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Your Milky Way Horoscope JULY 13-19, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

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Mercury enters Cancer at 12:45 am Sunday. (This is the first of three planets changing signs this week.) People with Mercury (as well as the Moon) in Cancer are known for having phenomenal memories. Cancerians with this placement often inject pleas for sympathy in their speech, which can be unwelcome in the office setting – the flip side is that they often take care of their employees or coworkers, soothing ruffled feathers and bringing in treats. Extremely intuitive without knowing how they know. Prefers to quote precedent rather than set new precedents. Good for historians and antique dealers and some fields of academia. Tends to collect things. Famous people with Mercury in Cancer include: Prince Philip, Nelson Rockefeller, Paul Anka, Van Cliburn.
Venus at 23 degrees Gemini trines Mars in Libra at 4:22 am Sunday. A good time to meet and fall in love with your Knight in Shining Armor. With Venus in Gemini, conversation should flow easily with lots of wit and sparkle. Mars in Libra is polite and well-spoken, doing everything right. What’s not to like?
Jupiter enters fiery Leo at 6:30 am Wednesday. Jupiter in a fiery, fixed sign like Leo is prone to develop huge egos to the point where they are unbearable. Yet the basic magnanimous quality of a real Leo has to spill out to everyone within his reach. Wants the best for everyone and is capable of great executive and leadership ability. May be blessed with talent and gain the public eye, and can be quite a showman. Jupiter really does things big in Leo, in a very showy and public way. Famous people with Jupiter in Leo include: Anne Bancroft, Rex Harrison, Alexander the Great, Brigham Young, Richard Wagner, Elizabeth Taylor, Eleanor Roosevelt, J P Morgan, Luther Burbank, and Juan Peron.
Venus enters sympathetic Cancer at 10:06 am Friday. Venus in Cancer is the baker rather than the chef, although a native with this placement may do both. Venus here needs to care for and nourish others; denied the opportunity to feed other people, the native may feed the birds or compulsively overeat. This Cancer’s love is freely given without strings attached, and really needs an emotional outlet for his/her own health. Often has large families and/or large breasts. Famous people with Venus in Cancer include: Judy Garland, Margot Fonteyn, Dean Martin, Igor Stravinsky, Louis Armstrong, Bob Hope, Constantine of Greece, William Styron, and Hubert Humphrey.
Mercury at 7 degrees Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces at 1:37 am Saturday. I know I have said before that Mercury and Neptune really do not go together very well at all! Messages get misunderstood even if they are quite clear. People get lost in transit, or confused about the time or place. On the bright side, we can make words into magic, such as in poetry, spells, self-hypnosis, affirmations.
The Sun at 26 degrees Cancer squares Mars in Libra at 2:32 am Saturday. People with this transit affecting personal signs tend to dig in and never give up. You try to beat them at a board game, pickup basketball, a race or a debate and they will hold on till the finish trying to maintain their position and keep you from passing them. They may not have enough to win, but they will bust a gut trying to keep you from passing them.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 10-16, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury goes direct at 4:12 pm Sunday, Nov. 10 at 2 degrees 32′ of Scorpio. By this time you may have stumbled upon some information that you were not supposed to find out, or anyway, info that explains a small mystery in your life. A past event may prove to be the deeply rooted trauma that prevents you from moving forward in some way, and now that you have brought it to the light, it no longer has power over you.
A forward-moving Mercury trines confusing Neptune at 2 degrees Pisces at 3:48 pm Monday. Mercury and Neptune do not get along too well, even with a trine aspect. It becomes TOO EASY to get confused, to get scammed, to lose you way or lose your wallet, to be worried out of your mind. Try selecting an affirmation to conquer a fear (Neptune), or sessions of altered consciousness like hypnosis or meditation to resolve or dissolve old programming.
The Sun at 20 degrees Scorpio trines retrograde Jupiter in Cancer at 11:39 am Tuesday. A lot of benefits are ascribed to a Sun-Jupiter trine, but more often it merely lends a screen of protection around one’s person. You may lose one job, but financial supports or other income kick in and you manage to pay your bills. Or, you lose an apartment but find shelter with relatives or other friends. Since Jupiter just went retrograde last week, it is yet virtually at a standstill and exerting especially strong power in this transit. You could be thrust into the limelight under this transit, if it falls on an angle in your natal chart.
Neptune makes its Direct Station on 2 degrees, 35′ Pisces at 1:43 pm Wednesday. I wish to quote extensively from Dane Rudhyar’s brilliant chapter on Neptune (in An Astrological Triptych) to explain the influences of this planet and effects of the stations—

