposite sign Aries. This Mars can be almost militant about maintaining peace at any price, sometimes squelching dissent to maintain the appearance of harmony. In a mature Libra, this Mars is good at initiating contact to air differences. Only then can a peace based on truth be established. Can be outraged at injustice – and frequently outraged! A born protester. Can make a good judge if disciplined and self-controlled. Mars in Libra is good at weighing the merits of both sides of an argument or legal case, and drawing a fair judgment. This Mars can be either very good or very bad!
Famous people with Mars in Libra include: rocker and peace protester John Lennon, actor Richard Burton, Johnny Carson, golfer Arnold Palmer, Paul Tillich, religious rebel Martin Luther, authors Edgar Allen Poe and Percy Shelley, playwright George Bernard Shaw, and Francoise Sagan.
In late November, two asteroids changed signs. Vesta entered Libra and Pallas entered Virgo. By now their effects should make themselves felt. See notes in each sign.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 9-15, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

December 9 is Hanukkah.
Mercury enters Sag at 8:40 pm Monday. Mercury is in its detriment in Sag, since it rules opposite-sign Gemini. This means that for some people, Mercury is SO uncomfortable there, it may actually act as if it were in Gemini. (This is an insight for which I thank Dave Roell of AstroAmerica – please buy his books!) Mercury in Sag can jump to hasty conclusions without any supporting facts. However, in those Sag’s whose Mercury operates as if in Gemini, there is an adeptness in handling numbers in either theoretical or practical levels – plus a quick mind and quick wit. Concentration can be lacking, but instinct can be unerring. Can shoot themselves in the foot when they blurt out whatever is at the top of their minds. Do not appoint these people to diplomatic posts! Famous people with Mercury in Sag include: Frank Sinatra, writers Rudyard Kipling and JD Salinger, composer and gambler Jule Styne, playwright Eugene Ionesco, Charles de Gaulle, Willy Brandt, doomed queen Marie Antoinette, doomed mystic Joan of Arc, and the brilliant Sir Isaac Newton.
Mercury at zero degrees Sag squares Neptune in a very confused Pisces at 7:57 am Tuesday. The mutable signs (Sag, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo) are likely to be most affected by this transit, and indeed all signs should be extra cautious in driving, and extra careful in their writing and speech. This is a very confusing aspect and people are likely to get their signals mixed pretty badly. The stock market can be especially volatile.
Uranus goes direct at 7:02 am Thursday, at 4 degrees, 37′ of Aries. As I have written before, citing Dane Rudhyar, periods when Uranus is retrograde gives us an opportunity to challenge the ego structure (Saturn), and make our unique individuality an expression of God. The Skyview Zone website (by Stephanie Clement) has a really good reference article on the retrogrades of all the planets, too – altho it is more oriented towards describing retrogrades in the natal chart. She says Uranus retrograde people feel that they are different, go out of their way to upset the status quo, and/or has a difficult time finding a niche in society.
Venus enters Sag at 11:38 pm Saturday. Venus is not particularly at home in Sag, much preferring to ensconce herself in softer signs like Taurus, Libra, and Pisces. When a Sag loves, it can be brilliant but impermanent. Their attention span is a little lacking, so they may be branded as fickle when they are merely indulging a need for variety. Venus here can be surprisingly demanding of perfection as well as idealism (if only in the form of lip service). Makes a MUCH better friend than lover or spouse. As a friend he is wonderfully loyal and affectionate. Has no desire to sacrifice himself for love, nor even to tie himself down. Famous people with Venus in Sag include: Cary Grant, Johnny Carson, authors Lewis Carroll and Rudyard Kipling (the latter called a newspaper his mistress), Gen. Douglas MacArthur, humorist James Thurber, Joan Baez, and Jane Fonda.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Mars at 15 degrees Sag opposes Jupiter in Gemini at 8:54 am Sunday. Mars opposite Jove is a bit too willing to risk everything on a gamble – be it a bet on game or any other type of risk – and come home with pockets empty. You had best know your game inside out if you insist on playing today. On the other hand, in sports this can be a very good aspect, one that helps you utterly vanquish your opponent. This is when pitchers throw a shut-out, or a football team prevents the other side from making any touchdowns.
Venus enters its home Libra at 9:04 am Sunday. A weak or immature Venus in Libra is afraid to speak up for her values, and winds up merely appeasing others. But a more mature Venus is willing to risk the Miss Congeniality title by standing up for injustices. The only real or lasting harmony is that founded on principles of equality and fair play, and those are the values that Venus must support and institute wherever she goes.
On a personal level, Venus in Libra puts the object of her love on a pedestal. This Venus is the kind that would never sell her love for money or security, happily romanticizing a tiny apartment or empty purse. This placement natally gives one fine artistic gifts, with a love of ballet and other forms of dance. Famous people with Venus in Libra include: painter Pablo Picasso, singer Petula Clark, and Martin Luther.
