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Moon Void of Course List for the Rest of 2012

Supposedly William Lilly wrote about the Void-of-course moon in the 1600s in his book “Christian Astrology”, but for some reason astrologers stopped talking about it and it became a lost secret. Revived by Al Morrison centuries later in a lengthy campaign that more resembled a siege, it finally regained a measure of its former glory.
People wrote in to Mr. Morrison with their experiences using the moon sheets provided by Morrison. Supposedly a banker used it to decide whether to grant loans or not; he refused to grant loans if they asked during a void-of-course moon. He asked for more information from the applicants. And supposedly that banker became a vice-president of the bank because of his sterling loan management success. We will never know if he would have become vice-president anyway without the moon charts, but those are the breaks in the astrology biz.


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NASA crashes satellites on Moon; Moon files lawsuit

The Moon, our quiet unassuming little Earth satellite, filed a lawsuit today for damages as a result of what the Moon’s lawyer termed “a shabby lack of consideration by NASA for my client’s health and safety.”
While NASA declared that “Everything worked out beautifully” in the controlled crash of two scientific probes into the Moon’s South Pole, the Moon was of the opposite opinion. “Couldn’t you hear me screaming in pain?” the Moon asked. “Even if I had any ice, it wouldn’t be enough to pack my crater against the swelling.”

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Astronomy Notes – End of May

Moon Takes 100 Hits from Meteoroids
MIT Working on 3-D “Super RoadMap” to the Solar System

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Was the World Knocked on Its Side?

Gregory Jenkins, assistant professor of meteorology at Penn State, thinks that a large planetoid — the same one that fractured to create the moon — crashed into the Earth four and a half billion years ago, tilting it 70 degrees from vertical.

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Solar Power from the Moon’s “Peaks of Eternal Light”

NASA’s lunar architects are also looking for what they call “peaks of eternal light” -polar mountains where the sun never sets, which might be a perfect settings for a solar power station.

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A gift to my lovely readers —

As a special gift to my readers I thought you might enjoy some background music. A terrific writer and geek found these archived radio recordings of the Beatles for a Swedish radio show way back when. He cleaned them up a bit and edited them, and here they are. Five songs in cool condition. So turn up the volume alright already.

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