“The Neptunian era that followed during the nineteenth century actually built the substance of our modern society – its machines, it industries, its commerce and travel – but it built upon the intellectual foundations of scientific materialism. It built upon spiritual scarcity and upon the power vested in the remnants of ancient feudalism to corner the more abundant life under the cloak of rugged individualism. Neptune is the wholesale builder of collective substance. Its power of proliferation is immense, but it builds only according to man’s attitude toward Uranian creativeness. If this attitude is one of resistance to the unfamiliar New, of fear before the revealed Glory, of weary withdrawal into the Saturnian shells of social security and privilege, then Neptune’s power of growth leads to the senseless mushrooming forth of hectic cities, tabloid newspapers, glamor-crazy motion pictures, murder-storied radios, (hallucinogenic) drugs – and to generalized cancerous conditions due to unorganic living and unnatural habits of physical or psychological feeding.

“Neptune, nevertheless, in its true positive being, is the substantiality of the spirit. Neptune is the substance of creative space, the astral light, the Ocean of spiritual Sound, the encompassing gift-waves of divine grace the all-inclusive charity of the compassionate ones. Is it the divine Substance which feeds what the Uranian spirit has aroused into creative being. . .

“In the physical body, this power is the source whence are derived the antibodies, white corpuscles, and special hormones or enzymes which are sent through the blood to heal and purify whatever part of the organism has been injured or exhausted. At the level of the great spiritual organism that may be called Man, this Neptunian power is Grace (Charis) – Grace which comes to every soul that has recognized and accepted its participation in the ‘works if the spirit’, and its companionship in the mystic Christ with all that is of the spirit.

“To the individual limited and bound within the structures of his ego, the universe as a whole answers as Karma, the Mosaic Law of exact compensation. But to him whose soul has become a hallowed shrine for the Living God, whose circumference of self includes potentially the whole universe, whose mind establishes its formulations in terms of the reconciliation of all opposites, leaving nothing outside of its all-inclusive multi-dimensional logic – to him God answers as grace. Though his path be strewn with collective obstacles and harsh memories of his individual past, he is nevertheless secure – with the only security that is of value, the security that comes from being the Whole in active expression at one point, and this point, one’s immortal self.

“This faith in Grace is the Neptunian consequence of a courageously met and assimilated confrontation with Uranus and its creative transfigurations. The two factors cannot be separated, and both are expressions of an utterly changed conscious relationship to spirit and to God, its cosmic Source. Spirit is the ‘universal creative’ not in the sense of it being the builder of worlds and physical organisms, but because it is that constant harmonic Motion which emanates and releases incessantly whatever is necessary to compensate for and to harmonize any disturbance in the equilibrium of the universal Whole. Spirit creates solutions to every need – including that vast solution to the need of chaos which we understand as universe or solar system. Every human birth, considered as the release of an immortal self can be harmonized and balanced by the potentiality of a victorious future, is a solution presented by the spirit. Every birth-chart is a plan for regeneration an individual creation of the spirit, a logos sent by the Father to save a portion of humanity. . .

“Grace comes to pervade the soul that has left behind the sense of individual lack inherent in the nature of the ego. As an ego, man knows himself apart from the spiritual Whole; as a soul, he experiences himself a part of this spiritual Whole. In and through this experience he becomes actually and consciously suffused with the vitality of the Whole. He partakes of the Blood of the Whole, of the creative substance of the spirit – the mystic Wine and Bread. He partakes of the Eucharist – the perfect gift of Grace – as the cell of the body partakes of the vital essences and the healing chemicals of the forever flowing blood in which it lives and has its being.