Mercury enters Sag at 2:18 am Monday. Recall that Mercury rules its opposite sign Gemini, so that means it is not at home in Sag and will at times act like it IS in Gemini. Merc in Sag will jump to conclusions and then bombastically defend them to the death. ALTHOUGH when someone with this placement learns discrimination, he is able to separate his wishful thinking from thoughts based on empirical evidence. Can have difficulty concentrating for any length of time on his studies, flitting from one thing to another like a butterfly. Luckily he is gifted with enough intuition to save his life. The one really good thing about this placement is that they are honest to a fault, sometimes blurting out the truth at awkward moments. Famous people with Mercury in Sag include: Rudyard Kipling, Marie Antoinette, actress Patty Duke, tune-smith Jule Styne, Frank Sinatra, and Charles de Gaulle.
Mercury promptly bewildered by a square to Neptune in Pisces at 1:40 pm Monday. Easy to get lost under this transit. Make sure your directions are correct. Also be careful of flim-flam artists, because the deception won’t be obvious until the transit is over. Take at least three days to consider a contract or any other arrangement.
Ceres at 3 degrees Cancer goes retrograde at 11:46 am Wednesday. You may rethink what you need to make you happy, while busily cleaning house. Cancer may impel you to stock up on supplies, can the last of the harvest, or take inventory of house or office.
Venus at 5 degrees Libra opposes Uranus in Aries at 6:05 pm Thursday. It will be very easy to fall in love with a foreigner, someone with an accent, or other unusual person. It can be lots of fun to experience these Venus-Uranus transits, but the fun generally does not last longer than a few months at the most. In this instance it may only last till Saturday, when Venus squares Pluto! Just look upon this person as someone who adds an exotic dash to any gathering.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Venus in Scorpio squares Neptune at 28 degrees Aquarius at 5:19 pm Monday. Venus adversely aspecting Neptune can represent the “in love with love” frame of mind, the kind that thinks he and she are another Romeo and Juliet and no one understands that they just love each other and everything will be alright if they just let them be. Never mind that Romeo is a false beau and runs off with another woman or with her money, and no amount of saying “I told you so” will help matters.
Mercury squares Neptune at 4:37 am Tuesday; this is very much like the above except that one’s reasoning processes are confused. Errors in bookkeeping or other paperwork can crop up, and even if you know that your investment returns are not what they should be, you just can’t think what you should do; if you have a fallback strategy then go with that (ex: putting funds in a money-market account). Refrain from making major decisions or signing contracts.
Venus enters happy-go-lucky Sag at 4:51 am Wednesday. I can just see ever-hopeful Sag waking up Wednesday morning and looking out the window expecting the streets to be paved with gold. Venus in Sag is not the tenderest or most loyal beau. Venus here won’t sacrifice itself for love. This Venus hates to be tied down so do not look for commitment. Celebs with Venus in Sag include Joan Baez, Jane Fonda, Cary Grant, Johnny Carson, and Romy Schneider.
Mercury also enters Sag the same day, at 12:54 pm. Mercury in Sag is in its detriment, since it is opposite its home in Gemini. What does that mean, on a practical level? Mercury in Sag can be brilliant, but generally it cannot concentrate deeply on a subject any length of time. Ideas may be disconnected – people may even think you are spacey or have attention-deficit disorder. Mercury in Sag most often denotes people who say things off the top of their heads without considering their effect. Celebs with Mercury in Sag include singer Frank Sinatra, writer Rudyard Kipling, Marie Antoinette, saint Joan of Arc, actress Patty Duke, and songwriter Jule Styne.
Venus and Mercury square Chiron in Pisces on Wednesday night. I would say that it might not be a favorable day for an appointment; Mercury is not strong here and errors may crop up.
Venus and Mercury square Uranus at zero degrees of Aries at 3:54 am and 9:58 am Thursday, respectively. Venus square Uranus can coincide with a sudden attraction to unusual or foreign people, but it generally does not last very long. With Mercury, the mind may race so fast that sloppy work is the result. Best not to make financial decisions or moves today. You may be jittery, impulsive, even accident-prone. Heads up when driving!
Venus and Mercury are inconjunct Jupiter at one degree of Taurus at 2:52 and 5:13 pm Saturday, respectively. If you made notes to self on Thursday of your thoughts and calculations, now is a good time to go over them with a fine-tooth comb and check for errors. Then try to figure out what you need to do to get back to profitability or sound business practices. Establish stop-loss levels on investments, set up a personal or business accounting system, and so forth.
While Halloween is traditionally a time when the veil between the temporal and spiritual worlds thins, there may be an even better time to contact someone on the other side in November. Looking ahead in the ephemeris, Neptune is stationary direct at 28 degrees of Aquarius at 1:54 pm Wed., Nov. 9. A Neptune station is supposed to favor anything in the spiritual realm; also you might cocoon yourself with a stack of movie DVDs and live in a make-believe world for a few hours.
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