“This is the life more abundant, the life in Grace; a life from which has vanished the gnawing sense of frustration and lack, and the regrets or remorse of ego-bondage, ego-fulfillment and ego-conditioned tragedies; a life now filled with the presence of the unfolding God-seed within the soul and with the downflow of Grace this unfoldment summons because it requires it. It is also the life of charity, for charity is man’s only true way of responding to the charismal gift of the spirit, Grace. Faith in the creative power of the spirit, Hope that the Transfiguration shall come and find us fully awake to behold this ‘marriage of heaven and earth’; and the greatest of all, Charity to men everywhere – in the name of the spirit.

“True charity (agape) can only be, at the level of still ego-bound men and women, the pouring out of what the traveler on the Illumined Road has received as Grace. The man flooded with Grace must give charity, which is perfect love, if he is to receive greater spiritual abundance in his soul; but that charity can only be true to the spirit, if it comes indeed from the divine spirit, even though it be released through the individual man. To give out charity means, first of all, to experience oneself as an agent of the spirit, as a focusing of the divine Whole. Charity is not of the ego, but of God through the ego transformed into soul. It is as the soul overflows with Grace that the whole organism of the spirit-illumined man or woman is also able to radiate charity. The gifts of a privileged nation filled with earthly goods, egocentricity and collective self-complacency can be bitter to the peoples ravaged by a catastrophe for which the whole o humanity is responsible.

“Yet it was as the presence of Neptune became revealed to Western man that society at large began to respond to the call of mercy and humanitarianism, and even the most egocentric business baron found it necessary to henceforth to bestow the social semblance of charity to the victims of the system that had enthroned him…”

Venus at 9 degrees Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries at 8:13 pm Thursday. Venus-Uranus aspects seem to always involve meeting foreigners or unusual people who shift you out of your comfort zone. These are almost always short-lived relationships, even the romantic involvements. The Uranian person serves his purpose and moves on . . . Sometimes this aspect accompanies a sudden job change.
Venus at 9 degrees Capricorn is conjunct intense Pluto at 4:30 pm Friday. The conjunction (and the square) are often aspects of obsession, especially romantic obsession. Sometimes comes with meeting one’s Soul Mate. It may just bring intense experiences in that department of your life. Capricorn is not a very romantic kind of guy, so maybe it will take the form of a transformation (Pluto) of his financial (Venus) condition.
Looking Ahead – We have a Full Moon at 25 degrees Taurus at 10:16 am Sunday, Nov. 17 – this is way too close to the dreaded Algol for my comfort, tho Jupiter is in a kindly and protective trine to the Sun.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 3-9, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Sunday, Nov. 3 features a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees 16′ Scorpio, at 7:50 am. The Moon is conjunct Saturn midday, but otherwise the aspects are mostly easy sextiles and trines. The Sun and Moon are sextile Mars in the early morning, and the Moon trines Jupiter at nearly midnight. The latter aspect may support the urge to expand your horizons, with Mars providing an eagerness to explore new territory.
Venus enters Capricorn at 3:43 am Tuesday. Venus has a hard time when in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. A native with this placement may be very good-looking, but the person is not comfortable with his/her looks, or does not agree with everyone else that they are indeed quite attractive. Finding their special talents may be delayed (Saturn) due to fear of failure or of social rejection. In fact, in social situations, they may be afraid of making the first move due to a fear of rejection, and when rejected, may become quite cold. This placement has a deep respect for the prevailing social and material values of society. Famous people with Venus in Capricorn include: Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra, Robert F. Kennedy, John Kennedy Jr, Caroline Kennedy, J.D. Salinger, Prince Andrew, and Artur Rubinstein.
The Sun and Saturn at 14 degrees Scorpio are conjunct at 7:01 am Wednesday. We may feel rather depressed and lonely under this aspect, but it may drive us out of our cocoons and out to some gathering place or event where we are forced to mix with others. This aspect does favor planning and organizing, or otherwise Taking Care of Business. Hey, I just remembered I once started a job on a Sun-Saturn conjunction and lost a lot of weight in that physically-demanding stint – so my recommendation is to start your most ambitious weight-loss exercise regimen on this day.
Jupiter at 20 degrees 31′ Cancer makes a Retrograde Station at 12:03 am Thursday. Jupiter’s expression is generally is a product of its society; that is, it demonstrates the values and consciousness of the world around it. So when it goes retrograde, Jupiter will tend to break away for a little while to reconsider his values as opposed to the values of the society around it. By the time Jupiter goes direct, he may adopt a whole new self-chosen way of thinking and living, one that hopefully reflects a higher level of consciousness inspired by the spirit.
Venus at 2 degrees Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces at 8:16 pm Thursday. Oh, this is such a lovely, lazy aspect, good for finding shapes in the clouds as you play hookey from work or school. You wander from one daydream to another. It does favor spending time with dear ones and being wonderfully attuned to their needs (without becoming subservient). It also favors using your romantic inspirations to create exquisite works of art in any medium – poetry, music, painting, dance, even gardening.
Retrograde Mercury at 3 degrees Scorpio sextiles Venus in Capricorn at 7:24 am Friday. This aspect favors taking the pleasure drive out to the country or on some jaunt; with Mercury retrograde, you may get lost, you may have a flat tire, but you will probably also happen on the cutest antique shop or the quaintest diner. If you muddled an earlier opportunity to express your love, Merc retrograde gives you another chance to speak up, or maybe write it down in a love note.
Mars at 14 degrees Virgo sextiles Saturn in Scorpio at 6:57 am Saturday. One interpretation of Mars with Saturn is “delayed gratification.” This means that you are able to put energy into long-term projects that may not see fruition for months if not years. Another key phrase might be “sustained effort” – it’s similar to the above, but if expressed in physical energy or an exercise regimen, your energy might NOT be enormous but you can keep up a moderate tempo for a long time. It’s the difference between a springer and a marathoner. We may also have great attention to detail, with the PATIENCE to do finely-detailed work.
Retrograde Mercury at 2 degrees Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces at 4:32 pm Saturday. People affected by this transit may find their interests turn to occult or spiritual subjects, such as past lives, developing psychic abilities, or turn your energies to creative pursuits like music, crafts or photography. You may go off on flights of fancy, so let your friends put your feet back on terra firma. You can be very sympathetic, empathetic, or even psychic. Thought transfer is easier under this aspect.
YAY, Mercury will go direct at 4:12 pm on Sunday, Nov. 10.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 29 – Oct. 5, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury enters Scorpio at 7:38 am Sunday, a sign where Mercury becomes the detective who delves under the surface and solves any kind of mystery – the murder mystery novel, the medical mystery, the crime mystery, the mystery of where your money went, but especially the mystery of the soul and spirit. This Mercury’s insights into others’ motivations or moods can make them seem psychic. Do not play poker with these guys if you can help it.
Mercury at 3 degrees Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces at 5:46 pm Tuesday. Adverse aspects between Mercury and Neptune can cloud our judgment terribly, and allow us to be fooled by lies and propaganda. Words can be magic – as in poetry – or they can be hypnotic – as in a scammer’s spiel. Sometimes we do not really understand what is said to us under such a transit, and that is one reason why astrologers always tell you not to sign anything under such a transit. You won’t understand what you are signing.
The Sun at 9 degrees Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn at 9:25 pm Tuesday. Sun-Pluto squares generally mean that fighting City Hall is a losing proposition, even tho you may feel that your issue is perfectly cut-and-dried in your favor. One runs into Authority Figures who throw obstacles of various kinds in your path, such as traffic tickets, lawsuits, audits, denial of permits or licenses, etc. For a restaurant owner, losing a beer license can probably put them out of business. I shouldn’t say to never take up a fight under this transit, but be aware that you cannot count on having it won just on the face of the obvious evidence. You will have to marshal your facts and cobble together a legal argument for why your request-suit-petition should be granted.
The Sun at 10 degrees Libra opposes Uranus in Aries at 10:12 am Thursday. I just got done telling y’all not to fight City Hall, and here with this opposition, that is exactly what you might wind up doing. You may actually stand toe-to-toe with an Authority Figure and tell him/her that their way is wrong, with a capital W, W-R-O-N-G!!! There is also some likelihood of brilliantly inventing something, that is if you have that particular talent and skill set.
We have a New Moon 8:34 pm Friday, at 11 degrees 56′ Libra. New Moons are kind of like mini-eclipses; their effects usually last for just that month although things begun under them could continue on for a long time. Libra New Moons will emphasize relationship issues. Either you meet someone new who is quite attractive, or issues of fairness crop up in existing relationships. Notice the aspects this week that fall on 9 or 10 degrees Libra (see above), plus this NM at 11 degrees Libra. Anyone with natal planets around there, or at major aspects to them, will surely feel a tug all this week. The New Moon opposes Uranus in Aries, squares Pluto in Capricorn, trines Chiron in Pisces, and semi-sextiles Saturn in Scorpio. Those are some heavy-duty aspects, and I am not looking forward to them. Since they are in cardinal signs, we may see something of the effects even before the exact New Moon. Effects may include bombs (Uranus), a government crackdown (Pluto), injuries or loss of life (Chiron). Less dire effects may include psychological (Uranus) therapy (Pluto), surgery (Pluto and Chiron), chemotherapy, etc.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 2-8, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

MOON VOIDS this week— Now here’s the thing about the Moon here: it goes void-of-course 9:25 am Wednesday and remains void all Thursday till it enters Gemini at 11:32 pm, that’s PM. Add to that the nearly full day that the Moon was void in Aries all of Tuesday morning, and you are looking at major gaps in this week when you normally would carry on with your business. On the other hand, a void Moon is said to offer unique opportunities when it is in the signs of Jupiter and its own place. Those signs are Sag, Pisces, Cancer, and TAURUS (because the Moon is exalted in Taurus). So- plan to initiate things where you want something to grow but which are not necessarily expected to impact your income streams. You might plant your veggie garden that you grow for your own use. You might start a personal blog which you do for your own satisfaction, not because you expect to make a profit. And so forth. But the Moon void in Aries is not expected to promise any similar ops.
Venus enters Cancer at 10:13 am Sunday. Venus in Cancer is very sweet indeed, and extra-nurturing. This is a very home-loving placement, and a native with this may prefer to work at home. Can be fearful of opening up their extreme empathetic nature lest they be rejected. Native sometimes cope with this by manipulating others’ emotions to get the “right” response. But the richest relationships benefit from your no-strings-attached compassion and empathy – and your health likewise benefits from having an emotional outlet. (and no, a pet is not a complete substitute) Venus in Cancer likes its comforts and usually gets them. Famous people with Venus in Cancer include: Lyndon Baines Johnson, ballerina Margot Fonteyn, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Dean Martin, Harry Truman, trumpeter Louis Armstrong, former Yankees coach Casey Stengel, Princess Anne and author William Styron.
Mercury at 5 degrees Gemini trines Neptune in Pisces at 3:18 pm Monday. This is followed by Mercury trine Saturn at 9:22 pm. This is a great example of a trine not being a favorable aspect, because trines involving malefics can do a lot of damage. In this case, Mercury trine Neptune can easily lead you to accept false or even fake data. From there I might infer that you make a mistake in terminating (Saturn) Something. Example: you read a blog post or watch a slanted news broadcast and then decide to sell a stock – a stock that has profited you handsomely over the years and which you now forfeit its lovely dividends, alas.
Venus at 5 degrees Gemini trines Neptune in Pisces at 7:46 am Friday. The effect of this aspect is compounded by the fact that Neptune has a Retrograde Station at 4:26 am! (SR at 5 degrees 23′ Pisces) Venus proceeds to trine Saturn at 11:23 am Friday. Here is another case where a trine just makes it too easy to shoot yourself in the foot. Also a word of caution to anybody who has even a slight case of diabetes – because Venus rules sugar and Neptune seems to be a signature for diabetes, take special care to stay on your diet this week.
Mars at 5 degrees Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 7:58 pm. Having two malefics square each other usually produces some concrete event. The most obvious effect is that this will probably sap everyone’s energy; we will need to take to conserve our energy and get adequate rest. Neptune is enervating, and Mars often brings fevers, so be careful of things like Lyme disease. (keep covered on walks in the woods and so forth) The other effect is to cause a load of doubt, insecurity and discouragement. This square generally re-occurs every six months or so, so you might think back to your last bout of self-doubt. Your resolve is tested; you may have to tweak the plan a bit to stay on track, but most of the time it is better to stay the course.
You see all those 5s up there? Anybody with natal planets at 5 degrees (orb about 3 degrees) will certainly feel the enervating effects of Neptune. Get your sleep hours in.
We have a New Moon at 11:56 am, Saturday, June 8. It is at 18 degrees 01′ of Gemini. The only close aspect to the NM is Juno at 19 degrees Aquarius, favoring progress made by partnering with one’s spouse, business partner, coworker, etc. A T-square in cardinal signs is formed by Mercury, Pluto and Uranus at 11 degrees of the signs. Natives of cardinal signs will of course be most affected by that T-square. Everyone else would benefit from examining their natal charts to see where the T-square falls.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 9-15, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Venus enters passionate Scorpio at 1:50 am Sunday. Venus in Libra is relationship-oriented, but in Scorpio she demands total commitment. Venus in Scorpio can have quite a talent for finding hidden talents in others and making them aware of these latent abilities. This brings out the hidden worth that was going unknown and un-revealed. Famous people with Venus in Scorpio include Mary Martin, Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi, Andy Williams, Sophia Loren and Marie Antoinette.
Venus in Scorpio is inconjunct Uranus at 2 degrees of Aries at 4:15 pm Monday. The inconjunct is a very difficult aspect to handle. With Venus placed in a relationship house, you may lean towards terminating a relationship, or the other party may be forced to be away for a time (such as with a military deployment). With Venus in a money house, your income may come only in fits and spurts – so plan accordingly.
Mercury in Libra trines retrograde Neptune at 28 degrees of Aquarius at 6:10 am Wednesday. Aspects between Mercury and Neptune can lead to misunderstandings and garbled messages, and that can happen even with the trine. Your mind or mouth gets ahead of itself, to the point where you may even stutter. However, the trine also offers the possibility of gaining a higher level of communication, possibly even a psychic, unspoken level of communication. You may discuss dreams, ideals, and a wish for the elusive ascending spiral of human progress.
Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto at 5 degrees of Capricorn at 3:43 am Thursday. Venus in Scorpio plus heavy-duty Pluto are a couple of very serious, committed, passionate planets. Nothing halfway here, so a discussion of your future as a couple might be in the cards.
Mercury enters Scorpio at 10:19 pm Thursday. Mercury in very serious, spiritual Scorpio wants to get to the crux of everything. Stop beating around the bush and lay things out for him straight-up; he can take it.
The Sun is conjunct Saturn at 20 degrees of Libra at 5:13 pm Thursday. Stop quaking in your boots – you’re not gonna die. I can tell you at least one thing good about this conjunction. I started a job with this aspect in effect, several years ago; it was a very physically demanding job and I quickly lost about 30 pounds that I really did not want anyway. So it is GOOD for WEIGHT LOSS!!! Plan to deliberately begin a diet and or exercise routine now, and stick it out as long as you can. People who have great difficulty losing weight can see the pounds come off if they can just follow a sensible plan that they can live with, for the long term.
I suggest starting 2 or 3 days before the exact conjunction, or the following Friday morning. Why? Because the exact conjunction may feel too oppressive to continue for very long, while if you start earlier you will benefit from progressions. The progressed chart for the beginning of the diet will not show an exact conjunction (a probable ending date for the diet) for 2 or 3 YEARS, and that gives you a lot of time to break bad habits and institute brand new, good habits in their place.
In career matters, you may be put in charge of something, and becoming a Quality Control techie also fits this aspect. You might just be the QC in charge of only your own muddled-up life, but then again, you wouldn’t hand that job to a stranger, now would you?
Venus in Scorpio opposes Jupiter at 7 degrees of Taurus at 7:53 pm Friday. This is a bit of a toughie to interpret because Venus and Jupiter are natural pals, both being fond of indulgence and comfort. So the opposition may mean hurting yourself via gluttony or hedonism.
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